A Lesbian Divorce

lesbo If you have not heard Hillary and Julie Goodridge have filed for divorce. The names may not be familiar to you but you will be aware of what they did. They were the couple who went to the Massachusetts courts to legalize gay marriage in the respective state. They won the case and gay marriage was legalized. They fought so hard so that they could be married like heterosexuals claiming that it was not fair because they could not share their true love the way that heterosexuals could. That is a lie because the stats prove the homosexual relationships are not long lasting even if they have a chance to marry. This divorce is just more evidence that homosexuals are not committed to long term relationships. Marriage for them is not about long term relationships. There is a specific agenda being pushed and when marriage is allowed then schools will have to teach homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle. This is key because homosexuals want to influence the next generation, convincing children that homosexuality is ok and that they (the kids) can and should embrace their homosexuality. This is propaganda and manipulation to the fullest degree. Please do not be deceived by the gay agenda which screams for equal rights. There is no equality in what they want to do. The beauty of the Word of God is that the homosexual agenda may prosper for a time but God will step in with the help of His people to stop this evil before it completely destroys (see Sodom and Gomorrah). Also the Lord Jesus Christ offers forgiveness for the sin of homosexuality and can set you free from your slavery to this terrible sin. May God bless and help us all as we are obedient to Him.


4 comments on “A Lesbian Divorce

  1. Good article again, Erik! I do think that in the sentence “They one the case and gay marriage was legalized.” you should spell won W-O-N not one. 😉

    thanks, I need an editor.

  2. So… Let me see if I get this straight. This prominent gay couple’s divorce means that all homosexual marriages aren’t meant to last? I’m sorry to say that this is the most fail-worthy piece of logic that I have heard lately (and I have heard plenty of nonsensical things, since I make it a habit of mine to keep close tabs on the Religious Right. Pro-tip: correlation does not imply causation).

    It looks to me that you fellows are experts at cherry-picking — choosing whatever angle best befits your argument, otherwise you’d realize what a weak argument it is to begin with (and I suspect that you do, but are either too entrenched in your beliefs in order to concede even the smallest points, or are double-faced enough in order to know full-well where you stand, yet continue to repeat the very same things over and over again, reveling in the power granted by the ability to control weak-willed people, gullible enough in order to accept being spoon-fed and constantly told what is right and what is wring, instead of relying on their own common-sense and drawing their own conclusions).

    You’ve probably heard of the recent legal developments in the US, I presume (difficult not to, given that the wing-nuts over there are tying themselves in knots. It’s painful to watch, frankly — they’re making a laughingstock of themselves and making me wonder if subscribing to a fundamentalist form of religion automatically comes with removal of traits such as empathy, self-control and a functioning brain). I’m generally not the kind of person who likes to ‘rub it in’, but you people have done so much damage over the years (to me and to all others who would either disagree with your or not be as your ‘biblical principles’ decree that they should be) that the genteel approach seems entirely foolish. This being said, I urge you to keep your eyes on the US — they’re lagging behind many countries in Western Europe when it comes to human rights issue and equality principles, but they’ve finally started to move in the right direction.

    I was born in Moldova, but sent across the border into Romania a decade ago, in order to lead a better life (a good decision on the part of my parents, seeing what’s happening over there now). I’ve visited my family a few times over the last few years and wasted no opportunity to argue in favor of full non-discrimination legislation, of the kind that Romania has implemented in 2003 (and no, such a thing does NOT infringe upon religious liberty — you’re still free to say or do whatever you like in your own congregations — the only thing that changes is that you can no longer insult or harass someone for their sexual orientation and expect a pat on the back. It always boggles me that you would consider yourselves persecuted when not allowed to persecute others. That is a monstrous way of thinking and I will combat it until the day I settle in my grave).

