The Truth about AIDS and homosexuality partII

After reading my last article you may be thinking, “what are the world stats on HIV/AIDS” since I only used stats from the States. Maybe the situation is not so bad in other parts of the world for homosexuals when it comes to the topic of HIV/AIDS. Let us take a look at some worldwide stats on the dangers that homosexuals (and all immoral people) face because of their lifestyle choices. These stats come from UNAIDS which specializes in studying HIV/AIDS cases all over the world.

In every corner of the world there are people who fall into the category of “high risk” when it comes to the chances of contracting HIV/AIDS. There are four main categories of “high risk” people. The first category is made up of sex workers (people who are paid to have sex). The second category is made up of men who have sex with men (homosexuals).  The third category is made up of IV drug users, while the fourth category is made up of criminals in prison.

Sex workers and homosexuals are considered immoral people because they practice sexual immorality or sex outside of marriage as the Bible describes it and homosexuality in any form is strictly forbidden by the Word of God. These are two shameful lifestyles that should never be promoted. IV drug use is illegal and also a very shameful activity, which is condemned in public life, especially in public schools. Being locked up in prison is also a shameful thing, which is also looked at negatively by society (the crimes that were committed, that is). From the list of the 4 groups of “high risk” people we see that shameful deeds such as immorality (homosexuality) put your life in danger, as well as the lives of others. We would never promote IV drug use or criminal activity in society yet why is it that people want the “right” to proclaim and promote homosexuality in public, especially in the public schools? The logic behind the “rights” of homosexuals to promote their lifestyle (to kindergartners) does not make any sense, yet homosexuals and pro-homosexual groups work night and day to have the “rights” to promote homosexuality everywhere (even in the public school system). As a society why would we allow this? If it is just as dangerous as IV drug use and criminal activity then why should it be allowed to be promoted (especially to kids who do not know how distinguish between what is good and bad for them)?

I am not against homosexuals as people but I am against the lifestyle that they live and promote because it is dangerous to themselves and to society as a whole. Plus it is a slap in the face of the bedrock of society, the family. If we allow the foundation of society to be attacked and destroyed then what will happen to our society? How do we stop this dangerous activity? We promote morality as described in the Word of God. In fact the solution is to teach the Word of God. Instead of teaching children in public schools about homosexuality why not teach them the Word of God? Why not promote things such as abstinence until marriage and fidelity in marriage instead of passing out condemns and demonstrating how to use them? If the Word of God were to be taught in the homes and in the public schools all over the world, the cases of HIV/AIDS would drop drastically. But instead the Bible is left out and tons of money is dumped into “sex education” and promotion of immorality which causes the number of cases to increase instead of decrease.

Let’s be wise and follow God’s plan so that we can eliminate HIV/AIDS all together (it would not spread through the most common form, sex, if people would follow God’s plan). There is hope for all, even homosexuals. There was a church in the ancient city of Corinth that had former homosexuals in it. I say former because once they accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior they were set free from the bondage of homosexuality. If it was possible for them then, it is also possible today. God help us be faithful to Him.


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