The History of Israel in Warsaw, Poland

I just returned home the other day from the beautiful country of Poland. This was my first trip there and I was so excited about going. I am a student of history and there is much history in Poland. I was invited by brother Andrzej Seweryn, the coordinator of Precept Eurasia in Poland to teach the 5th session of the Inductive Bible study institute Precept Eurasia. We studied the History of Israel. As I have already mentioned, I am a student of history so I was in “heaven” so to speak because of the session, the content, and the rich history of Warsaw. My hosts were so hospitable. I want to thank Ewa Seweryn for all of the great Polish food (I am now on a diet because of it).

Upon arrival I was introduced to my brothers at the Baptist Union of Poland and then on to the theological seminary where the session was held. There were 17 great students in attendance, the oldest being 80 years old. We were blessed to be joined by 2 pastors and many great teachers of the Word of God. There was a nice mix of people from widows to newly weds, and of course the singles. Of the 17 students, 13 or them passed the course. The other 4 were taking it as a continuing education class. The students were very diligent. We studied Genesis part IV which is the life of Joseph (a 4 lesson course) and then the major characters of the Old Testament from Moses to Rehoboam and Jeroboam, the first 2 kings of the divided kingdom. We had 7 full days of study and the 8th day was set aside for the final exam. We covered a lot of material but the students worked hard and never complained (even when they had to do 2 lesson plans one night). God blessed our time and we learned so many principles of leadership based on the great leaders of the O.T. Thanks for your prayers.

After the session I had 2 days to explore. First I was taken to the northern part of Poland where Andrezj once pastored 2 churches. It was a beautiful drive, about 275 kilometers through the forests of Poland. We visited 2 churches that pre-dated WWI. They were beautiful brick buildings with much rich history. I was able to relax by the lake in the middle of the forest for a few hours, enjoying God’s beautiful creations. Also, I was able to visit the Old city in Warsaw. It was absolutely beautiful. The streets were so narrow and the apartments were right on top of each other. There were restaurants everywhere and the aromas were amazing. I had a great time soaking up the history. The cathedrals were awesome. I pray that those monuments would truly become houses of worship where the Word of God is taught and learned.

If you ever get the chance to visit Warsaw, I highly recommend it.


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