The sad death of a homosexual (lesbian)

In this article I would like to look at homosexuality from two angles: one the fact that the homosexual lifestyle is destructive to the one who lives it as well as to others and the second angle is the fact homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt children. I was sad to read about the death of Casey Johnson. It is a sad story that seems to be repeated often among people who live immoral lives, especially among homosexuals (lesbians). Ms Johnson seemed to have it all. She was the heiress of the Johnson and Johnson company. She had all of the money and fame that a person could want. She seemed to have the good life at the moment and for the future. For whatever reason (she was probably influenced by other homosexuals) she decided to live the homosexual life style. As I have written before and as the Bible teaches, the homosexual lifestyle is a self destructive way of life which more times than not leads to an early death. Some will claim that drugs and alcohol were the cause of Ms Johnson’s death but the sad fact is, most of the time, the homosexual lifestyle is intertwined with drugs and alcohol. I have a friend who is a former homosexual. He explained to me the lifestyle that went along with homosexuality. First of all, he chose to be homosexual (he freely admits it) and once he became a homosexual he could not leave the lifestyle for 15 years. He wanted to stop but he was a slave. His life was ruined by his homosexual lifestyle but he could not stop. He even received the death sentence of HIV which became AIDS and still could not stop. Only after he repented from his sin and chose to become a follower of Jesus Christ was he able to leave the destructive homosexual lifestyle. He also shared how drug and alcohol abuse became a vice for him because of the homosexual lifestyle. Ms Johnson has now become a sad statistic but it did not have to be this way. She could have been set free from her slavery to homosexuality, drug abuse, and alcoholism but either she never heard the Gospel or she heard it and chose not to accept God’s salvation.

The second angle is the fact that Ms Johnson was allowed to adopt a child, even though she was a lesbian, not being able to raise the child in a healthy family. What kind of future does this little girl have? She had money but no relationship with loving parents. All she had was an alcoholic, drug-addict, lesbian caregiver (I really cannot write mother, sorry). God created the family to be a man and wife with the purpose of raising children. Children need a mother and father in the house in order to be raised correctly and be given the best opportunity in life. When children are adopted by homosexuals they (the children) are given a disadvantage in life because they are raised in a household (I cannot write family either) that has deviated from the original purpose. There are some aspects of a father that children need in their lives and there are aspects of a mother. Two moms or two dads leaves the needs of the child unmet. It would have been better for the child that Ms Johnson adopted to have been adopted by a heterosexual couple (husband and wife) so that she would have a better chance in life. May God help us continue to fight against immorality (not immoral people) for the good of the society in which we live.

8 comments on “The sad death of a homosexual (lesbian)

  1. You’re wrong, being gay doesn’t lead to such a life style. Your friends fell into these lifestyles due to their culture, their upbringing, and their own character flaws. A straight person is just a likely, if not more likely, to fall into these habits. As for the child, the adoption agency should have checked into the woman’s mental stability and not her sexuality or wallet. You can keep you “God” and your so called morality. The God I pray to is much kinder anyway, and accepts me for my soul, not for my gender or sexual orientation. The God I pray to is kindness and virtue, giving and love, he sees no sexes, only our spirits, and two souls on the same plain of existence and understanding in love need no gender or explanation. The God I believe in said that if we so desired Heaven, we had to first create it here on Earth, by being kind and fair to one another, by creating a world where people hold love and kindness in the highest esteem. The God I believe in exists in every person, in every object, in every plant, and animal, and the Heaven he envisioned, we have the responsibility to create here on Earth. I am a woman in love with another woman, and we are kind and fair, and in our lives we have created a Heaven of our own, however, you would wish to taint that Heaven by calling it Hell. All of the threads in the Universe, all of the gravity in the world, tie me to this woman, and our love is pure, gentle, and strong, yet you would call it immorality, Every day I spend with her is warm and soft, and overflowing with joy and understanding. How is it that our love is wrong? We have harmed no one with it, in fact we are more helpful and wise together than we are apart. I consider myself blessed by God every time I am able to see a smile on her face, and am even more blessed when that smile was there for me. There is no sin in my love, only love.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

      A few observations on your comment. I do not doubt that you pray to a god. People create their own gods all the time (usually one who is in line with their sinful desires, as you have done). The homosexual lifestyle is learned and taught. That is why homosexuality and homosexuals are dangerous. You may have feelings or emotions for your lesbian partner but what you have is not true love as defined by God. I am not judging you, just telling you what the God has to say on the subject.

