The Promoters of the homosexual agenda in Moldova are liars.

gay-flagAs you know the LGBT community of Moldova attempted to have a gay pride parade in the the capital city of Moldova, Chisinau, on Sunday. They did not have permission from the government to put on their parade but they went and did it anyway. They were met with protest, nonviolent of course, from the concerned citizens of Moldova who want to protect the family. As you know homosexuality is a direct assault on the family and health of society. While the police were at the protest they did not stop the peaceful protest of the concerned citizens. The LGBT community is spreading lies about the protest saying that it was violent, when to be exact, there was not violence at all. Secondly, the LGBT community is blaming the police for not stopping the peaceful protesters. The police should have arrested the LGBT participants for being there illegally but now they are being slandered by the LGBT participants. You see, this is how the LGBT community works, using manipulation and lies to trick people into feeling sorry for them and backing them in their diabolic agenda. Do not be fooled by the homosexual agenda. Study the Word of God and be ready to expose the lies of the LGBT community.


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