An Act of Anti-Semitism in Moldova

I am saddened by the events that took place in Moldova this past weekend. If you are a student of history then you will know how the former Soviet Union treated the Jewish people who found themselves trapped behind the “iron curtain”. For example, in Moldova, a country that was stolen by the USSR, had many Jewish residents before the total domination of the Soviet Union. Because of the heavy persecution many of the Jews fled the country or they were forced to live in Siberia, just because they were Jewish. Now that the USSR has fallen, there are not many Jewish people left in Moldova. Those who are left have an association that is legally registered to function openly. This past week they placed a menorah in the central park of the capital city. Because of this menorah, a group of orthodox “Christians” revolted and protested against the Jewish menorah. The vandalized the menorah, taking it from its location and placing it upside down next to another monument in the park. It was a clear sign of anti-Semitism on the part of the people who call themselves followers of Jesus Christ, a Jewish person Himself. The Bible speaks of how Christians are to deal with Jewish people. There are consequences for mistreating God’s chosen people. Here is what the Word of God has to say:

Now the LORD said to Abram, “Go forth from your country, And from your relatives And from your father’s house, To the land which I will show you;  And I will make you a great nation, And I will bless you, And make your name great; And so you shall be a blessing;  And I will bless those who bless you, And the one who curses you I will curse. And in you all the families of the earth will be blessed.” (Genesis 12:1-3)

Those who bless the children of Abraham (the Jewish nation) will be blessed by God but those who curse the Jewish nation will also be cursed by God. We choose blessing or cursing by the way we treat the Jews. Also, those who call themselves Christians have been blessed by the Jews beyond comparison because they gave us Jesus the Messiah. I feel for those poor people who are deceived in thinking that they are serving God by persecuting the Jewish nation because they do not realize that they are actually cursing themselves.

What is your attitude toward the Jewish nation? Do you see them as the blessing to this world that they truly are? Do you seek to bless them? Or do you curse yourself by either cursing them or being indifferent to their situation? May the Lord help us be a blessing to the world like the Jewish nation is.


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    • If you are referring to the menorah then you had better reconsider what you just wrote. The seven branched candlestick was given by God to be the light of the temple. It is a representation of the light of the world, Jesus Christ. Do you believe that Jesus is satanic?

      • I openly declare that all jews are satanic (and jews have nothing to do with Jesus Christ, everything He did was criticise the sinful jews). And those who support them are in huge deceit.

      • Jesus Christ was a Jew. Plus, the God of the Universe, the God whom Christians worship, is the same God who entered into Covenant with the Jews for all eternity. To reject the Jews means to reject the God of Christianity. Your argument is not founded on evidence or logic.

        Jesus criticized the false religion that the Jewish leaders had invented instead of sticking to the Word of God. The Apostle Paul has a lot to say to Christians about their attitude toward the Jews (he was Jewish as well). Do you believe the writings of the Apostle Paul are from God? If so, then again, you are contradicting and condemning God with your arguments.

        Did you even read the Biblical arguments that I gave you? I notice that you do nothing to argue against the arguments that I made.

      • Jesus Christ WAS NOT A JEW. Only His mother was jewish; however, His Father is God, therefore not jewish. It’s true that jews call jew someone born by jewish mother; however, they do not recognise Christ. Jews are perverts. If you have, by example, a jewish mother and a Christian father and the child baptises (which is most likely the case, as most of the jews live outside the stolen Palestinian lands, i.e. israel), is the child a jew?
        Are you obsessed with the covenant thing?? What do you mean by eternity? Was not, officially, the covenant extended to all the people by the coming of Jesus Christ?
        St. Paul was a Roman citizen. Does Pax Romana sound familiar to you?
        And, by the way, what were the jews that were not criticised by Jesus Christ (save for the Pharisees and Scribes)? Were not the best of jews: the prostitute woman and the crucified thief?

      • Sunt multi care citesc pe blog dar nu comenteaza (dar imi spun ca lor le plac articole). Iese in evidenta cei ce sunt impotriva dar ei nu sunt toti ce citesc.

        Daca homosexuali se intorc sau nu, nu este treaba mea. Dzeu imi spune sa predic (predau) Evanghelia si asa fac. Este lucrarea lui Dzeu sa schimbe pe oameni. Din nou, scriu cu tot respect homosexualilor chiar daca nu sunt de accord cu stilul lor de viata si chiar daca ei scriu lucrurile murdare si neadevarate adresate mie.

