Happy 7th Anniversary!!!

Today Elena and I celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. I am so excited to realize that I have been married to my best friend for the past 6 years. I cannot believe that the years have gone by so quickly. God has truly blessed us in our obedience to Him. I want to thank Kay Arthur for her study “Marriage without Regrets” which has been such a blessing to our marriage.

I want to thank my wife Elena for all of the great memories that we have made over the past 6 years. I am looking forward to many, many more happy years together. I also want to thank her for our dear daughter Abigail and the little one on the way. It is so easy to build a marriage when you are married to the best wife in the world.

Should there be equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals?

In our modern days many people seem to discuss the topic of equality using phrases such as „all are different and all are equal”. I agree, as people we are all different and there are some areas where we are all equal. We all were created by God and we all have the equal right to live and prosper in this life. Continue reading

Is it true that homosexuals are born that way?

I will (along with the medical and psychological field) say that homosexuals are not born homosexual, instead the homosexual lifestyle that they live is a choice that they made/make. Of course, many (if not most) homosexuals will not agree with the previous statement (even if the evidence medically and psychologically, is against them). Some even go so far as to try to manipulate organizations such as The American Psychological Association, claiming that the APA states that homosexuals are born that way. It is a form of deception because they (homosexuals) know that everything points to the fact that their lifestyle is a choice. Continue reading

An Act of Anti-Semitism in Moldova

I am saddened by the events that took place in Moldova this past weekend. If you are a student of history then you will know how the former Soviet Union treated the Jewish people who found themselves trapped behind the “iron curtain”. For example, in Moldova, a country that was stolen by the USSR, had many Jewish residents before the total domination of the Soviet Union. Because of the heavy persecution many of the Jews fled the country or they were forced to live in Siberia, just because they were Jewish. Now that the USSR has fallen, there are not many Jewish people left in Moldova. Continue reading

The Truth about AIDS and homosexuality partII

After reading my last article you may be thinking, “what are the world stats on HIV/AIDS” since I only used stats from the States. Maybe the situation is not so bad in other parts of the world for homosexuals when it comes to the topic of HIV/AIDS. Let us take a look at some worldwide stats on the dangers that homosexuals (and all immoral people) face because of their lifestyle choices. Continue reading

The Truth about AIDS and Homosexuality

Stop-AIDS-Hand In this article I would like to write about homosexuality and the STD, HIV/AIDS. There is much said today about homosexuality and HIV/AIDS. Many people try to take the focus off of the fact that HIV/AIDS is a major problem among the homosexual community. As a counter-argument one will usually say that the number of HIV/AIDS cases are much higher among heterosexuals than among homosexuals and to further take the focus off of where it belongs, pro-homosexuals will through in IV drug users into the stats together with heterosexuals. This sounds legit until you check out what the stats have to say on the subject. Continue reading

Homosexuality is dangerous for your health

skull In this article I would like to demonstrate how homosexuals destroy their health and their lives because of their dangerous lifestyle choice. I want to help people who are homosexual as well as those who are considering becoming homosexual to choose wisely, that is to choose to be obedient to God instead of a slave to the sin of homosexuality. In this modern era, people discuss the topic of homosexuality almost on a daily basis. It is interesting to see how so many people contort themselves into pretzels in order to hide the disastrous effects of homosexuality and try to promote the positive (as if there is anything positive about it). Even though there is nothing positive about homosexuality, many want to convince everyone that it is ok to be homosexual, even cool, hip, and modern. The truth about homosexuality is that it is evil, leaving a wake of destruction in its unholy path. Continue reading

Un Antrenor cu valorile adevarate

Vreau să scriu în articolul acestă despre un om simplu, care are un împact enorm asupră băieţilor studenţi la universitatea de stat în statul Florida, SUA. Merge vorbă de antrenorul de fotbal american, Bobby Bowden, care a ieşit la pensiune nu de mult în urmă. El a început să lucreze ca antrenor de fotbal american la universitate de stat în statul Florida în anul 1976 şi în fiecare an, până în anul 2010 era gata să investească viaţa lui în băieţi studenţi care se jucau pentru el fotbal american. Continue reading