Common Sense VII: Money and Possessions

money093The way that we view money and possessions shows whether or not we have or lack common sense. In other words, the ways that we seek financial gain are a great indicator of our relationship with God. As we have earlier established, common sense is a direct result of having a relationship with God, being taught by Him through His Word. In this article I want to take a look at the wise man Solomon’s 11th Proverb, or wise teaching.

  1. A person lacking common sense uses dishonest ways to gain financially. First of all, we see that he uses false balances, or in other words, any means necessary in order to cheat others. I see this on a daily basis at the open air market. Actually, the other day I wanted to buy some fruit and I noticed that the scales were off, adding more weight than was actually there. I confronted her and she quickly offered to add more fruit to the basket. I replied with an offer to fix her scales and make them correct but she quickly refused my help. She knew of the problem before-hand yet said nothing until confronted and did not want to fix the problem. People who lack common sense use treachery and falsehood in order to have financial gain. We see that those who set these traps in order to take advantage of others are the very ones who fall into their traps and are held in bondage, forced to suffer the consequences. Although they seek to harm others, they only harm themselves. They spend their entire lives trying to cheat others and cause them harm but they end up harming themselves and at the end of their lives they have no hope, nothing to show for their efforts. Basically, their entire lives is just a waste of time. Is this the legacy that you want to leave behind? Maybe you are one who is spending your life deceiving people into accepting homosexuality, do you realize that at the end of your life you will have nothing to show for your efforts.
  2. A person who has common sense is just in his financial gains. He is always just in his business deals. I know a car salesman who sells his cars at their actual value because he wants to be just in all that he does. All other car salesmen tell him that he is crazy and that he will only lose money. He is a Christian and all that he does is just. He usually sells more cars in the first six months of the year than the rest of the salesmen do in the entire year and he is never is need. God always takes care of him and rewards him for his honesty. As we have already seen, the wicked man sets evil traps for the just man to fall into but because of the just man’s integrity and obedience, God turns the situation around and the just man is rescued while the wicked man falls into his own trap. As you have probably heard of the story of Daniel and the lions’ den I will use it as an example. Some wicked men deceived the king and set a trap in order to have Daniel put to death. Daniel was a just man and the wicked men wanted to take advantage of him. God turned the situation around and the men who set the trap were the very ones who were caught in their own trap and lost their lives.

Are you a person who seeks honest gain demonstrating your common sense and relationship with God or are you a person who uses deception in order to harm people and come out on top financially. You can change your ways at any time. Turn to the Lord and trust in Him and watch and see how He will care for you.

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