The dangers of being a mocker

In this article I would like to demonstrate the disasterous results of being a mocker/scoffer in life, especially if you are a mocker of God. I do not know if you have read much about the atheist Christopher Hitchens but I have and I would like to warn other atheists about the dangers of mocking God. Mr. Hitchens’ friend, Richard Dawkins should pay very close attention to what Mr. Hitchens is experiencing at the moment. The previously mentioned Mr. Hitchens wrote a book, God is not great, which has made him very rich by mocking God and Christians, as well as all religious people. I just want to show the connection between what God says in His Word about mockers, how they act, and what awaits them because of their mocking ways and what is happening to Mr. Hitchens at the moment. I am not judging him, just stating the facts from a Biblical perspective. My prayer is that he will come to his senses and repent of his ways before the cancer ends his life so that he can stand before God as a sinner cleansed through the blood of Christ.

The Bible explains why mockers are the way that they are, what motivates them. Let us look at one short passage from the Bible that will shed light on their actions.

“Scoffer” is the name of the arrogant, haughty man who acts with arrogant pride. (Proverbs 21:24)

Mockers do what they do out of arrogance, out of their haughtiness and pride. When a person is prideful he is puffed up, but with air, which means that there is no substance, like a large balloon which can pop at any moment and be worth nothing. This is why mockers scoff at other people, because they (scoffers) have no substance to them and they know that so they put others down to lift themselves up. Most people do not like scoffer because they are irritating and destructive, full of criticism and cynicism. In fact here is what the Bible says:

The devising of folly is sin, and the scoffer is an abomination to mankind. (Proverbs 24:9)

An abomination is something that is disgusting, repelling, and repulsive. If you are a mocker/scorner then you are repulsive to the people around you. This is the way Mr. Hitchens is in his arguments against God and religious people. If you saw his debate with Tony Blair in Toronto then you saw how his mocking ways and repulsive attitude.

Here is how God looks at a scoffer/mocker:

“How much longer will you enjoy being stupid fools? Won’t you ever stop sneering and laughing at knowledge? (Proverbs 1:22)

God looks at a mocker, no matter how intelligent he feels that he is, as a stupid fool. I know that this statement may be hard to accept but think about it, the one who mocks his creator has to be a fool. This is exactly what Mr. Hitchens does in his books and lectures. Mr. Hitchens claims to be an intellect who enjoys learning but God calls him one who laughs at knowledge, a fool.

Mr. Hitchens openly attacks God and His character because he does not know God personally. If he were to know God personally then he would not act this way. He also does not know what God has already planned for him. God tells us in advance the consequences of being a mocker:

Do not envy a man of violence and do not choose any of his ways, for the devious person is an abomination to the LORD, but the upright are in his confidence. The LORD’s curse is on the house of the wicked, but he blesses the dwelling of the righteous. Toward the scorners he is scornful, but to the humble he gives favor. The wise will inherit honor, but fools get disgrace. (Proverbs 3:31-35)

Again we see a mocker is an abomination but this time to the Lord as well as to people. He is wicked in what he does and he is a fool because of what awaits his evil ways. He is cursed as well as his household. Why would God curse those of his household? What do you think a mocker teaches his children and those who live with him? They act as he does and receive his punishment as well. He will be a disgrace. If we look at Mr. Hitchens’ lifestyle and the disgrace that it is when do not have to search for the connection with what the Word of God has already said. As his life is wasting away he still has a chance to humble himself and return to God.

What should you do if you are surrounded  by mockers and scoffers? The Bible says the following:

Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers (Psalm 1)

Do not hang around them because they will influence you and you will not be blessed/satisfied in life as they themselves are not satisfied.

What is the hope for mockers? The golden verse of the Bible says:

For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

If you are a mocker then you need to believe in Jesus Christ, admit your prideful arrogance, turn away from it and turn to God in humbleness. Allow Him to forgive you and make you a new person.

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  1. Is every cancer patient a sinner?
    Would a just man kill man for mocking him?
    Is a life of 60 years of western comfort worse than that of the faithful few being slaughtered in Africa?
    I would appreciate a considered reply.

