Pro-life Super Bowl Ad: A super idea!

I am very interested in the latest news about the abortion “debate” (if you want to call the liberal-progressives ranting and raving over people’s choice of not agreeing with abortion). Focus on the Family and Dr. James Dobson have teamed up with legendary University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, who is a born again Christian, to make and promote a pro life commercial during the 2010 Super Bowl. The liberal-progressives have blown a rod and many so called “women’s rights” groups are attacking Dr, Dobson (as usual) as well as Mr. Tebow. Many are calling for the removal of the ad because it is Super Sunday and should not be politicized. I will agree with that argument on one condition. All abortions world wide must also be stopped for Super Sunday. Until that is demanded by the liberal-progressives then I would advise them to shut up and let people share their beliefs (or do only liberal-progressives have the right to share their minds with the rest of the world?) I will watch the Super Bowl for the very fact that this ad will be presented (if it is pulled then I will also refrain from watching the Super Bowl). This is the way liberal-progressives work, using strong arm tactics to silence those who have a different opinion from them. They cry out for democracy yet they do not live or practice the standards that they want everyone else to adhere to. This is the definition of hypocrisy (which is an inborn liberal-progressive trait).

I was born in the USA after 1973 so the fact that I could have been murdered in my mother’s womb and no one would have had to answer for that crime this side of eternity really upsets me. I have written on abortion already and will add some links to help explain why I am pro-life and anti-death. I am praying that the ad will run and want to see it.

Abortion Tiller Pro-death Valuable Life

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