Esenta Crestinismului

Vreau sa raspund in articolul acesta unei persoanei care nu intelege esenta crestinismului. Unii cred ca credinta inseamna a face anumite lucruri. De exemplu unii cred ca esti crestin daca te nasti dintr-o familia crestina. Altii cred ca daca dai la saraci esti crestin sau daca esti sarac inseamna ca esti crestin. Mai spun altii ca daca faci fapte bune si mergi la biserica din cand in cand ca esti crestin si asa mai departe. Vreau sa vedem ce este scris in Biblia despre a fi crestin si ce face un crestin adevarat.

Intai sa intelegem ca nimeni nu se naste crestin. Unii cred asa dar nu este Continue reading

What do you do when tempted?

Temptation is a major problem for every person on this earth. If you are breathing then you will be tempted. There is not a day that goes by when temptation does not come our way. Among Christians and nonChristians the common thread is temptation. The difference between Christians and nonChristians is how we handle temptation. I would like to look at temptation from a Biblical perspective to see why we are tempted and how we can overcome Continue reading

Our future is at risk because of immorality

I would like to write a little bit about a sad subject that this world faces. As adults, we all know very well of the fact that the youth of today are our future. We have the responsibility of raising them so that they will be in position to raise the next generation after them so that we as people, can continue on in this world. Continue reading

Global Warming and lies go hand in hand

If you have followed much of the global warming craze then it is easy for you to spot the half truths and lies of the left (unless you are part of the left that is fabricating the lies). Now we have proof of the ridiculous measures “lefties” are willing to take to convince everyone that man-made global warming is true and that it (mmgw) is going to destroy us all. Instead of dealing with the facts, people like Al Gore and his cronies use half truths and flat out lies to deceive people. If they cannot get away with the lies then they move to the next step which is silencing the real evidence (similar to evolutionists and the theory of evolution). Continue reading

Thoughts from distributing a newspaper

The ministry in Moldova that we have been a part of for years now, has a weekly newspaper that is on the secular market. It tackles real life situations from a Biblical perspective. The paper has been out on the market for over a year now. One of the ways that we minister with this paper is by taking copies to the city hospitals every single week. We usually print 1,000 extra copies to give away at the local hospitals. Continue reading

Confusion between crime and punishment

I have written a few articles on the subject of punishment for an offense, focusing on capitol punishment for murder. In response to the article many people have commented that crime and punishment are one and the same, when in fact, they are very different. Since we live in an age of relativism I am not surprised that many do not know the difference between crime and punishment. If you want to believe that crime and punishment are one and the same then you can and it is correct, that is, if you believe the lie of relativism. If you have common sense and realize that there is right and wrong then you will quickly be able to distinguish the difference between crime and punishment. For those of you who do not know the difference, let me see if I can clear things up for you. Before I begin I would like to quote from the Bible about how people in an age of relativism think.

Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools (Romans 1:21-22)

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Is tolerance more important than life?

intoleranceAs you know we live in an age of “political correctness” where, in the name of tolerance, people who are guilty are protected at any price and victims/innocent people suffer needlessly. A prime example of this is the abortion laws. The guilty parties (women who have them and doctors who perform them) are protected by the law as well as “political correctness” or tolerance if you will. How Continue reading

A big thanks to all US veterans

arg_us_flagTo all of the veterans of the USA, thank you so much for your service to this great country. As a citizen who enjoys the freedoms of the USA I realize that those freedoms have been paid for at a very high price. I appreciate your love for our country and your willingness to lay your life on the line so that we can continue enjoying these great freedoms. I encourage all citizens to appreciate the freedoms that we have and do not take them for granted and also do not abuse your freedom and turn it into a privilege to do evil. God bless all the men and women who have serve this country. Also I want to send out a special thanks to Berkley Brewer, my grandfather, who served in WWII in the South Pacific. Thanks for your sacrifice. I love you very much.

Is one life more valuable than another?

SocialJusticeI went to teach at a college dorm last Tuesday night and was shocked by what occurred. First of all, many of the dorms in Moldova use the co-ed staggering method of housing. For example, a dorm with 6 floors will have a girls floor followed by a guys, repeating the same pattern all the way to the top floor. From talking with a few former college Continue reading