    • Yes, every cancer patient is a sinner because we are all sinners (you and I included). Is the disease of cancer the result of sin? Absolutely, there would be neither sickness nor disease if sin were not in the world. Does ever case of cancer mean that the person has committed some specific sin? No, cancer is the result of the fall of mankind into sin. Because of sin (in general) sickness and disease is able to attack at will, upon the just and the unjust, because we all are exposed due to the fact that we have a sin nature.

      A just man would never murder anyone. There is no reference in the Bible for a just man to murder a mocker. Vengeance belongs to the Lord and He carries it out when and where He sees fit. Vengeance, or revenge, is not an unjust concept. The problem is, God says leave it for Him to deal out and do not do it yourself. People who take vengeance sin, but vengeance itself is totally just.

      I would like some clarification on the Africa question, I am not sure I understand the point that you are trying to make.

      • Thanks this is helpful. I like the part about vengeance itself being just but that it is God’s job to carry it out. This makes me feel better about being meek and Christlike while being raged at.

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  3. You keep pointing to the Bible as your source of information, Erik. Why should we believe what it has to say, when it has been proven to be wrong about so many things?

    1) Bats are not birds. Deut 14:11-17 (supposed contradiction)

    Linnean classification was not available in the time of the writing of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, and the scientific definition of what a “bird” was did not exist either. Classification of animals and things was made by different means: function or form. In this case, the word we render birds means simply “owner of a wing”, the word being ‘owph, which comes from a root word which means to cover or to fly.

    The category of ‘owph includes birds, bats, and certain insects. It would also have included pterosaurs, if they had been around. Even modern ecologists classify water-dwelling life in a very similar way according to their mode of living: plankton (floaters/drifters), nekton (swimmers) and benthos (bottom-dwellers).

    It’s similar to refuting geocentric charges against the Bible by showing that even modern astronomers use terms like “sunset” and “sunrise” without being accused of being geocentrists, so why shouldn’t we make the same allowance for the Bible writers.

    I am wondering if those who make this objection are seriously proposing that when the Hebrews used this word, they actually had in mind the modern classification scheme which defines “bird” as a warm-blooded creature of a certain class who had feathers.


    2) π does not equal 3. Kings 7:23 (supposed contradiction)


    3) Rabbits don’t chew cud. Lev 11:6 (supposed contradiction)

    This is one of the most popular objections in the Skeptical book, and it’s basically this: Hares (or some say rabbits, but “hare” is what is in mind here) are not ruminants; they practice refection. Refection is a process in which animals like hares eat their own dung mixed with undigested material. The Hebrew does not use the word for “dung”. Therefore this passage is wrong.

    The objection is also registered against the verses mentioning the coney, or hyrax; however, the identification of this animal is uncertain — we will assume it to be an animal that refects as well.

    Two issues are at hand: the definition of “cud” and that of “chewing.” Let’s take a close look at the Hebrew version of both. Here is the word for “cud” according to Strong’s:

    gerah, the cud (as scraping the throat):–cud.

    There are a few factors we need to keep in mind here. First, this word is used nowhere in the Old Testament besides these verses in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. We have only this context to help us decide what it means in terms of the Mosaic law.

    Second, refection is a process whereby these animals pass pellets of partially digested food, which they chew on (along with the waste material) in order to give their stomachs another go at getting the nutrients out. It is not just “dung” that the hares are eating, which is probably why the Hebrew word for “dung” was not used here.

    Contrast this with what cows and some other animals do, rumination, which is what we moderns call “chewing the cud.” They regurgiate partially digested food in little clumps called cuds, and chew it a little more after while mixing it with saliva.

    So then: partially digested food is a common element here. We therefore suggest that the Hebrew word simply refers to any partially digested food — the process is not the issue, just the object.


    4) Insects have 6 legs, not 4. Lev 11:20-22 (supposed contradiction)

    The reference to “fowl” is thought by some Skeptics to refer to birds, but the word used here is ‘owph, which merely means a creature with wings — it is the same word used in verse 21 (flying). The reference in both cases is to insects.

    Now we might call this a poetic phrase (i.e., “crawling around on all fours”), and this is partially right. But there is an even better – and more correct – answer.

    Quite simply, the big back legs on the locust, etc. were not counted as “legs” in the same sense as the other legs. Let’s use an illustration from George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

    In this story, Snowball the pig invented the slogan, “Four legs good, two legs bad” so as to exclude humans from Animal Farm society. The geese and other fowl objected, because they had only two legs. Snowball explained (more clearly in the book than in the movie) that in animal terms, the birds’ wings counted as legs because they were limbs of propulsion, not manipulation, as a human’s arms and hands were.

