The Importance of Christmas

In the last article we focused on preparing for Christmas the Biblical way so in this article I would like to focus on the importance of Christmas. Many people celebrate Christmas yearly all over the world yet at the same time, many of these same people are just keeping traditions that were passed on to them by their ancestors. When asked the importance of Christmas or why they celebrate, why they do the things they do, like giving gifts, it is hard to get a concrete answer. Many say we celebrate the birth of Jesus during Christmas but if asked “why” the answers get a little fuzzy. Continue reading

Be a trustworthy Christian

I just wanted to put yesterday’s sermon in writing and share with all. As you may or may not know, our church “Good News” is almost 2 years old (this Jan will be 2). We are so thankful to our Senior pastor Vasile and his wife for planting this church. We have seen so many wonderful things happen in just 2 short years. In fact there have been so many victories and leaps forward that some of us (me included) seemed to be getting a little too comfortable in the routine of things. A small, subtle apathy began to grow, unnoticeable at first. Continue reading

Prepare for Christmas the biblical way!

I spent the better part of this week preparing to teach a Biblical lesson during the youth service. We are starting a series of messages on Christmas and tonight kicks it off with how to prepare for Christmas. Many times people are so frantic during the Christmas season that they forget to prepare themselves. They prepare the parties and gifts and family meetings but many times the most important part is left out. Continue reading

Have common sense: Avoid personal attacks when writing

There is a well known internet site in Moldova called, a site that is the exact opposite of courage, because the founders of this site defame people and spew out personal attacks while sitting behind a computer screen writing about the courage that they have for speaking out. They do not have the guts to confront people face to face with real courage instead their courage is reduced to personal attacks while hiding in their homes writing on their laptops. I want to demonstrate one example in this article. I have hundreds of examples collected over the 4 year period that I have been following the site. Continue reading

Does the Bible promote slavery?

In this article I would like to confront those who believe that the Bible accepts and promotes slavery, especially the form of slavery that was seen in the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries among the Africans. The word slave or slavery is found in the Bible because slavery has existed all throughout human history due to the fact people are sinful. Continue reading