Is tolerance more important than life?

intoleranceAs you know we live in an age of “political correctness” where, in the name of tolerance, people who are guilty are protected at any price and victims/innocent people suffer needlessly. A prime example of this is the abortion laws. The guilty parties (women who have them and doctors who perform them) are protected by the law as well as “political correctness” or tolerance if you will. How dare you tell a woman that she does not have the choice to murder her own baby? You are so intolerant (what is left out is “if you stand up for the right of the baby in a mother’s womb to live”).

This same mentality can be applied to Muslim terrorists. First of all they are no longer called terrorists and the fact that they are Muslims is also left out. In the case of Ft. Hood Tx., Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan is a Muslim terrorists with connections to radical mullahs of the Muslim faith. Evidence keeps surfacing that many of Hasan’s superiors saw clues of these connections but were afraid of speaking out because of political correctness and being called intolerant to Muslims (racial profiling). Because of this stupidity now 13 innocent people are dead. We so easily trade 13 lives in the name of tolerance (were we tolerant to the 13 who paid with their lives?) so that a Muslim terrorist would not feel branded because of his race and religion. The liberal mass-media immediately defended Hasan’s Muslim faith (a faith that preaches that you should lie to infidels and kill them if they do not convert to Islam) without having any evidence to stand on (prompted by political correctness and tolerance. Even Obama will not address Hasan’s religion and its role in his terrorist attack. This warped form of progressive tolerance is in fact intolerant because guilty people are highly protected while innocent people suffer and victims are victimized twice. Wake up people! God teaches us that nothing is more valuable than human life. Be intolerant against those who take life and place other people in danger by their beliefs or lifestyles.

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