    Now note the differentiation in Leviticus above — referring to “legs above the feet” for leaping. The “feet” are being differentiated from the “legs above the feet” because of their difference in function. They are legs, but in a different sense than the “four” legs which are just called “feet.” We are being told of two types of legs: The “on all four” legs (which are nowhere called legs; they are only called “feet” [v. 23]), and the “leaping legs.”

    It is clear that the Hebrews regarded the two large, hopping hindlimbs of the locust and the other insects of the same type, which are the only types of insects mentioned here (we now translate “beetle” as “cricket”), as something different than the other four limbs – perhaps because they were used primarily for vertical propulsion, whereas the other limbs were for scurrying around.


    4) Camels do have split hooves, which they really should have known. Lev 11:4 (supposed contradiction)

    It is objected that the proper term for a hare’s foot is not a hoof.

    The Hebrew word here, however, can indicate a claw or a hoof, and hares do have claws. The problem is that critics are assigning technical meaning to a generic term, based on a poor KJV translation.

    This is also the problem when critics charge that camels do indeed have hooves. Actually they do not, unless we use the term “hoof” imprecisely. Camels have a large pad but do not have what is properly called a hoof.


    There are so many more, but all it takes is one to show that the Bible is fallible.

    So again, I ask. Why should we believe anything, just because an ancient collection of writings says so? What makes it any more credible than, say, the ancient writings of Homer?

    That was fun, do you have anymore supposed “contradictions”? Maybe you should actually do a little studying for yourself instead of cutting and pasting the same tired, disproved arguments that there are “contradictions” in the Bible.

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    • Wow, that is very cynical of you. I am sad to see that Hitchens has cancer. What saddens me even more is knowing what awaits him upon exiting this life if he does not repent of his sins and accept Jesus as his Master and Savior.

      What about you, have you repented of your sins, been born again, and accepted Jesus as your Master?

      • I dont understand this blog at all. I know MANY MANY GOOD, faithful people of God that have devoted themselves to the sharing of the Gospel at my church, Chuck Smith, Senior Pastor at Calvary Chapel and responsible for starting the movement of “Jesus Freaks”, that have cancer, etc. etc. etc. How do you reconcile this?

      • Did you read the article? I never said that every cause of cancer (sickness) is directly related to a specific sin (although, we get sick and die because of sin, sin brought death and sickness to the world). Your Pastor is a sinner like we all are and will die just like all of us. That does not mean that his specific sickness is directly connected to one sin or another. Please read the post more carefully.

    • because Jesus is teaching us to Love and to show goodness… everything that’s written on the bible shows love, even to love our enemies? how come it is wrong? Wisdom came from God, and only God’s people will understand. Who are we to be proud and arrogant? We are only his child.

  5. The way you speak of God is as if he is malevolent. I wouldn’t sentence a man to death if he made fun of me, why is God so cruel as to unable to deal with mocking?

    Is God petty?

    • God is just and must punish any and every form of sin. He has done so on the cross in the person of Jesus Christ. A person who accepts God’s sacrifice can be forgiven of his sins and the judgment of God is removed from over his head. A person who is a mocker, has not been transformed. He has not accepted God’s sacrifice of Jesus Christ for his sins and therefore still remains under the judgment of God. The mocker does it to himself so please stop trying to blame God. Mocking is much more than “making fun of someone” as you say. It is a way of life. You look down on the people around you. The attitude leads to actions. You act out in an evil way toward the people on whom you look down. If you mock God then you will also mock people (who are created in God’s image).

      So, again, focus on the root of the problem, the mocker, and not on the just God who punishes the mocker. If a man stops a rape by having to kill the rapist, is he a hero or a bad guy? Does stopping evil make you a bad person? Should the law be looked at as evil because people who break it are punished? Think before you write next time.

      • Why Erik this article proves ur outta ur mind. How can u say someone is suffering from cancer due to “mocking” god. This is more proof to my brainwashing theory and scare tactics. Thx for writing this to prove my point as true.

