Some thoughts from life

abigailII Our little Abigail is over 3 months old now. I am just amazed to see how much she changes everyday. When she smiles my heart just melts. She decides to talk to us a lot more now with her “own” words. We do not understand her but she talks like we understand everything. She likes to sing too (mommy’s girl). Being a father is amazing. As I was running around in circles one night trying to get her to stop crying I had an epiphany. I thought “I wonder if someone did this for me one time?” I sure my parents did the same. I have a greater appreciation for them now than ever before. I have found out that parents are geniuses when you are in your 20’s compared to the idiots that you thought you lived with in your teens. Thanks mom and dad!!!

As I was preparing to teach “Marriage without Regrets” the other night I had another epiphany. I realized that as husband and wife we are 2 selfish people whom God has placed together to live for each other. Then He blesses us with selfish children whom we spend the rest of our lives trying to teach not to be selfish. We see a little of what God has to go through with us and our self-centeredness.

We are in the process of moving and man does God use that time as a way to put your faith and character to the test. We boast of having self-control as a virtue of the Holy Spirit, and that is true, but if you want to see how much improvement needs to be made in your character (patience, gentleness, etc.) then move to a new location with an infant. Thank you God for helping us through. Plus I had some great illustrations to use for teaching about “Role Models: The Model Man”. I guess I will stop here. Still have some things to take to the apt. as well as work on a mid-term for seminary.


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