The 2nd EFNL camp was a great success.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support of the 2nd EFNL camp. We were blessed with 180 participants. Many of them were not believers when they stepped foot on the campsite. We studied the Bible study “Marriage without Regrets”. That was the main study for the camp but we also studied the Gospel of John as well as II Timothy (for the computer class). We were blessed with over 30 American leaders from 5 different States (Mississippi, Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky, and West Virginia). God really blessed the time we had there and we saw many lives transformed in just 10 short days. The students who were believers when they came were challenged and encouraged to dedicate themselves to studying the Scriptures and serving the Lord with all that they have. We had evangelical sermons every night but there was not a call to repentance until the final evening. We were praying that the Lord would work on the student’s hearts and bring them to the point where they were ready to accept Him. The final night the Lord laid on my heart to preach on being born again from John 3. When the alter call was given the Spirit of the Lord moved and the young people began to come, in groups. When we finished praying the sinner’s prayer, we realized that there were about 20 teens who had prayed with us. I gave them some advice on how to grow spiritually, studying the Bible, praying, and church attendance. We now pray that those new believers will get involved in small group Bible studies as well as join us in the ministry through computers or English or even sports. Thanks for your prayers and support. Please keep us in your prayers.


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