      • I did not write that every person who has cancer is guilty of mocking God. All I did was present what the Bible teaches about those who mock God and then use an actual example of a man who spent his life mocking others. He died very similarly to what the Bible says. I just thought that is a little more than “just a coincidence”. Again, not every person who has cancer is a mocker. I never claimed that. That is the conclusion that you wanted me to make so you just jumped to it on your own. Please read what I write. I explained this all very clearly in the article. I am beginning to wonder if you actually read the article.

      • This blog is the reason. You claim sin is the reason for disease. I have a simple question. Are what u class as real Christians at risk of cancer? Born again Christians.

      • Without sin there would be no death. Disease leads to death. Connecting the dots is not all that hard. This does not mean that every specific sickness is caused by a specific sin. We get sick because we are sinners. If there were no sin there would be no sickness. This is why Jesus had to give His life up. He was sinless and therefore would never have died. People, on the other hand, will die because we are all born sinners.

      • I’m not a sinner. I have never sinned in my life. I am honest to my self and my friends around me. I have never stole, I have never cheated or hurt anyone.
        So let’s get this str8 even if have have never sinned or at least have devoted ur life to the bible and Jesus. U will get an illness because of sin. So in essence u pay for someone else’s sins. Umm seems a little odd to me.

      • Have you ever called anyone a fool? Have you ever hated someone? Have you ever broken your word? Have you ever told a small lie? Have you ever lusted? All of these things are sins and I know that you are guilty of at least one if not all of them. You were born a sinner and will remain one until you are born again. The proof that you are a sinner is the fact that one day you are going to die.

  6. No Erik I’m not a sinner. If I believed in Christianity then maybe but I don’t so im not a sinner. I die because I am a biological lifeform. Just like animals die. Animals aren’t sinners, yet they die so that’s strange isn’t it. I will never be as u call it, born again, because I am not gullible enough to believe in that junk. What u call sin is just human nature. But FYI out of that list I’ve done the calling someone a fool thing. Which is not even close to anything bad. The funny thing is u claim to be born again and saved from ur sins, yet by ur definition you still sin. So in fact u haven’t been saved, u are still a sinner. So as I mentioned in another blog, ur a blatant liar. If u’ve commited one so called sin, u have commited more. And FYI not all death is a result of diease.

    • So, you think that lying, stealing, and murdering are wrong? That is sin, living outside the limits of the law. To say that you are not a sinner is absurd. You have admitted that every man lusts. I assume that means you as well, right? That is sin.

      The fact that you were never born again is the proof that you are not a “former” Christian. You never were one. If a person is not born again he is not a Christian. Also, the fact that you walked away from the faith is more proof that you never really believed. Again, all of these things are taught in the Bible that you supposedly have read and studied. Again, you make elementary mistakes when it comes to the Bible so I question if you really know what you are doing when you study.

      Calling someone a fool, a person who is made in the image of God, is the same thing as calling God a fool and that is why it is sin.

      • Murder is a crime not a sin. I’ve been reading some other stuff from Christians who are the opposite of u. They except the bible has errors and is not true. They made a good point which I see u do all the time. U always say the bible says this, the bible says that. U are in fact worshipping the bible, not God. So the fact is ur following a book that depicts god as a hateful, torturing being when in fact if god existed he would be kind and caring to all. No matter there belief and orientation etc etc. the thing u missed while supposedly studying the bible is in the original manuscripts, they are missing some of what is in the bible today. What does that mean. Well it’s simple, the translator added there own biased opinions. Peace out.

  7. You were rather rude, condescending, contradicting, and used nonsense from a book, for which there is no god to back you up. Stop mocking people with your arrogant words, that have no substance, before your imaginary god gives you cancer and takes you to that imaginary hell you think Chris is going to.

  8. Of COURSE you worship the only god & say others are wrong & are going to hell. The fun part is that muslims say exactly the same things about you…

      • Wow, Erik. I (like all other non-believers) would actually like to see / read some of this proof. Can you please share a real example?

      • ◄ Galatians 1:8 ►

        English Standard Version

        “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

      • @Christian57: I don’t quite understand the connection, if you’re respondng to me. Are you saying that you therefore don’t have to provide evidence? If so, then that’s pretty easy – but not really a good deflection of my question.

        I’d still like to see some actual evidence.

