Liberals and Double standards

scales-of-perception I find myself speaking to liberals more and more these days (maybe since they have become so bold with Obama-mania). I see such a double standard in the way that they talk and think. Obama is a classic example of this with his appointments now that he is president (no more lobbyists? who did he just appoint? oh yeah a lobbyist, yet he is excused because he is the right man for the job, can we say double standard?) I do not want to get into the Obama debate now because I could write on and on about the Obama liberal double standard. I want to write about a website that I have been visiting for a while now. The site claims to be founded by people who are open-minded and tolerant. I read some of the posts and immediately saw many false statements. Believing that these people were truly open-minded and tolerant I decided to correct some of the mistakes. I was very nice as I explained why the writers were wrong in what they had stated. They were making claims about God that were not Biblical. I brought the Biblical argument with the correct changes. I was immediately attacked. The open-minded tolerant mood changed dramatically. I learned quickly that open-minded means that you have to be open-minded to what we believe (i.e. liberals) but it is not reciprocal. There was also a claim that the writers on the site were free thinkers yet when someone began to question their ideas with good arguments (i.e. me) then they began to censor what was written. This is a typical response from liberal free-thinkers. The site is here if you want to see it. The author uses a lot of liberal rhetoric to excuse himself for censoring someone who can argue well against the liberal talking points. You can see for yourself that liberal free thinkers are not so open-minded. I am so glad that God does not have a double standard like people. He always says what He means and means what He says. God speaks in a clear way and all we need to do is listen.

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