Common Sense VIII: The Sexual Relationship

happy familyThis lesson on common sense deals with a subject that causes most people to loose their common sense. There are several heresies that go along with the sexual relationship and for the sake of time we will cover only a couple of them. If these ideas exist in your thought process about sex then I am sorry to inform you that you lack common sense. The great thing about common sense is that it can be learned.

  1. Sex was created by God for marriage only!!! In our so called modern times people have turned sex into something cheap that can be done with anyone, anywhere. I have heard that people compare looking for a marriage partner with looking for a car, “you should not buy it until you try it”. Living together before marriage seems to be the norm. Because of sex outside of marriage we have had to invent new terms to go into our vocabulary, protected sex and unprotected sex. The only form of sex that is protected is sex that is performed in the confines of marriage. Once you move outside of marriage, then sex has become unprotected, condom or not! Sexually transmitted diseases are a sign or proof that sex out of marriage is bad. In Genesis chapter one, after God created the sexual relationship, he looked at His creation and said that it was very good. Before the sexual relationship was given to husband and wife, God says that His creation was good but after the sexual relationship was created it became very good! God blesses the sexual relationship in the confines of marriage but will punish any form of sex outside of marriage. STD’s are a sign of God keeping His Word. The question raised by immoral people is that married people and children who have never had sex also suffer from STD’s. I agree that innocent people suffer from the selfish, sinful lifestyle of others and that is why sin is terrible and needs to be confronted and stopped. Usually when married people contract an STD it is because of sex outside of marriage.
  2. Sex is to be practiced in marriage. Some people lack common sense because they think that they prove their obedience and faithfulness to God by abstaining from sex, willfully, while being married. Actually, the opposite takes place. When people who are married abstain from sex for long periods of time, by their own choice, then they are being disobedient to God. God speaks very clearly on this subject through the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians chapter 7. God has blessed the sexual relationship in marriage and commanded it to be done, so who is man to change what God has commanded? When people willfully choose to abstain for long periods of time then they give Satan an opportunity to deceive them.
  3. Sex is not just for procreation but it is also for joy. People who lack common sense try to take the joy out of sex. They say that it should only be “used” for producing children. Procreation is clearly part of God’s plan with the sexual relationship but only part of the plan. God also speaks through the wise man Solomon and gives more advice on the subject of sex. He says rejoice in the wife of your youth. This is said in the context of sex. He also says to be exhilarated in the wife of your youth at all times. In other words, be like a drunk man who always needs another drink. Let her breasts satisfy you at all times. What other meaning could be applied here? Sex is to be enjoyed between a husband and his wife.

Are you a person who has or lacks common sense in the area of sexuality? It is easily seen by the way that you view marriage and the sexual relationship. As I said in the beginning of the article, common sense can be learned. The desire has to come from your part and God will do the rest.


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