      • Hello,

        My comment answers to this question :

        “Of COURSE you worship the only god & say others are wrong & are going to hell. The fun part is that muslims say exactly the same things about you…”

        On the question of the legitimacy and “superiority” of Islam over Christianity, of the Quran over the Bible, specifically over the New Testament Scripture validity, this quotation I have cited from the latter does constitute solid Prophetic evidence against the same followed Divine inspiration of the Quran by “an Angel of Heaven”, the Angel Gabriel allegedly having taught the Prophet of Islam precisions on, and the concluson of the Biblical Revelation.

        Here the Apostle Paul declares the Revelation is over, there is no new Prophet, no other name that is to save us under the sun, than the name of Jesus Christ.

        As Islam goes backward, does re-establish the Old Testament’s plan of Salvation by personal merit, by “works of the Law”, as well as the re-use of the idea of “election”, of a “chosen people” to be saved, contradicting Humankind free will given by God, and the universal Gospel of the Savior coming to call us to repentance and leading us to God, Redemption freely, indiscriminately available to, for all of us sinners by Grace, by Faith and in Christ… Amen.

        The ideas above were valid for Israël until Christ came, the Biblical Revelation was, is progressive, and ended with Jesus’s might New coveneant of His Blood, and the Apostles work, recorded for our knowledge and edification in the Bible Srcipture, for the Christian belief, doctrine.

        To conclude, Muslims do not have the backing of this evidence supporting their “Book”, their faith, unlike Christians, as far as “proving” which of the two “religions”, Revelations is valid and “coming / inspired by God”.

        Please forgive my English and somehow amateurish explanation, I hope my using of this quotation is more clear now, and not more confusing…. Regards.

      • @Christian57: I’m sorry, your “proof” is nothing more than wishful thinking.

        Before you can use the bible to prove anything, you must first prove the validity of the bible as the true word of God. Before you do that, you must first prove the existence of that god. And you cannot do that by quoting from the bible. That would be a straightforward logical fallacy.

        So, first prove the Christian god exists.

      • Hmm… The Bible states, it is the work of the “Holy Spirit” to convince people about “God”, and “sin”. What ever amount and quality of reasoning I say, your will seem currently set, determined to not accept to be convinced anyway…

        ◄ Luke 16:31 ►

        New American Standard Bible

        “But he said to him, ‘If they do not listen to Moses and the Prophets, they will not be persuaded even if someone rises from the dead.'”

      • @Christian57: Did you not understand the part about not using the bible to prove your god? It’s meaningless in any discussion with an non-believer.

        Please provide real (IE, not bible-based) evidence. And please don’t congratulate yourself on giving a good reply if you can’t even manage a reply without quoting the bible.

      • What do you expect then, me or another “believer” to perform a “miracle” in front of you, proving “God”…? What are you waiting for, expecting on, please care to explain what could exactly meet your requirement, satisfy your will? Thank you.

      • @Christian57: What would satisfy me? Actual evidence that your god exists. It’s that simple. If your god were real, then he could prove himself pretty easily. For example, he could write in the sky for all to see – and understand – that he exists. But he doesn’t do that or anything else that would actually verify his existance. Heal the sick? How about regrow amputated limbs? Nope.

        It really all comes back to Erik’s claim that Christians have proof of their god’s existence. Show us the proof.

      • Your wishes are actually matching what is recorded in the Bible about Jesus-Christ actions to manifest (He was) God on Earth. This much goodness expressed is missing, and remains the wish of any sane human person, IMHO… The promised time when there would be no more sick, no more cries, no more mourning, for us and our loved ones, relatives… Had come when Jesus was around, healing, feeding, teaching people following Him… This is the most heart warming and amazing event, reality I could come up with, if I has to “imagine God”, either! Your desire to see and live this, is this not “evidence”, “proof” you are keeping God “alive”, if only in your own mind..? “Faith” of a Christian comes from what they heard, or read of the Gospel, and it seems to me you harbor more Christian Faith than you are agreeing to admit, keeping the Bible records of Jesus goodness on Earth as your standard for God’s actual, real, concrete manifestation… Farewell, and God bless.

      • @Christian57: You really don’t seem to understand what evidence is. Nor do you understand that including any reference to the bible to prove your god (or Jesus) is a circular argument.

        @Erik: Still waiting for some evidence of your god, Erik. But I guess I shouldn’t hold my breath.

      • Fair enough.

