Teaching the Word of God in the college dorm rooms of Moldova

teaching_Resized_300x306.jpgAs I write this post several of the young people from our youth group at our church “Good News” are in a dormitory with 4 floors teaching simultaneous Bible studies on each floor. My wife, Elena, is there with them to help. In all, some 400 students will study the Holy Scriptures over the next hour. Many, if not most or all, of the students are nonbelievers, studying the Scriptures for the first time in their Continue reading

We are back in Moldova (again)

It was a long trip yet we made it. I am not referring to the trip to Moldova across the ocean. I refer to the trip that we made from Romania. It was a long road but beautiful. There was snow in the mountains. Anyway, we are back in Moldova so thanks for all who have been praying for us. Keep up the good work. We are excited about the Good News church plant and working with students once again. We will keep you updated as things progress.