Love, Faith, and Obedience go hand in hand

shutterstock_cracked-clay-potI am so excited to be able to meet with the high school students tonight during AWANA at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. It has been a few months since we have been able to meet. Tonight, we are going to study a few passages from the Apostle John’s first epistle. This epistle is known as the “love epistle“. John’s favorite subject is love. The interesting thing that John does is to tie love with faith and obedience. Do you ever think about love being synonymous with faith? Do you ever think about faith being synonymous with obedience? Continue reading

God is sovereign over persecution

What do you think of when you hear the word “persecution“? If you are like I am, you probably have a negative feeling when you read the word persecution. I know that I do. I do not want to face persecution and I am sure that you do not either. As we examine Acts 12, I want us to view persecution from God’s perspective. Once we do this, I think we will have a different opinion of the idea of persecution. I know that sounds strange. I feel strange just writing it.

As a church, we have been walking through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation over a 3 year period. It has been quite a journey! We have traced God’s perfect plan of salvation for all mankind all the way through the Scriptures. We are currently in the book of Acts. We have seen the birth of the church and we have walked with the members of the early church as the ministry has grown. Persecution was a way of life for the early church. They did not seek out persecution, they simply lived out their faith, proclaimed the Gospel, and made disciples. Continue reading

Preach the Jesus of the Bible

This Sunday at Southern Calvert Baptist Church, we are going to study passages from the book of Hebrews. I really enjoy studying and teaching the book of Hebrews. As a church, we have been studying through the entire Bible over a three year period. We are finishing up our third year of this project and we have been walking through the New Testament for almost a year now. It is beautiful to see how the meta narrative of the Bible weaves a story of the Savior of the world from Genesis all the way through the book of Revelation. Over the past twenty plus years of ministry, I have discovered that many, many good, church going Christians have never read the Bible from cover to cover. That is something that this Gospel Project seeks to end. I always encourage people to read the Bible from cover to cover. In fact, I am reading through the Bible with a group of friends right now. We read one chapter from Genesis, one chapter from Psalms, one chapter from Proverbs, and one chapter from the Gospel of Matthew every single day. We are now six days into the endeavor. The feedback has been great. If you would like to join in, I post what I am reading and my insights every day on Facebook. Continue reading

The Church in Action (Acts 11)

The-Church-in-Action-1200x675After the past year, I feel that many of us would love to see the church in action. Many churches shut down in March of 2020 and they still have not opened the doors one year later. I personally know people who have not been able to attend a church physically during the past year. Some churches shut the door and went “dark”. What do I mean by “dark”? The church leadership was not putting out any teaching. Is it okay for a church to go dark? What happened to the church in the First Century when persecution brought actual death to the disciples of Jesus Christ? In 2020, many churches shut down because of the fear of death without actually facing the threat of death. What happened during the First Century when disciples were actually dying simply for meeting as followers of Christ? Let’s see how that church compares to many churches of 2020 and 2021. Continue reading

The Greatest Generation vs. The Selfish Generation

external-content.duckduckgo.comI was listening to a podcast this morning about the heroes of World War 2. That generation of men and women is commonly known today as our “Greatest Generation“. That generation is considered great because they were willing to sacrifice their livelihood for the sake of their children and grandchildren. When it came to laying their lives on the line to fight against tyranny, they did not hesitate to sacrifice themselves in order to hand freedom to their children and grandchildren. Continue reading

Embracing the Gospel in deceptive times

Ravening-wolves-in-sheeps-clothingIn the past few years, we have a new term in our vocabulary. You probably hear and read it daily. It is the phrase, “fake news“. It’s a new term but the idea behind it has been around since sin entered the world. The Apostle Paul had to confront fake news almost 2,000 years ago in his second epistle to the church in Corinth. This week, at Southern Calvert Baptist Church, we are going to study II Corinthians 11 where we will discover how the Apostle Paul dealt with the fake news of his day. This lesson will give us much insight into how we can confront fake news today. People have always been easily deceived and our enemy, the Devil, loves to use fake news tactics to deceive us today, especially when it comes to spiritual teachings. As I mentioned earlier, fake news has been around forever. There is a pattern to fake news and we will discover that pattern as we examine Paul’s letter. Continue reading

Our New identity in Christ

hero_choicesI am so excited about teaching from Colossians 3 this weekend in our Connect Groups at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. Our goal has been to teach through the entire Bible over a three year period and we are finishing up our third year on this journey. We have discovered that the red thread that flows through the entire Bible is the Promise of the Chosen One who will deal with mankind’s sin problem, the working out of that plan, and finally, the fruition of that plan in the person of Jesus Christ. Now, we are learning how to live in the light of the appearance of Christ. Jesus does not just save us for eternity, He also saves us from ourselves, especially focusing on our sin nature. As followers of Christ, we receive a new life and a new lifestyle. The Apostle Paul focuses on this aspect in his epistle to the Colossian church. Are you a follower of Christ? Has that decision to follow Christ changed your daily lifestyle? If it has, then this lesson is for you. If your lifestyle has not changed, this lesson is also for you. Continue reading

Moses and Conservatism

There is a lot of discussion about politics going on right now because of all that has transpired in our country over the past year. Many of us have grown weary of hearing about it. I had a conversation with a guy the other day about Christians and Politics. I mentioned that I am a Conservative when it comes to politics because I am a student of the Bible and a born again Christian. He mentioned that he is just a Christian and was not concerned with politics. Continue reading

The power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

51ezA-X3qFLI’m so excited to prepare this lesson on the power of the Gospel for our upcoming Connect Group at Southern Calvert Baptist Church. As I write this article, I am in the process of recovering from Covid19. Praise the Lord that Jehovah Rapha, the Great Physician, is alive and well, no matter what we face in this life. I think that the lesson this week is fitting. I have experienced the power of the Gospel in my life over and over again, including this very week. Have you experienced the power of the Gospel in your life? Continue reading

Walking with the Son in 2021

2lpu47The famous year, 2020, is finally coming to an end. On one hand, it seems like this year has lasted a decade, yet on the other hand, this year has flown by. As we walk into 2021, the Apostle Peter reminds us to walk in a manner worthy of our calling as followers of Jesus Christ. Continue reading