Is one life more valuable than another?

SocialJusticeI went to teach at a college dorm last Tuesday night and was shocked by what occurred. First of all, many of the dorms in Moldova use the co-ed staggering method of housing. For example, a dorm with 6 floors will have a girls floor followed by a guys, repeating the same pattern all the way to the top floor. From talking with a few former college students I found that most of the students in the dorms end up sleeping together before they finish school and many end up marrying because of an unexpected pregnancy. There is another article coming about this problem so keep on the lookout. The dorm where we taught was a dorm for future lawyers. I was glad to hear that when talking to the students before we began. I asked them questions about their lives and about the future. Most of them said that they wanted to have a positive impact in the future of their country. As we began to teach a study on the dangers of abortion from a Biblical perspective I was saddened to see the response of these supposedly “intelligent” young minds. In the secular humanistic world view there is this wave of teaching that says that, in the plea for humaneness, the life of the guilty is more valuable than the life of the victim. “How is that so?” you may ask. Here is a prime example. The Word of God says that the only thing that can pay for a life that is taken through murder is the life of the murderer. This makes sense but the secular humanist, as I have said, turns things around to protect the guilty and punish the innocent a 2nd time. Most of the young people took the side of the guilty one, the murderer saying that he should not have to pay with his life and that we must be humane. Is it humane to murder another human being? Of course not. But worse is when you protect the life of the guilty and discredit the life of the victim by saying that the life of the murderer has more value. So, those who will be our future lawyers are being brain-washed into taking the side of the murderer and putting a higher value on his life than on the life of the victim. The whole point of the law is to protect the innocent by punishing the guilty. This has been changed and now the victim is victimized twice. What discourages criminals from doing what they do best if their lives are more highly valued than the lives of innocent people?

13 comments on “Is one life more valuable than another?

  1. Isus said, turn the other cheek ..
    So, how come, you preach death punishment?

    I shall say both are wrong, also to turn the other cheek if someone is hurting you, also the death punishment.

    I’ll tell you in simple words, why.. because to punish the criminal someone should take his/her life away..
    That means you’ll have another criminal , to do this task. Even if, this person is doing a job,a legally murder, he/she is a criminal too. Even if only it will be to push a button, or an electronic device to deliver a fatal dose ..
    Someone is doing the task!!
    Make them work , those criminals for the society, buiding roads, etc,etc.
    No death punishment!

    • I was waiting for that question from someone. Jesus said that you (the individual) are to turn the other cheek, do not take revenge on the one who does something to you. Two important things. There is not death involved here (cannot turn the other cheek if you are murdered) and secondly, you not taking revenge does not mean that justice is not carried out. Instead of cherry picking a verse and misrepresenting it why do you not see how it fits in to the context and the Bible as a whole. Here are some things that you forgot.

      Romans 13:3-4 3 For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; 4 for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.

      Why are those who do evil to fear? Because they are going to be punished by the authorities for their actions. God says that the only thing that can pay for human life is another human life. If you murder a person then you must pay with your life. You the individual do not take revenge but the authorities are to carry out the punishment.

      When the authorities take the life of the murderer they are not committing a crime. The blood of the murderer is upon his own head for his own actions.

      Also, there is a difference between murder and taking life. I can take someone’s life accidentally and it will not be murder.

      If a murderer does not pay with his life then the life of the victim is not as valuable as the life of the criminal. I thought we all are to be protected with the same rights under the law. Now you have one group that is protected over another and that is very intolerant, don’t you think?

  2. You seem to overlook, that i specified, *legally criminal*
    Those who do their task/duty to murder someone,even if legally, they still take the life of someone.

    Call it as you wish, the result of that is one; taking life of someone.

    • Once again, you do not understand the difference between taking life and murder. Study the definitions. I will give you the Hebrew difference (the 10 commandments were written in Hebrew and the word murder is used when it says “You shall not murder” (not kill, murder, two totally different words and meanings))

      You can take life without murdering (war, accidental death, etc).

  3. As i said, semantics!Although the result, the action is still, killing someone even legally.
    It doesn’t make any bit of difference, the semantics in this specific instance.
    No matter how you call it. And who is doing this as a pay back, even legally, it is an act of killing someone.
    Yes, indeed, are many who deserve that!I am not arguing that.
    Although, is dangerous to have death punishment.
    Mistakes can happen. Things cannot be undo..
    And also,someone should do this task,and is terrible to take life of someone..
    It is not a superficial subject to talk about it superficially.
    It is a very complex my opinion

    • Semantics are very important in a court of law. There is a difference between tried for murder and something else. Once again, you demonstrate that you have mercy on the life of the guilty person yet you devalue the life of the victim. Very bad logic on your part. All life should be valued as equal under the law, unless you do not agree with democracy.

    • Yes but you can honor the life that was needlessly taken by making the murderer pay for his crime, according to the crime itself. Do you value the life of the murderer more than the victim?

    • A murderer who pays with his life is not a victim. He is a criminal who has to pay a fine. According to law, crimes must be punished.

      I am not suggesting that I put a murderer to death. I am suggesting that the authorities of the country put the murderer to death. He must pay for his crime accordingly.

  4. if you require the state to put the criminal to death, it is still a crime. Even if the state is the criminal, you make part of this state and if you believe that the killing is a answer you are the same criminal. Every life have value, even a life of a criminal.

    • You need to learn the difference between crime and punishment. Until you can clarify that in your mind, you will continue with this same absurd circular argument. Grab a dictionary and do a little research my friend, then we can talk more. Good day.

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