The Pro-death liberals strike again!

no abortion It is bad enough that pro “deathers” support the murdering of innocent babies in their mothers’ wombs but they have taken their diabolical actions even further. Now they seem to think that it is o.k. to murder people just because they do not like the signs that they display or the views that they hold. Read this article to see how low liberals view life in this country and around the world. I really believe that if abortion were illegal then we would not have to worry about this problem and as long as abortion is legal then the blood of the innocent is on all of our hands. It saddens me to know that all babies that were born after 1973 (I fall in this category) could have had their lives taken from them in their mother’s womb and no one this side of eternity would have been held responsible for it. Please realize that if we are not fighting against murder and for life then we are on the opposite that God is on and that is not a good place to be. Stand up and fight for life. Vote for those who are pro-life and call out the pro death candidates for who they are. May God help us.


5 comments on “The Pro-death liberals strike again!

    • What free speech? Atheists are the ones who cried to ban prayer from school (free speech). They also do not want creationism to be taught as an alternative to evolution in schools (freedom of thought and speech). Sorry, atheists like free speech when you agree with them only.

    • If you do not follow the rules then you have to pay the price (I know rules and laws are a hindrance to evolutionists who want to allow the strong to beat out the weak instead of protecting the innocent). Being blocked for not following the rules has everything to do with moral values, they said they would do it and they did when you broke the rules, that is how it is to work, not blocking would be an example of not keeping their word and then you could question “moral values”.

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