Why the outrage?

Ok so I watched the Focus on the Family commercial last night during the Super Bowl and my thought was, “why were the liberals/feminists/pro-deathers so upset about a family celebrating the life of their son?”. It was obvious that these people are so anti-life that they are offended by a Christian family and a Christian group celebrating the a life that was supposed to be aborted. They call themselves “pro-choice” yet they try so hard to silence the “choice” of pro-lifers to choose life and promote life. What a bunch of hypocrites. They are not “pro-choice” they are pro-our way of thinking” only and in you do not agree with them then they attack you personally instead of the issue at hand. Homosexuals use the same tactics. These tactics can be traced back to the father of lies, Satan himself, which proves that those who practice these tactics are of their fathers, the Devil. You might say that those are some strong words and who and I to use them. Good point, they are not my words. I borrowed them from Jesus Christ. He is the One who originally made the statement in His Word, the Holy Bible.

I was born after 1973 in the USA so like Tim Tebow, my life could have been aborted and I could have been murdered without anyone have to pay the price this side of eternity. I am pro-life and I would hope that everyone would be because pro-life if the real “pro-choice” because we give the baby a choice to live. The mother made her “choice” when she chose to have sexual relations. Please do not give the argument of rape because only 0.5% of abortions occur because of rape and incest.

May God help us wipe out the evils of abortion in the USA and all throughout the world.


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