        Vor fi dusmani impotriva Adevarului tot timpul. Ies in evidenta cand sunt confruntati.

        You wrote “As Muslims say: There is no god but God and Muhammad is His messenger.”

        This alone is enough proof that Islam is a false, man-made religion. God has His messenger, the Lord Jesus Christ. Did you not read the quote from Hebrews?

        Jesus had Jewish blood coursing through His veins. He was born in the Jewish land of Israel. He was raised according to Jewish teaching and tradition. He lived His entire life in Israel yet you claim that He was not Jewish. Do you even consider the stuff that you write? Plus, God, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, is the founder of the Jewish people, religion, and nation. He entered into eternal covenant with the Jewish people and sent His only Son to born to a Jewish woman in the Jewish nation of Israel. Again, your argument lacks logic from so many different angles.

        First of all, being baptized does not make a person a Christian. The key that opens the door to adoption into the family of God is faith in the Son of God Jesus Christ. Faith means to take God at His Word and live by It. A baby cannot do that because he/she does not know anything about faith. So your example/argument is incorrect because your premise is incorrect.

        God is obsessed with Covenant because everything that He does is based upon covenant. The New Covenant is offered to all mankind (both Jews and Gentiles) but it has to be accepted, it is not a birthright. Plus there are stipulations from the Abrahamic covenant that still remain specifically for the Jewish nation (God is not finished with them yet). Again, because you do not know the Word of God well you are very confused in your arguments. The idea of Covenant goes from Genesis to Revelation and covers everything in between. You need to do a topical Bible study on the subject of covenant in the Bible. St. Paul was a Jew. Yes he was a Roman citizen but a Jew by nationality and religion. All of the disciples (first apostles) were Jewish. Peter was Jewish. All of the Gospel writers were Jewish except for Luke. Salvation came from the Jews and to the Jews first. It is by the grace of God that He allowed salvation to come to us Gentiles.

      • “God is obsessed with Covenant because everything that He does is based upon covenant”
        Beside blasphemy, you are now preaching a false gospel (maybe the gospel of Erik).

      • Prove your argument. I can prove mine. In fact I have. Covenant starts in Genesis and continues through Revelation

  1. The whole covenant idea was a jewish fraud, to suggest a so called jewish superiority over other people (especially Muslims). Jews are all satanic, by the very definition of their man-made religion (and by their sinful human conduct and criminal economics and politics), and, thank God, all of them will burn in hell!!

    • Once again you run from what is written in black in white in the Bible. Also, you are avoiding history as well. Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of the promises of the Abrahamic Covenant (written hundreds of years before His lifetime). If you study the idea of covenant in the OT you see how it is fulfilled in Jesus (a real historical person) and is continuing to be fulfilled even today. The Bible does not teach that Jews are “superior” to other people. They have the grace and honor of being the chosen people of God (they received His Word, Christ came through them) but with that privilege also comes great responsibility, to live out the message and share it with others (they did not do so well at that point). Muslims are deceived, the promise was not fulfilled in Ishmael but in Isaac (as the Word of God says). Your hatred of the Jews demonstrates whose side you are on (Satan hates the Jews with a passion because through them came the Messiah that destroyed his grip on mankind, also Satan wants the Jews to no longer exist because if the Jews cease to exist then that would mean that God has broken His covenant and He would no longer exist.) You need to repent and accept the Lord Jesus Christ (a Jewish carpenter) as your Lord and Savior. Ask God to soften your heart toward the Jews. Ask God to cause you to be born again and change your life, setting you free from your slavery to sin.

      The Jews who do not accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior will “burn in hell” as you say but there are many Jews who have accepted Christ already and there will be more to come during the 7 years of tribulation.

      The Jewish religion is the only religion given to mankind by God (in the OT) which is to lead us to Christ. To call the Jewish religion (as found in the OT) satanic is to call God satanic and once again we see whose side you are on.

