Global Warming and lies go hand in hand

If you have followed much of the global warming craze then it is easy for you to spot the half truths and lies of the left (unless you are part of the left that is fabricating the lies). Now we have proof of the ridiculous measures “lefties” are willing to take to convince everyone that man-made global warming is true and that it (mmgw) is going to destroy us all. Instead of dealing with the facts, people like Al Gore and his cronies use half truths and flat out lies to deceive people. If they cannot get away with the lies then they move to the next step which is silencing the real evidence (similar to evolutionists and the theory of evolution). Since many people are naive and believe anything that they hear on t.v. or the internet, lefties can get away with lies and half-truths. I want people to be informed by studying the situation and the material from an objective point of view and then make a decision. As far as global warming goes and we people destroying the earth that is never going to happen. God has laid out the plan of human history in His Word and it (human history) will unfold according to His plan so do not worry, no matter how hard people try to thwart God’s plan, it will never happen (contrary to the belief of most lefties). Check out this article and see what you think.

5 comments on “Global Warming and lies go hand in hand

  1. I feel offended by your pejorative use of socialist political views as lefties. I am also a leftie and I do not believe in global warming. However, pollution is a very severe problem, especially due to U.S., and must not be ignored (although it’s wrongfully tackled as “global warming”)

    • I use the term “left” as we do in the States, left of center in political ideology (kill the babies to save the whales, stop poverty while promoting a lifestyle that breeds poverty etc.). China and India produce much more pollution than the USA. The most tech advanced the country the more “green” it becomes.

    • I was born an American but became half Moldovan when I married my wife (2 become 1 in every aspect in marriage, her country also become my country and visa versa). Did you know that the flatulence of mammals causes more carbon pollution that all of the automobiles in the USA combined?

  2. I’m not talking about CO2 emissions, but all pollution you americans are causing: waste, toxic gases, heavy metals, and, most important: cultural and intellectual pollution!

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