      I do not have my God as you say. I know the God, the God of the Bible but He is not “mine”. I did not invent Him or give Him His characteristics (you on the other hand have created your own version of god and give His attributes as well).

      God created us male and female with a purpose. He is interested in our whole person (soul, body, spirit) not just the spirit as you say, Again, this is what He teaches in His Word. Suicide rates are much higher among homosexuals (even in Holland where society accepts their behavior). Alcoholism is high among homosexuals. The stats affirm what the Bible has already said about homosexuals and homosexuality.

      Keep in mind that if a person is not born again (changed from a sinner to a saint here on this earth) then he/she will never see God nor Heaven (those are the Words of Jesus Christ). A person who has been born again does not live in habitual sin. Homosexuality is habitual sin so therefore, being a homosexual, you will not see Heaven and the here and now is hell on earth because you are under the judgment of God.

      What church do you attend if you do not mind my asking?

    • I am a man so I do not think lesbianism will be a problem with me, unless I were to have a sex change, and believe me, that is not going to happen by my own free will.

  2. With the time and energy you took to write this blog, why not use it to help others rather than pass judgement and pass along inaccuracies? I truly hope that, at the end of the day, you see it is futile to put down others in the name of christianity. I hope you can come to peace with your true self.

    • I do serve others on daily basis. I serve in one of the poorest countries in Europe working with children who have been abandoned by one of or both of their parents. I teach them English and the Word of God so that they can learn to make good choices and have a future. What are you doing to serve the needy, other than criticizing a person whom you know nothing about?

  3. I’m a 18years old guy from aus. , i find you here through google search about moldova poor people, it’s my school assignment

    while reading some of your stuff including this, i really do find you judgemental , a close minded individual who’s opinion is only the right one and you want to impose it to others by “force” (even your intention is not that way i hope)

    i salute you, you help others, but other people help others too even their not religious like you… well im not a religious one, but i try to be more human to not judge others… religion is just made, which im not a fan of it it divides us all. bible is just made by a man like you and me, it is already tampered by human(you know the human nature what is capable of :)) you didnt born the time it was made. so think of this if your parents/family /friends can lie a little to you , what more who edited/tampered the bible. to be honest “some” of it i dont believe it to my logical way of thoughts, it is like im reading a combination of history and fairy tale/fantasy book( well that’s just me)…

    now i try to be more human it is the more human thing to do. you dont need a person who give advice to you like he got a better brain than i or you have, you dont need a bible to tell it to you what is morally right or wrong, what i mean is we all have brains why not use it in good logical ways of thinking. if we all have that, we can educate others people to act like human so that we get all along in every corner of this world

    there are many different kind of people on this earth. upon reading what did you said about homosexual , i think you’re closing the line here dude, you generalized/singled out people. cant you observe others people ? some family are broken, some have great family background, some abandoned their children, some are single parents, some gay people act like a what you see from a modest/good manners/educated straight do, some are good, some are bad..blablabla. so dont single out an individual or a group you’ve seen acted so bad

    you should know it better you’re far way older than me

    i dont want to offend you mr. erik but that’s just my honest answer to you

    seeing that you’re helping others too, why not try this

    1 teach them how to read
    2 teach them how to be human
    3 since you’re religious person, tell them to pray simple things like thanking for good health, no disease for everyone, thanking for the giving us good air/water/sun, no war/crimes, we can all get along and make this world a better place, no calamities and anything that we cant do in our hands
    3 don’t teach them to pray for food, money, all material things etc, i mean god gave us brain, eyes, body, hand, those parts are there for a reason for us to use them
    4 if they cant afford public school educate them about the common sense of how finance/ business/ country laws works
    5 if they got already business, teach them how to help others by giving jobs to other people

    if you teach them like this it’ll become cycle, good economy for the country means no starving people

    6 if they become rich tell them to become like you or better than you ,look for another right people to teach again then go back to step 1

    thanks hope you dont delete my comment

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