      • Who destroyed satan’s grip on mankind?? What Jesus Christ only had done was to show the light, the path, and the truth. Yet, the people, especially and foremost the jews, discarded His guidance.
        Therefore, as Adam was guilty of generally introducing the sin in the world, so are the jews guilty for throwing mankind into satan’s grip (because they were entrusted with the Message and they were the first to ignore it and disobey God)… By distorting the Bible, deceiving people, terrorism, war, and crimes etc.
        Have you actually found, in the Gospels, one jew for whom Jesus had any respect? Even His holy disciples were sinful as any other people. Were not the prostitute and the crucified thief the best of the jews?
        There is no such thing as jewish religion given to the jews by God. God has sent his Message, through His messengers. Jesus did not preach Judaism. Judaism was invented by the Pharisees and the Scribes and is the same today. How dare you blaspheme in such a way as to call jewish religion holy???
        “Satan wants the Jews to no longer exist because if the Jews cease to exist then that would mean that God has broken His covenant and He would no longer exist.”
        Could you provide some Biblical references for this idea, or is it a theory of your own.

      • Jesus is the way the truth and the light. It is written in Genesis chapter 3 about Jesus breaking Satan’s grip on mankind. It is explained even better in the book of Hebrews:

        Hebrews 2:14-15
        14 Therefore, since the children share in flesh and blood, He Himself likewise also partook of the same, that through death He might render powerless him who had the power of death, that is, the devil, 15 and might free those who through fear of death were subject to slavery all their lives.

        It does not get any clearer than this.

        Jesus also spoke of this before He went to the cross (freedom from slavery to sin)

        John 8:31-36
        31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” 33 They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never yet been enslaved to anyone; how is it that You say, ‘You will become free ‘?” 34 Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is the slave of sin. 35 “The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son does remain forever. 36 “So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.

        All of the disciples were Jews and Jesus had great respect for them. He entrusted them with the work of building His church. How much more respect do you need? All people are born sinful (you and I both) but we can be set free and changed.

        Jesus constantly quoted from the OT while he preached and taught. Again you show your lack of knowledge of the Bible.

        The religion given to the Jews in the OT is holy, given to them directly from God. Read the OT and see for yourself.

        When God made a covenant with Abraham He promised that the Israelite nation would always exist as a people. He swore death upon Himself if He broke the covenant. All of the satanic world leaders throughout history have wanted to eliminate the Jews but all have failed. Do you need more proof? Please study the subject of covenant.

      • Your quotes must be interpreted as: Jesus showed the people the people how to get loose out of satan’s grip. Does “in this world, but not of this world” sound familiar to you? And please stop twisting the words!
        All of the disciples were jews, simply because Jesus was there, not because of some special property jews have. But are you not lying saying that only jews were His audience? Were not the Roman soldiers, tax collectors etc., even Pilate himself?
        God’s Message (sent in the Bible OT+NT and Qur’an) is holy. No man-made religion, including Judaism, Christianity, nor Islam is holy. All of them are equally made by European or Arab Pharisees and Scribes.
        Salvation comes from God alone, and from no jew and for no jew.
        And please stop bringing wooden-language arguments like “Jesus Christ was the fulfilment of the promises of the Covenant”. Do you not see that such an useless statement is not an argument, but one of the dogmas of your man-made religion?
        And, again, support your claims: “Satan wants the Jews to no longer exist because if the Jews cease to exist then that would mean that God has broken His covenant and He would no longer exist.”
        Could you provide some Biblical references for this idea, or is it a theory of your own.
        I observe you leaning towards idolatrising jews.

      • I have not twisted any words. Your quote “in this world, but not of this world” comes from the Gospel of John chapter 17, Jesus’ high priestly prayer for His disciples who will be in this world, that is, they live among the people (not hiding somewhere in a monastery) but not like the people (slaves to sin) because Jesus has set them free from the power of sin (see John 15 for that). Disciples of Jesus Christ (true Christians) are no longer slaves to sin.

        Again, I have never said that Jews are better than other people (that is you twisting words around). So you do admit that Jesus was Jewish and His first disciples were Jews.

        Jesus preached to the Jews only (even though the Gentiles came seeking Him). He sent His disciples (specifically the Apostle Paul). Matthew (Jesus’ Jewish disciple) was a tax collector for the Romans. Plus, He did testify before Pilot but that was after His ministry had ended and He was arrested.

        When you speak of Christianity as a religion I suppose you have in mind either the Catholic Church or the Orthodox Church. True Christianity is described in the NT, not by a specific church.

        Before the Scribes and Pharisees God delivered the Jewish religion to Abraham and Moses so again your argument is total confusion.

