The evil plans of homosexuals in Moldova.

gay-flagAs a Christian it is my duty to defend the faith that we have in Jesus Christ as our Lord. It is also my duty to defend the family, because it was created by God as the foundation of society. When the family is attacked and destroyed then society soon follows. Look at world history and you can see a reoccurring pattern. The more immoral a nation became the quicker it declined. Since this is not a history lesson I will not go into details on that, but it is there for you to study.

The reason that I am writing this is because there is an organization in my country of Moldova (Eastern Europe) that has been attacking the family and country for the past 10 years. The organization is made up of homosexuals and lesbians, funded from the highly immoral European Union, who are on a mission to destroy the country. They are attacking the foundation of society, the family, and if they are not stopped then there will be terrible consequences to pay. It is bad enough that the family is being destroyed by other areas (poverty, divorce, cohabitation, alcohol, drugs, etc.) and to make it worse, instead of helping stop the destruction, the homosexuals are adding fuel to the fire. The Christians of the country have stood against the homosexual movement for over 10 years, with nonviolent protest and informing citizens of the dangers of the homosexual movement. The government was wise in the past and also stood against the diabolic homosexual movement but this year the homosexuals, with the help of European Union countries, persuaded (pressured) the government to let them have their gay-pride parade in the middle of the city. Now innocent little children will be exposed to detestable things, little eyes that need to keep their innocence and need to be protected will forced to look upon something that could destroy them.

Why is that homosexuals have the right to expose innocent children to a destructive lifestyle whether the kids want it or not? Thieves cannot openly expose children to their lifestyles and neither can murderers. Homosexuality spreads disease and death yet it is allowed to be promoted in the streets. How would people respond if rapists were teaching children how to be rapists? Why is rape evil? Because of the pain and destruction that it causes. Homosexuality causes pain and destruction but for some reason people think that it should be tolerated. You know the old saying, “destroy the foundation and the building will fall.” Homosexuality is a direct attack on the foundation of society and if it is not stopped then it will destroy the foundation and society will fall, be sure of it. I write this, not to condemn homosexuals (they are already condemned and living in slavery to detestable desires) but I write this to raise awareness and also to share that there is hope for all, especially for homosexuals. Jesus Christ can change your heart and take away those diabolic desires, giving you freedom from slavery to sin. Will you accept His offer?


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