        Do not hold your breath, your body won’t let you anyway! 🙂

        (If this is not already one real evidence of the body’s intelligent design by some “Creator God” apart from plain Human will, what is…)


      • There is irrifutable proof all around showing that it’s impossible that God doesn’t exist. It would take greater faith to be an atheist than to be a Christian. And just because you don’t believe it doesn’t mean it’s not true. At least consider the possibility and look into it for yourself with an open mind. If you are truly seeking the truth about the meaning and purpose of not just life in general but specifically your life, you will find it (in Christ) and the truth will set you free (from sin).

        I wish you the best as I do all scoffers and mockers because I used to be one. God so loved the world that he gave His son so that we would not die (spiritually) but have eternal life. If I were God, what can I do to show that I am serious about my intentions to the people of this world? Influence the world after the Fall of man, record my actions (the Bible) and show my love and intentions for mankind and as proof send my sinless, perfecct Son to die for their sins so that I can have a relationship with each of them again. I will give them a choice to receive this gift of Life or not because forcing them to love and follow me is not of free will.

        Eric, thanks for this article. I found it researching the word mocker during my devotional in the book of Proverbs which has A LOT to say about it.

        It is my hope that everyone eventually find their way back home to God. Peace And blessings to one and all!

      • There is irrifutable proof all around showing that it’s impossible that God doesn’t exist.

        And yet, no believer has ever been able to actually produce any such proof.

        Would you care to try to give an example of what you see as this proof?

      • Plenty have, you just choose not to accept it because it does not line up with your worldview. The same argument can be made about macro evolution. In fact, Dawkins said that just because we cannot prove it now by showing an example, that does not mean that it does not exist.

      • And you still don’t show evidence, just words to make it seem like you could. But you don’t. Thanks for proving my point.

      • No Erik, you’ve mentioned personal items and reasons for you to believe. Unless you’ve actually found some real evidence since the last time I looked here. Something of the same validity that could convince you, for example, that Islam is true – ie, real objective evidence, not subjective happenings or bible-based “investigaton”.

      • And you just proved my point al over again. Have a nice life. We will all find out one day who is correct.

  9. Erik , you are doing a great service to the Lord with this blog. I agree with your reasoning, sickness and death do not come from God . They are a result of destruction on God’s original perfect creation, hence the fallen, sinful world of today.
    God bless you .

  10. am a comical kind of guy by nature(sometimes) and I must admit making fun of people sometimes…..does that qualify me to be among the bracket of mockers? please reply

  11. I am just so sick of scoffers. THey are literally everywhere. I cant even post on a christian forum about Jesus without scoffers flooding in attacking Gods character.

  12. “I am not judging him, just stating the facts from a Biblical perspective.” No, you’re not judging him, you’re just saying that if he doesn’t believe the Iron Age hogwash that you do that your kind, ethical and loving god will torture him FORVER. How long did Hitchens live for, 50 or 60 years? At the most, shouldn’t he be punished for that amount of time? No, the sociopath on high that you claim to know will torture him every second for eternity for Hitchen’s 50 or 60 years of living. That’s real ethical. But god’s ways are inscrutable, right? Translation: you don’t what the f you are talking about.

    Your god allows little children to be molested every day. Apparently, the free will of children is not as important as is the free will of child molesters. Screw you and screw your stinking, sociopathic, sadistic god.

  13. I just want to say that these are great discussions. Just keep in mind that the greatest self professed mocker, Paul the apostle, became the most influential Christian that ever lived. I know it can be discouraging seeing a lot of trolling on the blogs, but i also believe that as you get close to what matters to people the most, you should expect a lot of pushback, which means you’re on the right track. Do not lose faith that God can still reach people who may appear to be faithless and have harden hearts. I’d rather have some one yelling and screaming at me that I’m wrong about God than someone who pretends to agree with me. 🙂

    • PROOF!!! “For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse” Romans 1:20 This should help you also Len…AMAZING


  14. Looks like my previous response didn’t appear under your comment. Strange that your response to me doesn’t appear anywhere (yet?).

    Anyway, I’d happily let you have the final word Erik, if that actually included any evidence or proof of god.

    • I deleted what I wrote. The God whom you claim does not exist actually convicted me. I listened to His leading and deleted the comment. If you responded to that comment, it must have been deleted too. Sorry.

