Why abortion?

fetus As I sit here taking care of my baby girl (a true gift from God) I am truly saddened by the fact that the president of the USA has decided to promote abortion not only in our great nation but also all around the world. I am so glad that my conscience is clear because I did not vote for this man. I will continue to fight for the innocent babies who have their short lives ended in the name of convenience (95% of all abortions are performed for reasons of convenience). The reason that I will fight is because God is pro life and He fights for the innocent, fighting against those who perform abortions, have abortions, promote abortions, and who are apathetic. I pray for the so called Evangelical Christians who voted for Obama because they have blood on their hands now. I pray that they will repent and begin to fight against this evil that they have helped promote. I also pray that God will hold off the fullness of His wrath on this country because for over 30 years we have invoked His wrath by embracing abortion as a legal act. Praise the Lord that He forgives and has great patience. If you made the terrible mistake of voting for Obama please consider the consequences of your actions and confess to God, repent, and allow Him to forgive you. God bless you.


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