    In short, your arguments are fallacious (kindly explain to me how on earth I ended up being a lesbian when I had no contact with any other gay person in my youth and grew up constantly taught that anything other than heterosexuality is unacceptable) something that doesn’t surprise me, given that ‘lying for Jesus’ is a well-established trend, as far as Evangelicals go. As a rule of thumb, I tend to be suspicious when it comes to the motivations of people who claim to speak directly for any god. As Susan B. Anthony aptly put it, they often make their god mirror their own fears, wishes and insecurities. If nothing else, continue to hold on to your hatred (I’ll never try to earn your love, both because such a thing is impossible and because I respect your right to loathe my kind, if your beliefs dictate that it must be so) but don’t you dare attempt to force others into doing the same. I should think that you’ve caused enough damage already, to gays, lesbians, transsexuals, women, non-believers and anyone belonging to a denomination that isn’t Southern Baptist.


    Political Science Student, Romania

    • You wrote “So… Let me see if I get this straight. This prominent gay couple’s divorce means that all homosexual marriages aren’t meant to last?”

      That is your logic and has nothing to do with what I wrote. You are using a typical liberal tactic of pointing out a false argument and then arguing against the false argument that you pointed out (when I say false I mean false or fabricated by you and not actually what was said/written). You wanted to make your point so you redirected the argument instead of arguing against what was actually written. Here is a little tip for you. Realize when you are being deceived and learn to think for yourself.

      Please enlighten me on the need for homosexuals to marry. I know the stats on how long their relationships last and I also know the stats on the destruction that homosexuals bring upon every society that they are present in. Please give a logical argument and do not use race or genetics because that argument is old and weak.

      I see you learned how to use the tactic of name calling when speaking of those who do not agree with you. This is a typical liberal argument. Did you learn this tactic in school (i.e. in an actual class) or on the playground like most children who use this tactic?

      You want to talk about Western Europe? Do you know the crisis in Western Europe because of immorality? They are killing the babies (next generation) at such a high rate that there are not enough people. They are in population decline. Europe is getting older and there are not enough children being born (because of abortion) for the next generations to prosper. Read the news my friend and stop drinking the liberal kool-aid. By the way, how does promoting abortion and human rights go together? Maybe you can inform us with your great wisdom.

      I lived in RM for 4 years and plan on moving back soon and I highly disagree with you on the fact that there is a better life in Romania. You can lead a perfectly normal life in RM and actually have a positive impact on the future of the country. We are bringing up a generation of people who love RM and are dedicated to investing their lives in the country of their birth instead of just simply running away like so many have done.

      So those who prefer homosexuality can go to the streets and the classrooms spreading their agenda yet those who oppose this diabolical lifestyle are silenced in public and can only speak in closed meeting? Is that the equality that you dream of? Maybe you should converse more with Voronin because you and him share the same views in this area (i.e. silence the critics and only speak with those who agree with you).

      You can fight against God all that you want but you will loose and fighting against God will more than likely bring you to your grave sooner rather than later.
      Where did you learn about being a lesbian? Did you just invent the word and idea one day? Please!!!! You are deceived/have been deceived and you do not even realize it. Have you ever heard me say that lying for Jesus is acceptable? Is that written in the Scriptures? Where did you get that statement then? I am sure you heard it from someone else who is anti-God (probably from another homosexual). Have I ever claimed to speak from God? I speak the Word of God which does come from Him but you can read it just like I can. It is not something mystical or magical.

      I have no hatred toward you or anyone (homosexual or heterosexual). You have put that on my and frankly you are wrong for saying so because you have no proof where I have ever said that I hate people (or written it). You are the one who is lying and I would suggest that you apologize and repent. You assume that I hate you and that is wrong as well. Until you have proof then you should not make such bold statements. But then again liberals never need proof of what they say!!!

      Why do you call me a ”Southern Baptist”?

      I am glad that you stumbled upon my blog although it is very evident that you have not read much of what I have written because of most of the statements that you have made about me. Please read the arguments first and then form an opinion.

      Have a great day and respond to God’s call of repentance and faith in Him for the forgiveness of your sins and freedom and acceptance that you so eagerly seek.

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