Welcome home Emmanuel Christopher

Thanks to all who have prayed for us over the course of this pregnancy. Elena gave birth to our second child on Thursday afternoon at 4:40pm. He is Emmanuel Christopher Brewer. Emmanuel comes from the Old Testament Hebrew word which means “God with us”. Christopher means “Christ bearing” or one who carried the name of Christ. Elena and I want to raise Emmi in the teachings of the Word of God so that when he comes of age he can make the decision to truly bear Christ’s name in his everyday life. The Bible says that when we are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ then Christ is with us always. Do you bear the name of Christ through your daily activities? Our prayer is that you can bear the name of Christ through a personal relationship with God even if your given name is not Christopher. God bless.


3 comments on “Welcome home Emmanuel Christopher

  1. Felicitarile noastre scumpii nostri.
    Ne bucuram impreuna cu voi de noaua viata pe acest pamint.
    Dumnezeu sa va binecuvinteze pe toti voi impreuna.
    Sa aduceti si mai multa roada imparatiei Lui cum si ati facut pina in prezent.
    Cu dragoste.

  2. Draga Erik si Lenuta,

    Va felicit cu nasterea lui Emmi! Domnul sa va intareasca si sa va usureze cresterea si educarea lor, si sa va poarte de grija de tot de ce aveti nevoie.

    Domnul sa faca din el un slujitor infocat al Lui!

    Cu respect,

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