Cheney vs. Mr. O

dick-cheneybarack_obamaI have been listening to the speeches that former vice president Cheney and Mr. O gave earlier this morning and I am so glad that Mr. O has finally opened himself up to a public “butt” spanking by Mr. Cheney. Listening to the talking points has been great because frankly, Mr. Cheney, stomped Mr. O in the ground. It is odd that Mr. O decided here in the last minute to schedule a speech on the same day that Mr. Cheney had planned much earlier to give his speech. Now Mr. O is on the defensive (finally). Mr. Cheney makes great since in his argument. Mr. O just uses the same old tired liberal “talking points” without any real substance. Mr. Teleprompter cannot stray from the talking points and make a logical argument while Mr. Cheney just carved up Mr. O like a Thanksgiving turkey. Go Mr. Cheney. I am glad that Mr. O is finally being challenged and as we will see, he cannot win this battle just like he cannot take criticism. I want to see how Mr. O will respond to the “butt-whipping”. I also want to see how the liberal talking heads handle this disgraceful defeat that Mr. O took.


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