The Homosexual Predator

lionleapgnu For a while now I have been writing and teaching about the dangers of homosexuality all over the world. I have seen first hand how the homosexual agenda is carried out with methodical measures, preying on children and minors in two forms. The first and most obvious form is through molestation which is a terrible problem among homosexuals. I will share some statistics which confirm this statement at a later time. The second way that homosexuals prey on minors is much more subtle yet the destructiveness is almost unimaginable. Homosexuals want to influence children during their developmental years while they are the most vulnerable to influence. I have seen this first hand as homosexual groups backed a movement to get books placed in public schools that taught kindergartners what it means to be homosexual and that not accepting homosexuality as a normal part of life makes one “intolerant” or as the book said “people with difficulties”. I write this to bring a real, live example of how this is done. In the state of Oregon, city of Portland the mayor is openly gay and now he is being accused of having sexual relations with a minor. The mayor, Sam Adams, claims that he began a relationship with a 17 year old boy yet they did not start having sexual relations until the boy turned 18. Adams is 45 years old. I find it odd that a 48 year old man is interested in a 17 year old boy, but maybe that is just me. Knowing that homosexuals prey on children I am not surprised that this happened. This is not a unique case. In fact it happens quite often yet this case is disastrous for homosexuals because it is a very public affair. The Bible says very clearly that older homosexuals teach younger boys and men how to be homosexuals in the book of beginnings, Genesis. The older men of Sodom who were homosexuals had influenced the younger men because they were together in their activities. When the men of Sodom came to have sexual relations with the men who were visiting Lot the Bible is very clear when it says both “young and old” were there together ready to practice their evil deeds. This public affair with Mr. Adams demonstrates what the Bible has been saying about homosexuals throughout the ages. The bad news is that they (homosexuals) will only get worse if not confronted. The good news is that Jesus Christ can change the lives of all homosexuals if they will just allow Him the opportunity. That is why it is important for Christians to love all homosexuals and show that love by teaching them the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ.

You can check out the article here.


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