Obama: Just another typical politician

obama_sc_04_01_2007-731285 As it turns out with the stimulus package Obama is not the savior of the world. In fact, he has proven that he is just another dirty politician scratching the backs of those who helped put him in office. This “stimulus” package is heavily weighted down with “pork“. I think that those who believe that Obama is a Muslim can now rest assured that he is not because he has too many dealing with too much “pork” to be a faithful Muslim. He is being a typical liberal democrat. This is just the beginning of 4 long and difficult years under someone who does not care about the people but instead is interested in his career and party lines.  On that note, I think that it is interesting that Obama is attacking Rush Limbaugh for standing up to him (God forbid that we speak against the chosen one). I really see Obama going after his critics and trying to silence them (liberals are very thin skinned). Just remember good people of America, you voted for this man so now enjoy the destruction that he will bring. I did not vote for a man who is pro murder of innocent babies yet I will be obedient to God and pray for this man. First of all for his salvation and secondly for him to lead this country toward prosperity and not destruction from socialism. God help us to stand up for what is right.

The Importance of Giving as a Christian

dollar-sign There is much debate in our day and time about “giving”. Some people feel that those who have are obligated to give to those who do not have for the sake of equality. Usually those who preach this doctrine want to give other people’s money to the needed but not their own. Take Obama for example. He wants the American public to spread the wealth yet he himself gives less than 1% of his income to charity. What a great example of hypocrisy seen here. I will not go political in this post even though I would like to sometimes. I want to talk about the importance of giving if you are a true follower of Continue reading

Why abortion?

fetus As I sit here taking care of my baby girl (a true gift from God) I am truly saddened by the fact that the president of the USA has decided to promote abortion not only in our great nation but also all around the world. I am so glad that my conscience is clear because I did not vote for this man. I will continue to fight for the innocent babies who have their short lives ended in the name of convenience (95% of all Continue reading

Liberals and Double standards

scales-of-perception I find myself speaking to liberals more and more these days (maybe since they have become so bold with Obama-mania). I see such a double standard in the way that they talk and think. Obama is a classic example of this with his appointments now that he is president (no more lobbyists? who did he just appoint? oh yeah a lobbyist, yet he is excused because he is the right man for the job, can we say double standard?) I do not want to get into the Obama debate now because I could write on and on about the Obama liberal double standard. I want to write about a website that I have been visiting for a while now. The site claims to be founded by people who are open-minded and tolerant. I read some of the posts and immediately saw many false statements. Believing that these people were truly open-minded and tolerant I decided to correct some of the mistakes. I was very nice as I explained why the writers were wrong in what they had stated. They were making claims about God that were not Biblical. I brought the Biblical argument with the correct changes. I was immediately attacked. The open-minded tolerant mood changed dramatically. I learned quickly that open-minded means that you have to be open-minded to what we believe (i.e. liberals) but it is not reciprocal. There was also a claim that the writers on the site were free thinkers yet when someone began to question their ideas with good arguments (i.e. me) then they began to censor what was written. This is a typical response from liberal free-thinkers. The site is here if you want Continue reading

The Homosexual Predator

lionleapgnu For a while now I have been writing and teaching about the dangers of homosexuality all over the world. I have seen first hand how the homosexual agenda is carried out with methodical measures, preying on children and minors in two forms. The first and most obvious form is through molestation which is a terrible problem among homosexuals. I will share some statistics which confirm this statement at a later time. The second Continue reading

Why does God hate divorce so much?

27655-divorcel3I am currently teaching a class on marriage at our church. I have been teaching through the great study “Marriage without Regrets” produced by Precept Ministries. We have walked through the first 9 lessons and have finally arrived to lesson 10 which is about the permanence of marriage. As I was preparing I was so excited to be able to answer the question that I had (the title of this post). I would like to share a few points with you from the Scriptures on why God hates divorce so much.

I. What God has joined together let no man separate!

When Jesus was asked about marriage and Continue reading