The Truth about AIDS and Homosexuality

Stop-AIDS-Hand In this article I would like to write about homosexuality and the STD, HIV/AIDS. There is much said today about homosexuality and HIV/AIDS. Many people try to take the focus off of the fact that HIV/AIDS is a major problem among the homosexual community. As a counter-argument one will usually say that the number of HIV/AIDS cases are much higher among heterosexuals than among homosexuals and to further take the focus off of where it belongs, pro-homosexuals will through in IV drug users into the stats together with heterosexuals. This sounds legit until you check out what the stats have to say on the subject.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a report from 2005 about HIV/AIDS cases in the USA. The report claims that men who have sex with men (homosexuals) were the cause of 18,722 new cases of people infected with HIV/AIDS. Among IV drug users the number of new HIV/AIDS cases was 5,385 (both men and women). The difference between these first 2 groups is 13,337. Among heterosexuals who are immoral (those who have sex outside of marriage and with multiple partners), or “high risk” as they are called in the report, there were 12,219 new cases. Keep in mind that the number of heterosexuals is much, much greater than the number of homosexuals (only about 2% of the population is homosexual). If you are immoral then you are placed in the “high risk” category by the study and it does not matter if you are hetero or homo, immorality puts your life in danger. Plus we work hard to teach our children that drug use is bad because of the dangers that come along with it. Why would we teach kids (anybody) that homosexuality is ok? As you can see from the stats, you are at a much higher risk of contracting HIV/AIDS if you are homosexual than if you are an IV drug user. Once again we have evidence of what the Bible has been saying all along, immorality is bad and is a danger to society. Homosexuality is a terrible form of immorality which must be stopped before it has a chance to destroy more lives. Just like we teach drug prevention in schools we also need to teach homosexuality (immorality) prevention for the good of our children and society as a whole. The hope that we all have is the Lord Jesus Christ. He can heal the wounds that immorality and homosexuality leave.


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