      • Ha ha – excellent 🙂

        We all have those moments when we realise we could have responded better (more accurately, more intelligently, less typos, a better joke, etc). No god is needed for common sense to kick in – it’s an NGN moment (No God Needed).

        But … still waiting for real evidence 😉

      • That is the thing, before I met God, I would never have admitted my mistake or apologized. I was as proud as could be (even to the point of rejecting evidence that did not line up to my arguments). I had the makings for a good lawyer. I did not really care about facts. I had a way with words to win the argument, even if my side was actually wrong. God changed me from the inside out. It has nothing to do with common sense. I had to be right at all costs. Now, I am open to evidence and can admit when I am wrong. I will do so and can even apologize. God was and is very much needed. If it were not for Him, I would not be who I am today.

      • @Len this sterile insistance of yours begs the question, do you actually know better than others to behave as you do…? Please reveal the absolute truth to us fools, support your inquisitive conduct here with real evidence there is NO existing God to the table of this blog. I, and surely Eric too, we are curious to see how your solid, scientific and demonstrable proof flies so brilliantly, it unarguably nullifies Bible Scripture and whatever belief in a “Creator”, actual intelligent design in existence… Thanks.

      • @Logomancer: It’s not actually possible to prove a negative. I cannot prove that your god doesn’t exist. But similarly, you cannot prove that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, Allah, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, Thor, or the Invisible Pink Unicorn (bless her tiny hooves) don’t exist. Any such “proof” you propose can be used equally effectively against your own god.

        You don’t seem to understand the burden of proof. I don’t have to prove there’s no god. All assertions must start from the zero-hypothesis: there is nothing. You (and other believers) must prove your assertion that there is something: a god. And that it’s specifically your god (ie, that any evidence you propose couldn’t also be used to “prove” any other deity). And just to be clear, quoting from the bible doesn’t count as proof – until you’ve also proven that it is indeed your god’s word (which you obviously can’t do by quoting the bible because that would be circular logic – ie, a fallacy). But if believers had any real proof of their god, then we’d all know about it by now, so I’m not going to hold my breath (which, by the way isn’t evidence of a creative god, just of evolution at work ;-)).

        There’s quite a good article here about religions and proof of god: Please let me know what you think of it.

      • Considering world events of the past 100 years, or even the past 1,000 years, I’d say there is more evidence that God does not exist. If He does, He’s certainly not paying attention. In either case, He doesn’t seem to matter or have much interest in this world now, as He seemed to have in the past.

      • This fact is sound to oppose the existence of the Islamic God, which is told to be immanent, whereas the Biblcial Giod is revealed as transendant.

        Why does God make people starve to death? Why does God make little kids get kidnapped and tortured? Why does God make people seriously physically disabled? Why does God make people so seriously mentally disabled that they can’t even comprehend His existence?

        Here’s the thing : if you’re going to believe in God, you have to accept one of two premises:

        – God does not actively control our lives, thus explaining how terrible things happen to people.

        – God does take active control in the world, and thinks it’s somehow good to let children be tortured.

        Only the first premise stands for a “caring” God, having gifted our humankind with free will (a part of His image He created us with), along with natural conditions of life, our abusive exploitation of our planet disturbing its ecosystem explaining the most occurences of,natural disasters.

        The point I raised toward @Len, one should not reasonably expect others to present evidence proving something (someone) when apparently, he / she seems to be incapable to deliver us a similar requested “real evidence” disproving the aforemationed.

        ◄ Matthew 7:12 ►

        New International Version

        “So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets.”

      • @Erik: You (arbitrarily) attribute to a god what non-believers see as common sense. You can’t produce any evidence for this god, just that it feels like you couldn’t have done something without him. Most of us call that growing up. Unfortunately, you believe the story about your lack of self-worth – that you can’t do anything on your own and must turn to a god for his help. Non-believers realise that if they want anything done in their lives, then they’ll have to do it themselves. Don’t sell yourself short.

      • Hello, same poster here.

        Quoting you :

        “@Logomancer: It’s not actually possible to prove a negative. I cannot prove that your god doesn’t exist. ”

        “You don’t seem to understand the burden of proof. I don’t have to prove there’s no god. All assertions must start from the zero-hypothesis: there is nothing. You (and other believers) must prove your assertion that there is something: a god. And that it’s specifically your god (ie, that any evidence you propose couldn’t also be used to “prove” any other deity).”