        Salvation comes from God alone and He has described His method of salvation in the Bible, through the Lord Jesus Christ (the Jewish Messiah).

        I proved how Jesus is the fulfillment of the covenant with the Bible so in one way you say that the Bible is Holy then you contradict the Bible (make up your mind).

        If you do not understand covenant then you cannot understand why the Jews must exist. God made the promise in the covenant that He made with Abraham. The proof is in the Bible which you do not read or know. If you look at the way that the world treats the Jews (like you, they are hated by all except the true Christians) then you can see Satan at work.

      • Listen, Erik, are you actually a jew yourself?
        The best things “the world” did, from a jewish perspective, were the Holocaust and the Inquisition.
        Because it stopped the spreading of the satanic jews in Europe at least. Do you not see, in the U.S., that the richest and most corrupt people are most of them jews? Are you not actually over respecting them because they are so wealthy (the american dream)?
        So, if the disciples lived “among the people” (other jews), but they were not “of the people”, therefore, the disciples were no longer jews, but Christians.
        On one hand, you have Gentiles impressed by Jesus, although He was not addressing them. On the other hand, you have most of the jews ignoring Jesus’ Message.
        Who is, therefore, better?
        Had it not been for the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, you and I would had been savage pagan communistic loosers.

      • I was not born Jewish but I became a son of Abraham through faith in Jesus Christ.

        Romans 4:13
        13 For the promise to Abraham or to his descendants that he would be heir of the world was not through the Law, but through the righteousness of faith.

        Romans 4:16-17
        16 For this reason it is by faith, in order that it may be in accordance with grace, so that the promise will be guaranteed to all the descendants, not only to those who are of the Law, but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham, who is the father of us all, 17 (as it is written, “A FATHER OF MANY NATIONS HAVE I MADE YOU”) in the presence of Him whom he believed, even God, who gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist.

        Do you realize how many innocent people were murdered during the Holocaust, not to mention all of the soldiers who died stopping the horrors of the Holocaust.

        Why have the Jews been hated since their existence? Please answer that question for me. I have told you why but you did not seem to understand.

        Why do you have such a hatred for the Jews?

        Before becoming a Christian I was indifferent to the Jews but since becoming a born again Christian I have studied history and seen just how much the Jews have suffered just because they are Jewish. I also saw from the Bible how God foretold the suffering that the Jews would endure. I also saw how God has promised to repay those who have persecuted the Jews.

        Are you envious of Jewish people because they are rich. The Bible calls that attitude sin so you need to search your heart and ask yourself why you hate them so much.

        You are an expert in spin (a intoarce cuvintele). God divides the world into 2 parts, His faithful followers and the unfaithful. The disciples were to be different from the unfaithful, either unfaithful Jew or unfaithful Gentile. The church is made up of both Jew and Gentile. Do you hate Jewish Christians?

        The Gentiles ignore Jesus today just as much as many of the Jews did during the 1st century.

        I am not against the Catholic or the Orthodox church (there are some true Christians in both churches, but there are also many superficial Christians with the name only but a lifestyle of the pagans). Faith did not come to me through the Catholic church nor the Orthodox church but through the Word of God.

        If it had not been for the Word of God then I would be a pagan loser, in fact I was before I became a true Christian.

  2. Descendents of Abraham = Christians, Muslims, jews.
    Have you taken into consideration how much the jews actually benefice from being jews… including wealth and “licence to sin”? Why are you unilateral?
    Do you realise how many Palestinians die because of Israel, how many Afghans die because of americans etc.?
    The topic was not about jews, nor I had brought about them. It was you.
    I do not hate the jews, I hate the sin in this world, which was brought mainly through them (does it not say in the Bible about their crimes and sinful lifestyles?). Does it say in the Bible about the Romans, the Muslims, the Hindus, or the Chinese as being sinful? No! It is all about the jews! Can you see my point? Can you see what I understand my point of view about “the chosen people”? Can you see anything else but your dogmas?
    I hate the rich people, yes, because their richness is the poverty of billions of others, not of mine!
    “The Gentiles ignore Jesus today just as much as many of the Jews did during the 1st century.”
    Can you say something more childish than that? It’s just like comparing apples to oranges.
    There is the Word of God inside the Catholic and Orthodox (as well as Muslim and Jewish). Had there been none, you would not have heard any of It.

