Leaving for Moldova tomorrow!

My family and I have been busily packing this past week trying to fit our things in small 50 pound suitcases. Cutting the “fat” has been a part of our daily chores. It is not that difficult so I do not see why the federal government cannot do the same thing. We will not go there though. On Monday evening, the 4 of us will board a plane headed for Europe and then on to Moldova. It was fun traveling with 1 child and I am sure now that we have 2 the joy will be overwhelming (I cannot add the irony from my voice here). We pray for God’s protection and guidance as we head back to normal, daily life on the mission field. It has been hard being away from home for so long and we are anxious to get back. Praise God we have such good disciples back home who have carried on the ministry on our absence. We are looking forward to seeing them again and serving with them. I will give an update when we arrive in Chisinau.

2 comments on “Leaving for Moldova tomorrow!

  1. Great News!!! We look forward to seeing you back in MD with your new family and getting to know you and serving with you! We understand how you feel about wanting to get back to “normal” life and the “excitement” of traveling with small children. We will be praying for you. Noi va asteptam…

  2. Bine ati venit acasa! Cita incurajare aduceti voi inimilor noastre! Multumim Domnului pentru familia voastra si inima voastra dedicata in intregime Lui!!!

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