        What assertions? It is YOU coming to this “Christian” blog making assertions, “for God sake”… :/

        The Biblical God chose to reveal Himself through “scriptures”, allegedly written from inspired “prophets”, you chose to refuse this first evidence, so…

        The Biblical God chose to reveal Himself through “Jesus-Christ”, yet we were born and live in a different generation, that’s too bad for this “real evidence”, so…

        Erik and I already said many times, our faith (belief, conviction) comes from, through hearing the Word (scriptures), the “free gift” of the “indwelling Holy Spirit” asked from beleivers to god acheiving thsi “real evidence” of “God” you keep asking for, but you chose to refuse our explanations, so…,

        At this point it become apparent you are not interested to know God, but to “troll” here, so … Enjoy yourself without our further contribution then, we did what we could to satisfy your curiosity, to help your incredulity; your decision to refuse what was offered is your freedom certainly, for your loss certainly, as God is good to know…

        Merry early Christmas to all here, or “Xmas” for you, I assume.

      • What assertions? It is YOU coming to this “Christian” blog making assertions

        Good point – I came here (I do from time to time). But I’m still waiting for anyone to produce any real evidence 😉

        You say god revealed himself through the scriptures; but how do you know that the scriptures are really the word of god? Especially as they are riddled with contradictions. (I’ve read the bible several times – and yes I’ve seen the contradictions.)
        I’d have thought a real god would be able to make a convincing story that wasn’t so obviously cobbled together from what the people of that time would know, and nothing more – eg, no cures for cancer, no secrets to unlimited energy, etc. Just stories and observations that anyone living at that time would know.
        And the NT is so full of the same stories about Jesus that were told about other supposedly holy people many years (or centuries) before the Jesus story came along. The authors were clearly just trying to allow him to compete with the other myths that would have been common knowledge back then.

        Finally – I’m a troll. Yay! 🙂

        Why do you assume I would prefer Xmas? I’ll happily wish someone Merry Christmas if I know they celebrate Christmas – I’m basically wishing them a fun time, however they celebrate it. If you read some of my earlier comments, then you’d see that I already wished Erik and his family a merry Christmas. But I’d probably prefer to call it Yule or winter solstice or one of the earlier celebrations that the church tried to usurp so its adherents could still celebrate but wouldn’t look silly – because everyone else was also celebrating at the same time.

        Anyway, got to go – back to work.

        I hope you and yours have a great Christmas.

      • I wonder some what benefits denying the existence of a merciful and Holy God, but okay.

        Thank you, have a merry Christmas, very soon.

  15. Its people like you that will keep the human race in the dark ages . It sucks your all mighty and knowing god in the sky will kill a man for mocking him but allow a man to rape and murder a infant child…sick

  16. And how does a believing Christian mother/other relatives respond when the mocker/scorner is her grown son/beloved brother (with sweet Catholic (non-church-attending) wife and teen children) who flies her to where they live and bends over backward to take care of her there. We cant avoid them. I can do my best to be in prayer and briefly try to answer the challenges but he is doubtingly trying to discredit Christianity in front of his family. I can tell he is trying to justify not teaching them about Jesus and heaven/hell which he knows about and is probably under some conviction tho trying hard to thrrow it off by scoffing and rationalizing. I told Him God is a loving God who does not lie. And whether or not I can explain things like experiencing hell with no “nerves” it will happen because the soul is alive.

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  18. Hi, I first want to say that the abusive tone on here reflects that many are completely ignorant of the word! Without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit which is the reason. I am so sorry that you have to be afflicted by those but I appreciate how well you have addressed them. God is just and righteous and to blame him when satan is the one that causes all evils is done in ignorance. Knowing how he rules all of the earth but God still governs, knowing that the court systems are corrupt and tools of satan, will God intervene on our behalf when one is trying to save an innocent child from further sufferings? Is this in God’s eyes seeking revenge?

  19. Hi Erik.

    The one word that has not been used in this conversation is “Cursed Earth” Before the fall there was no sickness or death. After the fall of man God not only cursed people but animals and the very universe its self. Cancer is a byproduct of sin which is a product of God’s curse. God did not create these things, we brought them on ourselves by our act of rebellion.

    Death did not exist. Sickness did not exist. Even old age. When God completed his creations after six days, He saw that it was good.

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