10 things I want to change in my country


  1. The Bible will be taught in all public schools

I want to prepare leaders who will be willing to go into the public school system and teach the Word of God (specifically “The Truth About Sex”) in all middle schools and high-schools.

People have been deceived into thinking that the Bible cannot be taught in public schools but that is a lie, it can be taught as an optional course if there are people who will be willing to go and teach it. I want my fellow church members to volunteer to go and teach in public schools.

2. I want pornography to be outlawed in my country and for it to be illegal to make a profit off of it.

I want to challenge people around me (neighbors, relatives, fellow Christians) to be very active in writing letters to the authorities in order to protest against porn (on tv, on the internet, magazines, etc).

3. I want homosexuality to be illegal and those who practice it to be punished by law.

I want to protest against the promotion of immorality, especially from homosexual organizations, by informing people of the dangers of immorality/homosexuality, and challenging them to protest with me by writing letters and preaching the Gospel, specifically, by explaining what the Word of God says and then using statistics to demonstrate the dangers of homosexuality.

4. I would like to see the mass media be held responsible for promoting immorality and make a change to where morality is promoted.

The mass media affects the way that people think and it is so immoral because it glorifies immorality. I want to challenge young people to study journalism and use it to influence the country and world for the Gospel and not immorality.

5. I want condoms to no longer be promoted as a form of “safer sex” among young people, especially in the public schools.

Too many people are deceived into thinking that condoms are a form of protection against STD’s which is a lie. I want people to be correctly informed on the fact that the only form of safe sex is sex between a husband and wife as God intended.

6. I want all youth groups to study the Word of God inductively.

Youth groups have the ability to have a huge impact in the lives of so many young people yet many of them are highly inefficient. I would like all youth groups to study “The Truth About Sex” “How can a young man control his thoughts, passions, and desires?” “Marriage without Regrets”. If young people would study these courses then many of their problems could be avoided because they would have practical insight and advice from the Word of God on the subjects of sex, dating, and marriage.

7. I would like all church pastors to preach expository sermons.

Pastors have such an opportunity to have an impact in the lives of so many people but little impact is made because their sermons are not preached using the expository preaching method. I would like to hold courses on teaching and preaching expository sermons based on the Inductive Bible study method.

8. I would like to see sports evangelism done according to Vasile Filat’s method.

There are so many ministries that use sports in order to spread the Gospel. A lot of resources are used but the results cannot compare to the amount of resources used. Too much emphasis is placed on the sport and attracting people and very little on Bible study and discipleship. I would like to see ministry through sports done the way that TKD is done, as well as soccer, and boxing. I want to challenge the people I know who already do ministry through sports to implement Vasile Filat’s methods, see great results, and spread the idea quickly.

9. I want the idea of separation of Church and State to be interpreted as it should be and not used against the furtherance of the Gospel.

Evil people have taken this idea, which was meant for good so that the State would not control the Church or the Church the State, and have made it to where people are afraid to preach the Gospel. Actually good Christian people have been deceived to the point to where they use this very statement to excuse themselves from not preaching the Gospel. I want to inform all of my friends, relatives, neighbors, and church members that we have the right to preach the Gospel everywhere and we should use that right at all times.

10. I want to see evil punished and good rewarded.

It seems that we live in a time where the guilty are rewarded for their evil actions, because of their human rights, we are so humane that we punish the innocent victim twice, and the innocent, good people are punished. Those who want to live immoral lives and challenge others to do so are encouraged and praised for their courage yet those who want to live moral lives and help others to do the same are ridiculed and laughed at. I want the law to be applied, the guilty are to be punished and those who do good should be rewarded so that our society will prosper and not be destroyed because of wickedness.

33 comments on “10 things I want to change in my country

    • Why in the world would I want to abolish capitalism? The great modern medical technologies that we have came as a result of capitalism (somebody has to pay for the research and development). What is wrong with everyone have the opportunity to make a better life for himself/herself? When you start talking about “economic equality” then you start moving down the path of socialism which leads to poverty for the majority and no chance of climbing the ladder to success, while a handful of people have power and wealth, oppressing the rest. Democracy and capitalism go hand in hand. For example, in the USA where we practice both democracy and capitalism, I have the same opportunities as my neighbor and fellow citizens. I cannot “blame” others for my poverty while I sit around waiting for a handout.

  1. Capitalism is, by definition, evil. In the U.S., you have 3% of the world’s population spending 80% of Earth’s resources and creating 50% of the environmental pollution. While 50% of the people on Earth live under 2$ per day. Of course that, if you benefit from capitalism, you find it right, selfishly ignoring the rest of world’s population!

    • Again, the great modern technologies that we all enjoy (that also prolong our lives) came and come as a result of capitalism. Capitalism gives everyone equal opportunity to make it for themselves. Plus, the majority of humanitarian aide comes from capitalistic countries (USA being #1). I would also like to know the source of your stats please (they can be manipulated so easily).

