Our future is at risk because of immorality

I would like to write a little bit about a sad subject that this world faces. As adults, we all know very well of the fact that the youth of today are our future. We have the responsibility of raising them so that they will be in position to raise the next generation after them so that we as people, can continue on in this world. If a link in the chain of generations is broken then there are grave consequences. We are on the doorstep of a break in the chain and many people do not realize it.

The other day I was preparing to teach a lesson on the dangers of sexual sin (sex outside of marriage) and the consequences it has on society when I found some stats that shocked me. I would like to present a verse from the Bible in order to set the context and then the stats will follow.

Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for fornicators and adulterers God will judge. (Hebrews 13:4)

We see from this text that God teaches us that sexual sin (sex outside of marriage) defiles us and the marriage bed (sexual relationship in marriage). We also see that God will judge fornicators and adulterers (those who practice sex outside of marriage). My question is, “when and how is God’s judgment manifested?”

Here are some stats that reveal the fact that God’s judgment is being manifested now.

In the USA every single year 19 million new people are infected with an STD. Half of those new cases are among teens 15-24 years old (our future). This equates to 10 thousand newly infected teens every single day or one new infection every 8 seconds. Question, “if our future is quickly destroying itself on a daily basis what will happen to us as a society?”

For a long time now, condoms have been presented as the savior of the world. The proof is in the pudding as we say and the stats indicate that condoms are not working to stop the spread of STD’s. Condoms do not protect you from God’s judgment. The Bible says that He (God) will not be mocked. If He says that He will judge sexual immorality then He will. In fact He is doing it before our very eyes. The only solution that is 100% effective is to be obedient to the Word of God. Avoid sexual sin and teach others to do the same for the good of society so that we can have a bright future. May God help us. I would recommend that you first study the manual “The Truth About Sex” and then teach it to the next generation.

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9 comments on “Our future is at risk because of immorality

  1. It was about time, however, the language is unusually soft, having into consideration that you tackle the most widespread and immoral sin of all (as, for example, compared to your discourse on homosexuality).
    Another thing is that you tend to take the letter of the Law and break its spirit: please do not take marriage as an absolute article (as that would be impossible to explain to youngsters), but instead be inclined to explain the moral, psychological, and social dangers coming from sexual immorality (having multiple sexual partners, prostitution, lasciviousness, lustfulness, breaking off relationships, interfering with others’ relationships, getting into relationships for the sake of entertainment, fear of loneliness or materialism etc.)

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