Something is fishy among the homsexuals in California

As you know the gay marriage movement in California was voted down by the people in 2008 making it one of the many States that banned gay marriage when the people were given the right to vote. Of course the homosexuals are seeking to overturn the will of the people and force gay marriage to be accepted (working against the principles of democracy in the process). The prop 8 trial judge who is considering the case once again and trying to open the door for gay marriage once again in CA is, you guessed it, a homosexual himself. Once again we see how homosexuals do not care about the principles of democracy or the will of the people. They want their agenda passed at all cost. If the good people of this nation sit back and do nothing then we will awaken to find ourselves enslaved to the homosexual agenda before we know it. It will bad for those of us who are grown but even worse for the coming generations (our children). Homosexuals do not reproduce so they must constantly seek new “converts” to their lifestyle and our naive children are the targets. Please continue to pray for the good people of California and the nation as a whole that we will constantly be on guard for the open and subtle attacks that the homosexual movement throws our way.

One comment on “Something is fishy among the homsexuals in California

  1. aşa e. Homosexualii doar doresc să promoveze imoralitatea – spunând că dacă îi acceptăm suntem toleranţi,dar nu afirmă că ne violează copiii, că cer privilegii, că răspândesc boli sexual transmisibile, că subminează familia , că promovează imoralitateaa, că ceea ce doresc ei sunt doar plăceri.

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