Do not support immorality by supporting gay marriage!!!

broken chains B_WSince evil prospers when good people do nothing my wife and I decided to take action after hearing of the removal of the ban on gay marriage in California. We wrote an email and mailed it to all of the people in our address list. Included in this email was a PowerPoint lesson on the truth about the dangers of homosexuality, along with a lesson to print and share with others and some statistics on the diseases that come in the form of consequences of the gay lifestyle. Several people wrote back to us and thanked us for our concern and the fact that we are not indifferent. Many said that they passed the lessons on to others. We were very pleased to hear that. On the flip side, we received a response from an Evangelical church that shocked us. We have spoken at this church and they helped support some of the camps in Moldova, camps where we learned to fight against immorality, especially in the form of homosexuality. This church promptly asked us to “take them off of our mailing list immediately”. From reading the message we understand that this church, which is supposed to be made up of the saints of God, actually support sin by promoting immorality in the form of homosexuality. God has taken a firm stand against immorality, especially in the form of homosexuality. Read the following verses and you can see for yourself. There is hope for those trapped in the cycle of sin that homosexuality brings. The Lord Jesus Christ came, died, and rose again to break sins hold over our lives and give us freedom and the ability to overcome (say no to) sin.

’You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22)

The word abomination means the following “Detestation, Shameful deed, Evil, Disgusting, Hateful, Disliked”. God uses a powerful word to describe what homosexuality is. God has more to say about this sinful lifestyle when He says

If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them.” (Leviticus 20:13)

The word detestable means “Abhorrent, Hateful, Repulsive, Despicable”. God, once again, uses very strong language to define this diabolic lifestyle and He goes on to say that the homosexual lifestyle causes death and homosexuals bring it upon themselves. There is an old saying that is, “it has to get worse before it can get better” and it is applicable here. Not only do homosexuals destroy themselves but they also shut the door to the presence of God in heaven after death. God makes it very clear when He says,

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators . . . nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, . . . will inherit the kingdom of God.Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

The bad news is that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God if they continue living the homosexual lifestyle. The good news is that there were homosexuals in Corinth who were changed by the Lord Jesus Christ through repentance and now they are no longer homosexuals and they will now inherit the Kingdom of God. There is hope for all, wouldn’t you like to receive that hope? Wouldn’t you like to share that hope with others? Now is the time before it is too late. God bless us as we fight against immorality.

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  1. I have talked to my wife about gay married. For the life of us we can not come up with a single reason that gay marriage would have ANY effect upon our marriage. Between us and God… nothing changes. Even if gays can get married or if they can not. Can you please let us know how the marriage between you and your wife would be affected if two women were able to get married?

    • I am so glad that you posed this question. I am assuming that you really want to know the answer and are not trying to play some kind of “gotcha” game. Gay marriage will affect every family in society because it is a direct attack on society as a whole. None of us live in a vacuum so the things that one does, like it or not, will always have an affect upon others. What matters is whether or not the affect is positive or negative. Homosexuality has a list of negatives that come along with it, affecting not only those who practice it but also innocent people who live in our society. Alowing homosexuals to marry opens us the opportunity for homosexuality to be taught openly in public schools, therefore my children are at risk of being manipulated by the homosexual movement. Homosexuals fight hard so that they Bible will not be taught in schools, yet I should keep my mouth shut when I do not agree with what they promote. You are setting a double standard, are you not? I could go on and on but I think that this is enough for now.

  2. How do gay marriages affect normal families? I think it’s a great idea, especially in Romania, that gay marriages be allowed and also such families be allowed to adopt orphan children. I think such solution would keep homosexuality and abortion rate under control and also decrease the number of homeless children – which are serious issues in Romania.
    By the way, how about combating abortion and “birth control pills”, which are also so damaging for the health. Do you not think such issues are far more severe than homosexuality??

  3. Have you noticed all my arguments?? If so, please address them in a proper matter. I only see tenths of articles on homosexuality, which is an irrelevant phenomenon in Romania, yet none on other far more important topics I’ve suggested!

    • I read your arguments and I have answered all of those questions before. I will do it again if you insist but I dislike doing the same thing over and over again each time a new person appears with the same old arguments.

    • Read this comment once again because I answer the question of how gay marriage will influence normal families

      Plus homosexuals want the marriage laws to be changed from one man and one woman to anything goes (mothers could marry their children or fathers, marriage between people and animals). If you do not think that this could happen then you need to get out of your dream world and take a look at reality. This was a problem in the Old Testament and New and it still continues today. When people depart from God Romans 1 says that they go crazy doing all kinds of disgusting things.

  4. So, do you think it’s better for the orphan children to simply become homeless than be adopted by gay couples?
    Next, I copy, to stress my discontent about your answer: I think such solution (adoption of orphan children by gay couples) would keep homosexuality and abortion rate under control and also decrease the number of homeless children – which are serious issues in Romania.
    By the way, how about combating abortion and “birth control pills”, which are far more damaging for the health than homosexuality is. Do you not think such issues are far more dangerous for the society than homosexuality??

    • No, orphan children would not be homeless if the church would do all of what it is supposed to do (James 1, taking care of orphans and widows). During the Roman Empire, the Romans would practice abortion simply by placing new born babies outside to die. The first century church was known for taking the babies and raising them. Because of the fact that the church was doing its job, the abortion (used broadly here) was rate was lowered and the orphan children were given a great chance in life (and the chance of eternity, to hear and be taught the Gospel). If the church would combat abortion by preaching the Gospel and really care for the unborn babies and mothers, as well as care for orphans, then society would be transformed (as in the first century).

