Bible Clubs in 2 villages

I want to share how God blessed us richly last week in 2 villages of Moldova. We arranged 2 after school Bible clubs with the help of an American missionary team from several states in the USA. We put up flyers at the 2 schools in the 2 different villages and invited the kids to come for 2 days after school to attend a Bible club or mini camp. The first day was spent in the village of Bacioi. The kids were so excited to meet new people and play some fun games. We met at 2 p.m. and had a snack for everyone, including koolaide. Then we sang songs and played lots of games. Some of the American team members shared their testimonies and a short presentation of the Gospel followed. By the end of the first day there were over 40 kids in attendance. The kids promised to go to school the next day and share with their friends. The next day when we arrived we found that the kids were faithful to their promise and about 60 kids were waiting on us. The best news of all was the fact that on Friday of that week many of the kids who attended the mini camp also came to the weekly Bible study that we have in the village. Praise the Lord for these young people and we pray that the Word will work on their hearts so that they will want to learn the Scriptures and dedicate themselves to the Lord.

The second mini camp was held in the village of Horesti. We also worked in Horesti this past summer holding a week long day camp. The kids were very excited about the opportunity. I told one of the parents about the camp a couple of weeks before we were to come and she was excited but afraid that the weather would be bad and cold. The week before the camp the weather was terrible and so we began to pray. God answered our prayers and warmed up the weather, the sun came out, and we had a week of sunny, warm days. Saturday the rains came again and the temperature dropped again. Anyway, the first day of camp we had about 60 kids. We meet and did the arts and crafts along with the Bible lessons in a local gymnasium. Then we went outside to play. The kids promised to go to school the next day and share with their friends. The next afternoon we were “bombarded” with about 100 kids. It was so much fun. While doing the camp we taught the kids the importance of being clean and pure both physically and spiritually and in order to learn the lesson we cleaned up all of the litter around the gym. The kids loved it. As you know with any work for the Lord there is always persecution. The teacher physical ed teacher who is in charge of the gym accused us of stealing and dirtying up his gym (he did not notice that we not only cleaned his gym for him but also the outside area leading to the gym). When confronted with the fact that we cleaned up for him he said that he was the one who did the cleaning and we were like a bunch of little piggies destroying everything. He then admitted that we did not steal anything but said we could have (guilty until proven innocent, gotta love communism/socialism/liberalism). He took the keys to the gym from our T.K.D. trainer and said he can no longer hold trainings there (where he teaches the Bible as well). Pray for us as we now go to meet with the mayor of the village and try to convince him to allow us to continue. The kids love us and their parents invite us back all the time saying “our kids do not get into trouble when you are here”.


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