      • You have such a typical American way of thinking, which makes everyone hate Americans: Does it matter who pays (save for U.S., it’s mostly the states or E.U. anyway), or does it matter who does the work??

      • Everyone sure seems to like American money. You have such a socialistic/communistic way of thinking.

  2. Unfortunately, you equate socialism with communism, without minding the fascism in your own country! However, that’s a very unchristian way of thinking!

    • I know the difference between socialism and communism. I also know the similarities of mindset. How is fascism demonstrated in America?

      Plus, those who seem to hate capitalism so much love the money that capitalism produces.

      • Very familiar but it does not mean that you cannot have “things”, instead from the context, Jesus is teaching people to set their heart on heavenly things, storing up treasures in heaven and not on earth. If you have your priorities correct and use your “treasures” on this earth for building the Kingdom of heaven then riches are a great thing.

      • again you avoid what is being done with the capital, who sends the most humanitarian aide all over the world? where does that capital come from and what is it used for?

      • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Development_aid#Quantity
        The largest DAC donors were the United States (USD 21.8 billion), Germany (12.29 billion), France (9.88 billion), United Kingdom (9.85 billion) and Japan (7.68 billion).
        United States (0.16% of GNI) and Japan (0.17% of GNI) where in fact giving least among the members of DAC. The only countries meeting the targets in 2007 where Norway (0.96% of GNI), Sweden (0.93% of GNI), Luxembourg (0.91% of GNI), the Netherlands and Denmark (both 0.81% of GNI).

        Click to access 41724314.pdf

      • Ok, so the US is capitalistic and gives the most. Germany is capitalistic and is 2nd, etc. etc. Capitalism is looking good to me. Also the great technology that we have is funded by, no surprise, capitalism.

  3. You are such a master of disguise, when it’s about twisting the clear truth. U.S. is obviously giving the least for charity, as compared to its total wealth. Instead, the Scandinavian countries, which you would call “socialist”, give the most.

    • Is that the total giving to charity or just humanitarian aide? Does that count giving to churches and charitable organizations within the country as well as outside? I want the whole truth about giving and not just a convenient little piece. For example, many Americans give to their local church as charity but it does not get recorded as a charitable offering. The reason I want the whole picture is because you can manipulate numbers to say what YOU want instead of reality (liberal progressives are masters at that, one being Al Gore but the list goes on and on).

      • My sources are unbiased (OECD, encyclopaedia).
        “many Americans give to their local church as charity but it does not get recorded as a charitable offering” because the Church people use the money for anything else but charity.

      • you wrote “the Church people use the money for anything else but charity” completely false. Many churches run food kitchens based on the giving of the members of the church. You see, it is charity but does not get counted as charity officially so the numbers that you have do not demonstrate reality. That is why I asked you those specific questions. Americans are much more generous than the official numbers show.

        Plus many churches also fund hospitals (Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Lutheran etc.) which requires a lot of charity work. The money that is used for the charity work comes from the churches where people have sacrificially given.

      • Have you every been a member of a local American church? If not then why do you think that you “know” how things work? Plus, do you know how much mission/humanitarian aide work American local churches do all over the world every year? (which, btw, goes not go on the books as charitable work, but it is actually direct charitable work). I used to go on short term summer mission trips for provide humanitarian aide for other countries. Now I receive teams in Moldova, doing the same thing.

      • Okay, so, on the one hand, you say that capitalism is good, because American people can give money for charity. On the other hand, you say that American people give more money than any other country’s people (Germany, France, UK) do, which are also capitalistic (more or less). Then why is it that other capitalistic countries’ people don’t do the same as Americans do, if capitalism was so great?

      • America was founded on Biblical principles while many of the other capitalistic nations were not. If you remove God from the picture then capitalism (like democracy) can get ugly. Capitalism is just a tool (like money). In and of itself it is neither good not evil (just like the Bible says that the love of money is the root of all evil and not money itself). Your motivations and what you do with capitalism decides the outcome. Will evil people try and take advantage of capitalism? Of course they will, but that does not mean that you throw out the baby with the bathwater (just because the water gets dirty).

    • You wrote “The U.S. foundations have nothing to do with nowadays” completely wrong. Although there are some who would love for the USA to depart from its origins, the majority of the population has a fear of God because of the work of the founding fathers.

      As to Obama, he is one of those who wants us to depart from our roots and destroy ourselves. Look under the politics section and see what I have written about him. Separation of church and state is needed to keep the state out of the business of the church (that is the problem with the UK, our founding fathers were wise in this area, but the state without the church becomes like the communistic monstrosities of the 20th cent.)

      The president of the US is not the people, just because he has no values does not mean that the country does not.

      • “The president of the US is not the people, just because he has no values does not mean that the country does not.”
        Well… since your founding fathers, the people keep saying the same thing about the presidents they elect.

      • I did not elect him, I did all that I could to inform people on how to vote correctly according to the Word of God.

    • Many left wingers were deceitfully convincing. Many people were deceived by Obama himself and now they regret what they did. I did my best but I could not be everywhere at once.

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