      To give you a real life example. In 2005, our ministry began working in an orphanage in the northern part of Moldova. The children were like wild animals (pardon the expression). We brought them to an English Summer camp. Then we started sending teams to work with them during their Autumn and Spring vacations. We stayed in the orpanage with them (terrible conditions). While there we taught them English and computers (all based on the Bible). Now, the best of the students are involved in a project where they live in Chisinau with 2 of our people (who care for them, teach them the Scriptures, and make sure they go to school and do well). These boys who were told all of their lives that “nothing good would ever come out of them because they are orphans” are now contributing to the good of society. The church should be on the front lines, raising up a generation of orphans who will in turn invest in future orphans, creating a snow-ball effect.

  5. You said “if the church would do all of what it is supposed to do” (which, by the way, should have been: if the church did…).
    However, in today’s society, the Holy Church is, by definition, inefficient. Both because of the huge and ever growing amount of sin in the society and because it is simply not meant to do that: provide secular education (it is simply meant to provide spiritual guidance to the believers). As long as the state promotes “evolutionism” worldview, the Church is powerless. What is the Religion class in school suppose to teach, as long as student organizations give free condoms to the students in the centre of the city and the Sexual education class…
    In fact, it is not all about helping the orphans (although this is of huge importance), but mainly providing quality moral education to the people.

    • No, the church is still here (the universal church built on the Lord Jesus Christ and not on the theology of men) and it is doing its job. What do you mean by the Holy Church? The church is the body of Jesus Christ made up of the true followers of Jesus Christ (read Ephesians more carefully). The church is meant to have an impact in society for the good of society. Read about the first church in Acts (as well as history) how the true followers of Christ turned the world upside down. The impacted all of society for the good of society.

      Where is society going to get its moral education if your remove the Word of God from everyday life? The Bible was given to be taught at home, at school, at work, at play, all the time, for the good of society. Once you remove the Word of God from society then you see the consequences (our modern society is proof of that). The Bible teaches us everything that we need for life (everyday life) and godliness. Read the Bible more carefully next time because you missed many important details.

      If the Bible were reintroduced into the classrooms then the behavior of the children would change. Evolution would be taught as a theory instead of fact. There would be not need to pass out condoms etc.

      Providing an orphan with a good moral education based on the Word of God is the best thing that you can do for him (as well as meeting his physical needs)

  6. Well…you say that the Church is doing it’s job. But the evil in the world and the sin in the society are growing faster and faster. Does that not imply that the Church is inefficient?
    Or do you mean to say that you criticising homosexuality and Muslims will solve all the problems in the world?

    • Read the sermon on the mount more attentively, Jesus Himself said that the way is narrow and not many will enter though it. The fact there are few real, genuine Christians in the world is proof of the words of Christ. Plus according to Daniel and Revelation (as well as II Timothy) the faithfulness of people will become less and less as we get closer to the Rapture, and then after the Rapture it will be even worse (not that people will not be religious, people have and always will be religious, but religion and faithfulness to God are 2 totally different things).

      As a follower of Jesus Christ it is my calling to make more disciples by proclaiming the Gospel and teaching people the Word of God. I have dedicated my entire life to this process. Part of teaching the Word of God is teaching what the Bible has to say about false religions and homosexuality (immorality). Proclaiming the truth has never been easy or popular (read the way Jesus was treated) and it never will be.

      The only thing that will change the world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ (it happened in the 1st Century, in fact it has happened all throughout the past 2000 years, read about the great awakenings in the States and Europe, it all happened because the Gospel was being proclaimed).

  7. That’s why the real Christians are fewer and fewer – because the people see intolerance and hatred within the Church itself and they do not want to join such a religion, which is against people of other faiths, sexual and moral convictions. This attitude of the so called “genuine Christians” (as you proclaim yourself) is fundamentally detrimental to humanity and the Church itself!

  8. Homosexuality is a sin, no matter how much we try to justify it. There will always be orphans and homeless children in the world. sin will not solve that problem. All the things happening nowadays Jesus already predicted they will happen (Matthew). Being gay is just a very clever method Satan is using to recruit people to keep him company in hell.
    Christians are few because they are on the narrow and difficult path. The wide and easy path is filled with lots of people…its much easier to go with the crowd and indulge in the passions of the flesh. But its harder to fight the flesh and the world and submit to God’s Spirit. The church of Christ does not judge or hate…it corrects and informs…the Word of God (Bible) has already judged all sinners…Christians did not write it…God did.

  9. No doubt, homosexuality is a sin. However, if 99% of the heterosexuals are even more immoral and sinful than homosexuals, than why do you pick on the minority?

    • Calling homosexuality sin and explaining the dangers of it (homosexuality) is not “picking” on homosexuals. It is sharing reality. BTW, heterosexuals who practice immorality are just as dangerous as homosexuals.

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  11. With all due respect, sir, I think this article is quite inconsiderate and not loving at all. You say everybody should be able to receive hope through Jesus Christ so that they can be set free from slaving to their sin. However, it is in no way hopeful or loving to tell homosexuals that they are disgusting and abhorrent. The Bible says that all sins are of equal value to God. For example, if someone lied to someone it would be the exact amount of sin as if someone murdered someone. We are all sinners, we all sin in different ways. You and I and God all know that everybody sins, but you cannot go around telling people that they are disgusting and abhorrent. Something as simple as lying is no worse, nor better than homosexuality. It is infuriating that the church is so hateful towards homosexuals. How will gays ever turn to God if the entire church hates them? How will they be able to get knowledge that can only come from God’s house (the church), if they are never allowed or accepted there?
    That is one thing I can never understand about the church.

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