Day Camps in Moldova partI (Horesti)

I want to write about the day camps that the “Good News” Church has organized and executed over the past 2 weeks. Our team is a nice mixture of young adults, both Moldovan and American. The American team arrived and we began work right away. The first camp was held in the village of Horesti (which comes from a form of a word that means a folk dance). We arrived on Monday morning bright and early rounding up the kids and announcing the events to come throughout the week. We met on the village’s athletic terrain with lots of sports equipment (soccer balls, footballs, volleyballs, Frisbees etc.). We played with the kids for a couple of hours and then broke for lunch, inviting the kids to return after lunch for more fun. At 3 p.m. the kids who were with us in the morning came back with friends. We sang some songs in both English and Romanian and then broke into small groups to study the Bible and English with the Moldovan and American’s. The younger kids studied Genesis step by step by Kay Arthur while the older, preteens studied “What does the Bible say about sex” also by Kay Arthur. The kids loved the lessons, both Bible study and English. After that we went back to the field for more games. Later in the evening the kids prepared skits and acted them out (based on the Bible study truth that they learned during their small group study time). There was an encouraging message from the Word of God and then the skits. The kids did so well. The next day we had all the kids from the previous day plus their friends. As I walked through the village and stopped to buy water and some supplies the owner of the store began to explain how her daughter had come home and shared what she learned the previous day and how much fun the skits were. I was so happy to hear that. The lady asked how long we would be there and I explained that we were there for one week. She said, “one week, that is too short, at least a month, please”. I explained how we had to go and do the same in other villages. She was happy to hear and thanked us for what we were doing. She said, “I thought you were part of a cult but then my girls explained that you told them to go to church, study the Bible, and pray, plus I do not believe that you are part of a cult because of all the good things that you are teaching the children”. Word spread quickly throughout the village about us. The third day of the camp the theme was “cleanliness” both in our hearts and the area around us. We went through the village with plastic garbage bags and picked up trash. The people were in shock. People started asking us why we were doing this and we explained the fact that the Bible teaches cleanliness and we want to be good Christians. We challenged them to have clean hearts, minds, and areas where they live. They were all so impressed. The children went home and cleaned up their rooms and around their houses. Their parents were very happy to see this. Friday came upon us before we could blink and it was time to go. The children had such a great week. The last night as we were reviewing all that we had learned from the Bible I asked the children if they would be faithful to God and obedient to their parents and teachers until we meet again next year. They all screamed with one voice, “we promise”. Now we will continue the work started through systematic study of the Scriptures with these children through English, Computer, and TKD classed. Thanks to all the Moldovan helpers and our dear American friends. In the next article I will share about the 2nd day camp that we held in Bacioi.


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