Expelled: A must see film

Expelled Ben SteinI took my wife to see the new movie “Expelled” with Ben Stein tonight. It was great and I highly recommend it to everyone. It is very well done. It is made in the form of a documentary. If you have ever had questions about Darwinian Evolution then I highly recommend that you see this film. If you think that ID (Intelligent Design) is for idiots or uneducated right-wing conservatives then I also highly recommend this film. Just go and watch it then make your own conclusions. We need freedom in this country to think, not just spoon fed what “some” people think that we need. Propaganda is a terrible thing but it is fed to thousands of students on a daily basis on college campuses and to millions of teens everyday in our high schools. I have lived in a country where information was oppressed and propaganda was fed and let me tell you it is a terrible sight. We need freedom and we must stand up for it. May God bless you in your search for Truth and thank you Ben Stein for your efforts.

3 comments on “Expelled: A must see film

  1. the problem with evolution is that it is being taught as the all knowing all explaining truth about the origins of life, when in all actuality, evolution does not explain much about the origins of life, Dawkins himself, even said that there could be evidence for ID (even though he says that it is because of Aliens).

    Evolution is a theory and should be taught as a theory as well as one opinion of others (ie ID).

  2. Sorry that I had to delete one of the comments but I realized that propaganda was being promoted by those who want to cover up “Expelled”.

  3. I heartily reccommend this movie. ID and IF have been covered up by the anti-Christian liberals for too long.

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