Cohabitation: Modern or Sin?

cohabitation1 In our modern world there is a controversial subject that is discussed a lot and many people are affected (infected) with this idea, the idea of cohabitation. Cohabitation is also known as “shacking up” or “living together” before marriage. Many people believe that cohabitation is something unique and new for our modern days but that is not the case. Actually, in the US, 40% of adults say that they have tried cohabitation at least once in their lives. Those who cohabitate say that it is better to “try” and see how things work out before getting married and if it does not work out then you can part ways without problems. Do you really believe that this is true? Has it been proven that there are fewer problems with parting ways after cohabitation has taken place when compared to parting ways while being married? Let’s look into the Word of God and see what God has to say about cohabitation and if it brings more or fewer problems. Cohabitation means that two consenting adults live together like a married couple (enjoying the sexual relationship) yet they are not married in the eyes of the State or in the eyes of God. Sex outside of marriage (that happens when one cohabitates) is sin (adultery/fornication) and the Bible speaks very clearly about sexual immorality. Continue reading