Day Camps partII Satul Bacioi

Two weeks ago our team of Americans and Moldovans held a camp in the village of Bacioi. We had an amazing time together with the children. The first day of camp there were just a handful of participants but we knew that God would bring the kids at the right time. We played with the kids the first day, sang songs, studied the Bible and English. The next day, when we returned, there were many more children there. We were studying the Bible study book, “Lord teach me to pray for kids”. The children were learning how to pray for the first time in their lives. On that day, one of the children lost his golden cross that he wore as a necklace. He was so sad and upset. His small group leader reminded him of the study that we doing and the little boy asked if God would listen to our prayer and help us find the cross. The teacher quickly got the group together and they began to pray like they had learned during the study. Within minutes, one of the children found the cross. It was hidden in the grass in such a way that no one saw it for the couple of hours that it was lost. The children were in awe of the fact that they could apply what they learned from the Bible, they prayed and God answered. It was great.

The camp was awesome. New children came everyday so by the end of the camp there were more kids than we had room for. God’s Word was proclaimed and the children all promised to continue studying their Bibles. Thank you for your prayers and thanks to the Moldo-American team that is working so diligently. We know that God’s Word will not return void.


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