    • No one had a license to sin so I do not know where you get this information (did you just invent it?)

      Whose land do the Palestinians occupy? Who sends bombs on a daily basis into Israel with no attention to whom they hit? Who places terrorist stations in hospitals and schools and uses them as sites to shoot bombs and then scream that Israel bombs innocent children? You are too naïve.

      How many people were murdered and tortured under Hussein? How many innocent Americans were killed on 911 from murderers in Afghanistan? Who once again uses schools and hospitals in Afghanistan as terror bases?

      You said that you are happy that the Jews will burn in hell. That is hatred. If you hate sin then why do you promote deception, which is sin?

      Sin came into this world through Gentiles and not the Jews (Adam and Eve were Gentiles)

      What Bible do you read? All people are sinner, Jews and Gentiles.

      You are the one with dogma. I have shown you where you are wrong yet you continue promoting the same mistakes (that is dogma).

      Hatred is a sin so obviously you do not hate the sin of this world. Plus envy is also a sin. Jesus said that the poor would always be with us.

      Plus, what do you have to say about a true Christian who is rich?

      People ignored the Words of Jesus then and they do the same today. Very few people even read the Bible much less study It and apply It in their lives. Like here in Moldova, 98% of the citizens consider themselves “Christian” but the majority of them have never read the Bible, much less live by Its teachings. So today just like then, people ignore the teachings of Jesus Christ.

      • I tell you again: more than half of the jews live in luxury in america and Europe (together with 1/3 of the world inhabiting Christians). Why does the minority of other jews cannot live in peace with 1/4 of the world inhabiting Muslims?
        Licence to sin is, in different words, something you, reformed Christians, have invented.
        Palestinians do not occupy, but their land is occupied by jews. How many jews and how many Palestinians since this conflict had started?
        What does Hussein have to do with anything?
        “Sin came into this world through Gentiles and not the Jews (Adam and Eve were Gentiles)” This is even more childish: had I not expressed negative feelings towards jews, you would have said that Adam and Eve were jews.
        In the Bible it says about the sins of the “chosen people”, the jewish. Only one mention I recall about Caesar (not a negative one), who, by the way, was a very important figure of that time. Again, why does the Bible use 2000 pages only about the sins of the jews?
        Can you, please, provide an example of my dogma?
        When Jesus said the poor will always be with us, it was on a completely different topic.
        If we, in your opinion, are like the jews back then, why do you go to all that effort about quarrelling about the jews, when you can quarrel about the Christians themselves?

      • 1/3 of the world may claim the name of Christian but 1/3 of the world is not made up of true, born again Christians.

        Again, you have envy in your heart for rich people and that is sin (a sin that will ruin you if you do not repent).

        The Jews do not get along with the Muslims because Muslims are taught from childhood to hate the Jews. How can you get along with people who are commanded to hate you from childhood? Whose fault is it that there is no peace between the Muslims and Jews. If the Muslims would put down their weapons today there would be peace with the Jews but if the Jews put down their weapons then the Jews would no longer exist because the Muslims would wipe them out. The Jews would love peace but the Muslims will not allow them to have it.

        You wrote “Licence to sin is, in different words, something you, reformed Christians, have invented.” Please explain this to me. An affirmation without evidence is nothing.

        You still did not answer the many questions that I asked you about the terrorists. You just skipped over all of that and continued on with your argument. Was Hussein not a faithful Muslim?

        If you would read the Bible you would see that all of the land of Canaan (OT) belongs to the Jews and it is eternally theirs. They will own it all once again without any problems when Christ returns. In fact, Jesus will rule the world from the land of the Jews, Jerusalem.

        Adam and Eve had no chance to be Jews, they were alive 2,000 years before Abraham. Please do not put words into my mouth. I will write what I think, and I do not need you to tell me what I would have written.

        Read the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans. Chapter 1 talks of the sin of the Gentiles. Chapter 2 talks of the sin of the Jews. Chapter 3 repeats the fact that both Gentiles and Jews are sinners.

        I gave you an example. I have pointed out several of your heresies yet you just ignore the truth and continue on (one being that Mohammad spoke the words of God).

        When Jesus said that the poor will always be with us, he was talking to a man who was a thief and envious of the money that others had (just like you). That man was trying to use the poor to make his point (he cared nothing about the poor).

