Hypocritical Progressivism

gay_marriage Once again we see the hypocrisy of liberals/progressives. There is definitely a double standard among those who claim “tolerance”. I have made this statement before and I will continue to proclaim it. Liberals want everyone to be tolerant yet when you do not agree with them then they become the most intolerant people that you can imagine. Homosexuals fit into the category of liberals/progressives. Homosexuals demonstrated their true face once again during the “Miss America” pageant. The contestant from California was asked if she agreed with “gay” marriage or not and she said that we live in a country where we can choose what we want and she chooses not to support gay marriage. The liberals/homosexuals went crazy after this point. She was called terrible names (a very well known liberal tactic) and some propose that she lost the pageant for her stance on gay marriage. The controversy seems to indicate that you have your right to your own opinion unless your disagree with the liberals and homosexuals. By the way, if we pass this “hate crimes” law then we will see more persecution like this from the homosexuals on those who do not agree with homosexuality.

The Relevance of the Bible

bible3 I had an interesting discussion with a pastor friend of mine the other day about the kings of the Old Testament which prodded me to write this short but much needed article. In fact I will also preach on this subject this coming Sunday morning. Many people continue to say that the Bible is an old book and is no longer relevant to the 21st century. I strongly disagree with this statement and I will explain why, simply using the O.T. as evidence. Those who claim that the Bible is not relevant have usually never actually read the Bible. They base their information on what others have said. This is very dangerous because what you “hear/read” from others may not necessarily be true. Here we go.

I. Israel was a nation founded on godly principles from the Word of God.

It is not difficult to see this with a simple reading of the first 5 books of the Old Testament. God carved out this nation and set down the guidelines for daily life. The people accepted God’s plan and followed it. The nation was formed and grew to power. The main thing that the nation of Israel was to do was to continue following God’s plan as laid out in the Scripture. They did a descent job but they revolted in the fact that they wanted a king in order to be like the other nations. God allowed them to have their king and the first one was a disaster. It got better with David and most of Solomon’s reign. Something happened during Solomon’s reign. The USA has followed the same pattern. America was founded on godly principles and those principles were to be passed on throughout each generation. God carved out a nation of people who were following Him and the nation prospered greatly, into the world’s superpower but somewhere along the way America fell into the same trap that Israel did. America has not learned that history repeats itself if people do not know history and try to avoid the mistakes of the past.

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