Hey Porky!

zodiac-pig-pic If you have not been living under a rock or in a cave for the past couple of weeks then you know that Obama has begun his mission of stimulating the US economy. Stimulation is needed but let’s just take a look at this “stimulation” plan. By the way, is Obama in charge or is the evil one, Nancy Pelosi, pulling the strings and making Obama dance? Just a thought. Here is some of the pork in the plan that is supposed to “stimulate” the US economy.

  • The Senate stimulus contains $50 million for habitat restoration and other water needs in the San Francisco Bay Area. There is another $62 million for military projects in Guam. (which leader is from San Fran?)
  • The House bill includes an amendment authored by Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley setting aside $500 million for biofuel makers, which he says, would bring jobs home to Iowa (biofuel problems can be seen here.)
  • There’s $198 million to compensate Filipino World War II veterans for their service. Most don’t live in the United States.
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A Lesbian Divorce

lesbo If you have not heard Hillary and Julie Goodridge have filed for divorce. The names may not be familiar to you but you will be aware of what they did. They were the couple who went to the Massachusetts courts to legalize gay marriage in the respective state. They won the case and gay marriage was legalized. They fought so hard so that they could be married like heterosexuals claiming that it was not fair because they could not share their true love the way that heterosexuals could. That is a lie because the stats prove the homosexual relationships are Continue reading

Tu eşti Hristosul, Fiul Dumnezeului celui viu

Russian_Orthodox_Church_by_Steve_Jump2004 Cine are puterea de a ierta pacatele? Daca ar avea un om puterea aceasta de ce a murit Isus pe cruce? Nu este nevoie de jertfa Domnului Isus daca un om poate ierta pacatele. Avem un singur marele preot care este Isus care are puterea sa ne ierte pacatele. Hai sa privim la versetele repective in context.

Matthew 16:13-19

13 Isus a venit în părţile Cezareii lui Filip, şi a întrebat pe ucenicii Săi: ,,Cine zic oamenii că sînt Eu, Fiul omului?“ 14 Ei au răspuns: ,,Unii zic că eşti Ioan Botezătorul; Continue reading

What is Obama doing?

Obama Revealed Is anyone else wondering what in the world is going on in this new administration? Where is the “change” that we were promised? What about all the lobbyists? No wonder democrats do not mind raising taxes. It is because they do not pay them! 93,000 dollars times 500 plus and that is what the dems are spending to “upgrade” their offices. Democrats are being democrats so where is the change? I did not vote for Obama and I feel much better about that everyday, especially as he approves the murder of innocent babies. Where is this country going? I hope that the American people will wake up. Most drank the Obama cool-aid during the election but my prayer is that people will come to their senses and realize that Obama is just another typical politician. Pelosi and Obama are acting like children with the whole “we won” thing and so therefore we can do whatever we want now. Wake up people and smell the roses. Do not allow these elected officials to dominate us since we did elect them. They are supposed to serve us yet the dems want to rule as “monarchs”.

Despre Botezul si Cina Domnului

LordsSupper Citeste atent ceea ce spune Sfinta Scriptura. Este bines a mergi la sursa sa vezi ce este scris in alb si negru in loc sa mergi la teologie unei traditiei.

Luke 22:19-20

19 Apoi a luat pîne; şi, după ce a mulţămit lui Dumnezeu, a frînt-o, şi le-a dat-o zicînd: ,,Acesta este trupul Meu, care se dă pentru voi; să faceţi lucrul acesta spre pomenirea Mea.“

20 Tot astfel, dupăce au mîncat, a luat paharul, şi li l-a dat, zicînd: ,,Acest pahar este legămîntul cel nou, făcut în sîngele Meu, care se varsă pentru voi.“

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Rolul Preotului

preot ortodox Iata la prima folosirea cuvintului preot in Biblia “Genesis 14:18 Melhisedec, împăratul Salemului, a adus pîne şi vin: el era preot al Dumnezeului Celui Prea ‘nalt.”

Cuvantul preot este “kohen” in limba ebraica si inseamna “ofiterul principal sau sef, ministerul”. Si mai inseamna “cel ce mediteaza la Dzeu, adica, cel ce gandeste la Dzeu si are o relatie cu Dzeu sau legatura daca vrei”.

Dzeu vroia ca poporul lui Israel sa fie facut din “preoti” adica toti sa fie preoti si a scris asa

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