      • “When Jesus said that the poor will always be with us, he was talking to a man who was a thief and envious of the money that others had” About Judas…how nice of you to bring that up. Was he a Gentile?
        Of course, not, Judah was a jew. Yet, the most prominent jew, as the religion itself is named JUDAism.
        Do you not have to repent for your hatred against Muslims and gays?
        I think the world would do much better without the jews outside israel than compared to missing those inside it. You still fail to explain me why the filthy rich jews are the only nation who lives outside its “rightful” land. Yet, you call me envious.

      • Jew is a derogatory term used to describe the HEBREWS (the actual name of the chosen people of Israel). Your argument once again lacks logic.

        I do not hate Muslims and I do not hate gays. Please show me one place where I have written anything about hating Muslims and gays. If I hated them then I would not share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them. Instead I could say like you “there time in hell is coming” but I do not think like that. I want them to be born again as I have been born again.

        You wrote “You still fail to explain me why the filthy rich jews are the only nation who lives outside its “rightful” land. Yet, you call me envious.” Rephrase this question because I do not understand what you are trying to say.

  3. Okay, to make it to you more clear: Romanians live 20 millions in Romania and 5 millions abroad, Moldavians 4 millions inside Bessarabia, God knows who abroad. Germans, Italians, English, Frenchs, Spanish, Indians, Chinese… 90% of them live inside their God given lands. Why do most of the judas lives in america and not in israel, if that was theirs God given land?

    • A history lesson is needed on your part. Jerusalem was attacked in 70A.D. by the Romans and the temple was destroyed. The Hebrews were driven from their land and not allowed to enter for 2,000 years (1948) they became a nation once again but since they were outside of their God given land for 2000 years, they were spread all over the earth. All of this is prophesied in the Word of God (the Bible). Since 1948 they have been coming home. It is the Gentiles who dispersed the Hebrews all over the earth.

      • A discuta despre evrei e un nonsens (ma refer in cazul tau, sa le “iei apararea”). E asta o problema principala a crestinilor?? In afara de coincidenta de loc si de timp, Crestinismul nu are nicio legatura cu evreii.
        Iar batjocoritul provine partial si din atitudinea ta: desi iti furnizez argumente, pe majoritatea nu le iei in seama si nu vrei sa dai inapoi de la niste idei care nu au nicio valoare (cum ar fi conceptul de “popor ales”).

      • Scriptura crestinilor vine de la evrei (majoritatea Bibliei a fost scrisa de evrei). Plus, Mantuitorul Nostru este un evreu. Nimic nu este coincidenta ci planificat perfect de Dzeu. Fara poporul ales n-ar fi fost Isus Hristos. Am fi noi pierduti si astazi. Fara poporul ales nu ar fi scrisa Biblia. Fara poporul ales n-am cunoaste pe Dzeu (caracterul Lui, actiunele Lui, etc). Nu-ti dai seama ce vorbesti. Pentru fiecare argument am eu dovada dar tu ai argumente fara dovada, se pare ca esti dogmatic si inselat pentru ca argumentezi fara dovada (a bagat cinva lucrurile in cap si le scrii fara a fi in stare sa dai dovada).

  4. Faptul ca au existat cativa scriitori evrei ai Bibliei imi pare complet irelevant. Prin opozitie, pe toata durata Vechiului Testament, sunt prezentate crimele si modul de viata pacatos al evreilor. Daca vrei neaparat sa folosesti conceptul de “popor ales”, evreii au fost alesi ca exemplu negativ.
    Iisus nu este evreu, ci, dpdv intelectual, este un cosmopolit cetatean al lumii.
    Pe Dumnezeu Il cunoastem exclusiv prin relatia directa cu El. Doar citind Biblia, multi oameni inteleg numai bazaconii.

    • ai scris “cativa scriitori”

      Iti dai seama ce vorbesti? Tot VT este scris de evrei si majoritarea N-lui T.

      Citeste mai atent VT sa vezi cum traiau neamurile in VT (faceau sex cu copiii, animale, incest, viol, homosexualitate, si duceau copiii ca jertfa in foc zeilor lor.

      Arati dovada de dogma ta cand spui ca Isus nu este evreu cand toata dovada dovedeste ca era Isus evreu.

