Another lesbian divorce

If you are at all familiar with either the music world or the evils of the homosexual movement then you must know of Melissa Etheridge and her lesbian partner, Tammy Etheridge. They have been “married” since 2003 and have twins born in 2006. Melissa also has two older children from her previous partner, lesbian Julie Cypher.  They, of course, were/are proponents of gay marriage because they wanted to express their love in marriage like heterosexuals and they did not feel that they could fully express their love because they could not marry and show their commitment to one another. We see where that commitment stands today. This is nothing new. The research shows just how long homosexual “stay” together which demonstrates that marriage is not their # 1 goal (staying together long-term) in the fight for gay marriage to be legalized. They have another agenda.

I am concerned about the poor innocent children who did not ask to be introduced into the dark world of homosexuality as well as the pain of divorce. Divorce is bad enough on children but now compound that with homosexual indoctrination and my question is, “what will become of these children?”. I would like to know how the other 2 children are doing since they also encountered this same problem with their mother’s previous partner?

God explains in His Holy Word that those who live the homosexual lifestyle not only destroy themselves but also those around them. We see what Melissa is doing with her life but what about the children, should they not be protected? Why do they have to suffer? This is more evidence of why gay marriage is a bad idea. My prayer is that Melissa and all those who have been influenced by her poor lifestyle choice will come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way. That is their only hope. If He can change me then I know that He can change anyone.

One comment on “Another lesbian divorce

  1. really, this is a problem. May God gives us dare to speak to such people, to proclaim them the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!
    I point out for myself the idea that the marriage is not their goal. Their goal is to destroy children, by adopting them. It is crazy thing!!!
    OH God !!! Listen our Cry!!! I feel that really our hearts I believe are broken, but in the same time, I trust in the Lord because He is my Shepherd!!!
    Thanks brother for this article!!!

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