Thoughts from distributing a newspaper

The ministry in Moldova that we have been a part of for years now, has a weekly newspaper that is on the secular market. It tackles real life situations from a Biblical perspective. The paper has been out on the market for over a year now. One of the ways that we minister with this paper is by taking copies to the city hospitals every single week. We usually print 1,000 extra copies to give away at the local hospitals. I was able to go for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was great. I was so amazed to see how receptive people were. The reason is that there are usually 4 to 6 people in a room and they have nothing to do at all. If you have to stay for several days at a time in the hospital then you can literally loose your mind from boredom. The workers of the hospital look for us on a weekly basis. When I went, we were a little late in getting started so when we got there many of the workers informed us that they had been waiting so that they could read the paper on their lunch break. Several patients have been in the hospital multiple times over the past year so they had seen us before and read the paper as well. They greeted us and thanked us for giving them something to do. Several people have attended the church because of receiving a visit and a newspaper (our church meeting is just across the street from the hospitals.) I was very encouraged to see how just a small act of kindness can have such a huge impact in the life of a person. You never know what God will use to bless someone and it is neat to realize that He is using you to do it. God help us remember to help others.

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