      • Comparativ cu zecile si sutele de milioane de evrei, scriitorii Bibliei sunt “cativa”. Nu stiu de ce vrei sa pari ca nu ai notiunea cantitatii.
        Ce faceau neamurile alelalte nu constituie esenta invataturilor Bibliei.
        Poate imi explici si de ce e asa important pentru tine ca Iisus sa fie evreu. In mod evident, daca am considera perspectiva genealogica, Iisus ar fi evreu. Dar nu putem ignora aspecte mult mai importante, cum ar fi natura invataturilor, ideilor si a faptelor Sale. Prin acestea, mult mai importante decat genealogia (vezi aici de ce consider legamantul cu Avraam irelevant), Iisus este un “universal”. Similar cu Socrate, Buddha, Mahomed. Mesajul lui Moise (esenta iudaismului) este unul strict nationalist. Iisus se adreseaza intregii lumi.

      • Eu scriu de Biblia (majoritatea Bibliei care o avem noi, care ne arata pe Dzeu Adevarat, care ne arata calea mantuirei, si care ne ofera intelepciune Lui Dzeu a fost scris cu mana evreilor (cuvintele lui Dzeu au fost puse in mintea lor de Dzeu, dar ei le au scris).

        Isus avea sa fie evreu pentru ca a fost scris asa in Biblia si Dzeu are sa infaptuiasca promisiunele Lui facute lui Avraam. Plus Isus avea sa fie in genealogica lui David (un evreu) asa cum a promis Dzeu in Cuvant. Daca n-ar fi fost Isus evreu Biblia n-ar avea sens si Dzeu n-ar fi existat niciodata.

        Invatatura Domnului Isus este in Biblia dar daca Biblia are minciune si nu se implineste deci cuvintele Domnului Isus nici n-ar avea sens. Dar nu este asa, Cuvantul lui Dzeu are sens ca si cuvintele Domnului Isus. Nu poti nega Biblia si accepti cuvintele Domnului Isus. Argumentul tau nu este logic.

        ai scris “Similar cu Socrate, Buddha, Mahomed”. Din partea ta este prostie prostiilor. Isus este Dzeu si mai preasus de toti oameni muritori. Trebuie sa te pocaiesti de cuvintele tale urate adresate Domnului Isus.

        Domnul Isus a citat pe Moise multe ori cand predea (citeste mai atent invatatura Domnului Isus).

      • Autorii Bibliei, cu exceptia evanghelistilor si a celor mentionati expres, sunt complet neimportanti.
        Desigur ca Iisus este mai presus de toti muritorii, dar ma refeream la invatatura sa strict din perspectiva umanista.
        Faptul ca Iisus s-a nascut si trait intre evrei face Noul Testament relevant pentru noi, nu invers. Daca Iisus s-ar fi nascut in India, atunci probabil ar fi fost in locul VT…Vedele sau ce or avea hindusii.
        Daca ii dai unui om care nu are legatura cu crestinismul sau iudaismul sa citeasca ce a scris Moise, nu va aprecia, deoarece Moise scria pentru evrei. Insa va sti sa aprecieze ce a zis Iisus sau ce au invatat Buddha sau Mahomed, pentru ca acestia se adresau tuturor oamenilor (nu doar evreilor).

      • Invatatura D-lui Isus este mult mai diferita ca orice invatatura omeneasca. Invatatura Lui este cereasca. Nu se compare. Isus nu putea sa fie nascut in India (daca ar fi asa, El n-ar fie Isus Mantuitorul si pacatele noastre ar ramanea nespalate si am mai fi robii pacatului, pentru ca toate evenementele au fost scrise inainte in Biblia si trebuie sa se intimple exact asa cum este scris in Biblia).

        Sa nu ucizi este doar pentru evrei? Sa nu furi? Sa nu minti? Fii mai intelept si gandeste-te intai si apoi scrii.

      • Vai, dar ce prostii poti sa spui!!!
        “daca ar fi asa, El n-ar fie Isus Mantuitorul”
        Deci tu zici ca nu deoarece Iisus este Fiul lui Dumnezeu este Mantuitorul, ci deoarece este evreu!

      • Please stop spinning what I write. I never wrote that Jesus is not the Son of God or the Savior of the world. If you continue with this nonsense then you will be blocked from the site.

        Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the Son of God. He had to be born in Israel as a Hebrew because the Bible prophesied all the events before they happened. If He would have been born in India then He would not have been the Son of God because the Son of God had to be born in Israel as a Hebrew according to the promises of the God in the OT.

