Just some thoughts

I have not written in a while and I just want to throw down some thoughts that I have had over the past few days. It is a real adventure raising 2 kids, especially since they are 20 months apart and the oldest is not yet 2 1/2. God has to renew our strength because we have none. Our youngest has not been sleeping for about a month and 1/2 so we are mostly like zombies during the day.

As far as the ministry goes, things are moving along. I have such great joy from teaching the Word of God to people who are hungry to know God (and also to those who are not grateful). At school I have a class of about 12 students who are very interesting. They are 11th graders and the most interesting thing about the class is the fact that the 4 boys in the class are the best students. There are more girls yet only one or two of them actually pay attention to the lesson. We are studying the course “What does the Bible say about sex“. Most were shocked the first day when I presented the study and the material. As we began to study the students were amazed to learn that God is the creator of sex and that He is not against sex when it is between a husband and wife, in fact, He is all for it. What is amazing about this class is the fact that the boys are so eager to learn. Usually the guys get a little nervous when we speak of this subject because of what goes on in the mind of a teenage male. The girls usually gravitate toward the subject because it honors them and teaches them how to protect themselves from dangerous males. However, in this class most of the girls are the wild ones and it is obvious that they are the ones with “experience” (maybe the boys too) yet they do not want to hear a word about purity. It is interesting that during one of the lessons we were studying about a Christians attitude toward sex outside of marriage and in Corinthians where it is written that you would not take Christ and join Him to a prostitute would you. The answer is never, which they all said. Following this the passage says flee from sexual immorality because if you are a Christian and one with Christ then how can you join yourself with a prostitute. I asked them what happens when you put oil and water together, and of course their answer was that it separates and does not mix. I then asked how can a person say he is a Christian and practice sexual immorality? They all said that this is impossible. I then asked the % of Christians in Moldova and they said “everybody is a Christian, we are a Christian nation”. I then asked how many of our dear Christians practice sexual immorality (through pornography, prostitution, adultery, etc)? The room was silent. I then asked is the problem with God or with us. They were quick to answer “with us”. I then asked if they thought there needs to be a change somewhere and who needs to change, us or God. They all responded, “we do!”. I had a great chance to share the Gospel with the entire class. It was amazing. The best part was the fact that their teacher sat through the class and she was paying attention like the kids, asking and answering questions. God really worked that day.

Last week we went to school and showed a film on abstinence and the disastrous effects of STD’s and AIDS. When we started the movie the kids were loud and rowdy but as the movie reached the midway point there was such a silence in the room that you could hear a pin drop. After the movie we explained why we teach what we teach and how the Bible will protect us from all of these diseases if we will follow Its teaching. It was a good week. Not to paint a picture of roses and followers only, there are many obstacles, mostly from the teachers unfortunately. There is one teacher who is an atheist and has the worst attitude you can imagine, both toward us and her students. We literally have to beg her to let us teach even though we have been given the opportunity by the principal. She yells at the kids and even at us. She does not even want to acknowledge our presence and will not greet us. It is unbelievable to witness someone with such a bad attitude in life. Please pray for her b

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