    • Bineinteles ca invatatura D-lui Isus schimba inimiile oamenilor sa nu mai traiasca sub robie pacatului. DAR, Cuvintul lui Dzeu nu este buffet (adica alegi ce vrei si respingi la ce nu vrei). Trebuie sa accepti toata invatatura D-lui Isus. Ti-am deja spus ca Isus tinea tare la invatatura V-lui T.

  5. I profoundly disagree. Nor do I care if you ban me from writing on your blog.
    Jesus had not needed to be born in israel. On the contrary, I think God’s plan was foremost to send Jesus, and to a lesser importance to send the other prophets to the jews. Therefore, the prophecies in the OT were referring to Jesus, because God sent Jesus in israel. And not the other way around: God sent Jesus to the jews because that’s said in the OT. Had God decided to send Jesus to the Hindus or Chinese, He would simply have done so and you would have not ever read the OT, but the Hindu or Chinese scriptures prophesising the coming of Jesus.

    • I want people to visit the blog and write their ideas. I do not want people who come to play games, lie directly or indirectly, spin, or latch on to words and then make their point based on the key words even though the argument has nothing to do with the discussion at hand (what you did). Also I do not want people who try and put words in my mouth (like what you try to do). I will write what I think and I do not need you to tell me or others what I think.

      You wrote “I think God’s plan”. This is the key to your problem. You are not interested in what God has to say, instead you want to present what you think God has to say. This is a terrible mistake that, unfortunately, many people make in this modern day and age.

      The Hindu and Chinese writings speak nothing of Jesus. Once again we have come full circle. You do not understand the solemness of covenant so therefore you do not understand how and why God works the way that He does.

      • “The Hindu and Chinese writings speak nothing of Jesus.” Obviously, because God chose that Jesus be born among jews, and not Chinese or Hindus. But this is actually my point: had God have elected any other nation, you would have never had read the Torah.
        As opposed to you, I express my opinions as mere opinions. Instead, you force your quotes from the Bible to match your worldview. And when I tell you I disagree with that, you say that I disagree with God.

      • You can “what if…?” all day long but I do not live in a fantasy world, but instead I live in the real world and I am interested in what God “has chosen” to do.

        I do not force anything. I present reality as it is from a Biblical perspective. Plus, I am interested in what God has to say more than what people “say” God has to say (I hope that you understand the difference).

        My worldview comes from the Bible. When you disagree with the Bible then of course you disagree with God (not me).

  6. Este doar o vorba goala asta cu “urasc pacatul, dar il iubesc pe pacatos”. Asta nu se poate. Si urmeaza explicatia. Initial il poti iubi pe pacatos (si chiar trebuie), pentru ca este un om ca oarecare si a gresit. Dar l-ai indrumat sa isi recunoasca pacatul si sa se caiasca. Iar el nu vrea sa se caiasca. Deci se identifica cu pacatul sau si, in mod automat, devine subiectul urei tale.

    • Persoana si pacat sunt doua lucrurile diferite. Era om inainte de a fi pacat deci ei pot fi separati. Isus a distrus puterea pacatului fara a atinge de omul deci poti avea ura fata de pacat si dragoste fata de omul pacatos pentru ca sunt doua lucrurile diferite.

      • Era om inainte de pacat, dar, dupa pacat, in special desfranare etc., este animal. Redevine om doar daca se caieste. Daca nu se caieste, nu mai este om, deci trebuie sa il urasti, deoarece este intruparea pacatului.

      • Yes, sin will be destroyed and all the people who sinned will go to hell, together with the filthy jews. Is that what you desire for your Christian brothers, whom you should have helped, instead of making anti-gay and anti-Muslim propaganda?

      • I think you need to learn the meaning of propaganda first of all. Secondly, not everyone who sins will go to hell (it is actually the lake of fire). Those who have repented of their sins and been born again through faith in Jesus Christ will be with Him upon death or His return (even Muslims who repent and turn to the True God, Jesus Christ).

  7. Would you stop blaspheming saying Jesus Christ is God?? Is that not one of the most common interreligious and intrareligious causes of lies and fighting?
    I think it’s okay to call Jesus the Son of God, divine, Word of God, saviour etc.
    No jew would ever accept Jesus Christ as saviour, otherwise it would not be a jew anymore.

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