Does the Bible promote slavery?

In this article I would like to confront those who believe that the Bible accepts and promotes slavery, especially the form of slavery that was seen in the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries among the Africans. The word slave or slavery is found in the Bible because slavery has existed all throughout human history due to the fact people are sinful. If sin were removed from the picture then slavery would never have existed. The Bible presents reality as it is. Since people have always been sinners (since sin entered into the world) the Bible does not gloss over the fact, even when presenting the people of God.

In Deuteronomy, the fifth book of the Bible, we find the word slave and slavery among the Israelites.

If your brother, a Hebrew man or a Hebrew woman, is sold to you and serves you six years, then in the seventh year you shall let him go free from you. And when you send him out free from you, you shall not let him go away empty. You shall richly bestow on him from your flock, and from your grain floor, and from your winepress; with what Jehovah your God has blessed you, you shall give to him. And you shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and Jehovah your God redeemed you. Therefore I command you this thing today. And if he says to you, I will not go away from you, because he loves you and your house, because it has been good for him with you; then you shall take an awl and put it through his ear to the door, and he shall be your servant forever. And also to your slave-girl you shall do so. It shall not seem hard to you when you send him away from you free, for he has been worth a double hired servant in serving you six years. And Jehovah your God shall bless you in all that you do. (Deu 15:12-18)

In order to understand the passage we need to understand some cultural context. First of all the only way a Hebrew could even become a slave is if he got to the point where he was in such debt that he could not survive and instead of dying of hunger he would sell himself as a slave or servant. The Hebrew who purchased the servant saved his life. Deut 15 explains that the servant fares much better with the man who saved his life because he has a roof over his head, cloths on his back, food to eat, and love from the man’s family. He had none of these things before. After 7 years of service (which he is well paid for doing) he is to be released and given more money liberally. If he wants to stay with the man he has served then he is free to stay and will fare well for the rest of his life, he and his family. A question: In the history of slavery in the world, where do you see slaves having the chance to be redeemed? That is unheard of in the world but look at what God does here, He allows people to be saved from their bad choices, taken care of, and offered freedom.

When you think of the slave trades of Africa and slavery in the American hemisphere, or even the Roman or Grecian slaves then you see a real picture of the cruelty of slavery. These forms of slavery do not compare to what was happening in Israel. But since we do not pay attention to the details of the text (the context) many times we make false conclusions.  This explanation covers all of the so called proof that the Bible promotes slavery. The pagan slaves who found their way to Israel were treaded just as well as the Hebrews who caused their own slavery. They were taken into the household as a member of the family and fared well, even better than they did before.

This is what the Old Testament has to say on the subject. Now let us change gears and look at the New Testament. Many people say that the Apostle Paul promotes slavery in his writings but let us take a look at one passage that shows his true feelings about slavery:

But we know that the law is good if a man uses it lawfully, knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous one, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and for sinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, for fornicators, for homosexuals, for slave-traders, for liars, for perjurers, and anything else that is contrary to sound doctrine, (1Timothy  1:8-10)

Paul puts slave traders together with murderers, fornicators, liars, and the lawless ones. Paul is against slavery just as God was in the Old Testament. When Paul addresses the problem in other epistles of his, he gives practical advice for slaves of the Roman Empire, how to live in peace while being a Christian, and how to preach Christ to their masters.

Have you bought the lies that many are spreading about God and the Bible, especially when they say that the Bible promotes slavery? Do you know what the Bible says on the subjects? Do you study the Word of God so that you will not buy the lies that evil people promote? I would recommend that you get your hands on a Bible and study It systematically. The Inductive Bible study method is a great tool for studying the Scriptures systematically.

32 comments on “Does the Bible promote slavery?

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  2. Oh Wow. You sure did sugar coat this little nugget of gold. You basically gave us one of the many contradictions in the bible to prove your theory. One passage obviously advocates slavery, it even lays down the way to treat your slave and says if you own slaves and follow the specific rules laid out you will be blessed by God. It sounds like a justification for free labor without the burden of conscience. And to say that being a slave was basically a blessing, because these people were so poor they should be grateful is in really poor taste. For a religion that claims we should “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” that seems very callous. Is it not a good Christian’s duty to help their fellow brother absent thought of reward? If you saw a starving homeless man today would you feed him then ask him to work off the debt in your suburban home, thinking “oh yeah, he’s grateful. Got to be, he’s got nothing else going on.” No, that would be immoral.

    “Paul is against slavery just as God was in the Old Testament.”… I don’t even know where you got this from, as the above passage which states God will bless you for owning slaves (if you follow the rules) makes it pretty clear God not only supports it, but is willing to reward it when carried out properly. If he was against it why bother laying out the guidelines, it would just say something like “no man shall enslave another for they are all my children and I’m the only master of the house of Heaven”. Instead, he at the very least gave it shrug and stuck it in a gray are if not gave it the thumbs up.

    Which brings me to my point that the second passage says the complete opposite. Slavery is a sin equated with murder. Which I believe you would say is an abomination in God’s eyes. These are two violently opposing ideas and if God’s word is infallible how could this be? It can’t be both ways, if something was an abomination to God I can’t see him laying down rules that create a loophole to reward the same action the bible later condemns. It just doesn’t make sense, biblical sense or otherwise and the attempt to make sense out of it almost seemed like you were trying to point out the inconsistencies.

    Also this caught my eye “If sin were removed from the picture then slavery would never have existed”. You say that as if we have the power to remove sin, as if it is man’s own fault that we sin when you say over and over again “we are born sinners, born in sin, natural sinners, etc”. By this way of thinking if sin were removed from the picture then all bad things would cease to exist. The only one with power to do so according to doctrine is God. So in essence God made you in his own imagine, made sin, and burdened you with it from birth so that he could later admonish you for it and threaten eternal damnation (which is seriously harsh) for something he insisted you have in you in the first place. If God existed and wanted a peaceful world where all man loves their brothers and neighbors it would be so, but instead decided better to create evil , tempt you with it, then punish you for it. Is that really a just God that anyone would want to worship? I’m just sayin.

    • Ok, so once again you play right into my hands. Did you miss the part about the concept of slavery in the OT among the Hebrews (not among the heathens, it was brutal among them) not being like the 16-19th centuries concept of slavery among the Africans?

      Second point. I live in the Eastern European country of Moldova. It is the poorest country in Europe and because of this fact, many people are migrate workers all throughout Central and Western Europe. Many of the women move to Italy and work as care-givers for the elderly. They live in the homes, are fed and clothed, as well as paid, and they fare well with their bosses. This is exactly what was described as “slavery” among the Hebrews. Are these Moldovan women then slaves, according to our modern definition of the word? You see you are trying to interpret what was happening 3,000 years ago by today’s ideas and standards. You are totally missing the concept of cultural context and as a result, you are applying a modern interpretation (an incorrect one I might add) to a text that has its own cultural context. Do you understand what I am saying? Do you see why it is important to use the tools for interpreting literature? You can choose to accept what I am showing you or not. Again, the truth does not depend on whether you accept it or not, it will remain the truth even if you choose to accept a lie.

      In the Hebrew society, a Hebrew could not buy another Hebrew outright. That Hebrew has to get into such debt that he sells himself to the creditors, and the Hebrew who bought him, was actually doing him a favor, helping them man who had lost everything “get back on his feet” as we would say today. Once back on his feet, he could choose to stay or go. Usually the master was so good to him that he chose to remain in the masters house as a servant. But I am sure these little details were foreign to you and you made your judgments without being well informed.

      Look at what Paul wrote in I Timothy (I included the passage). He clearly states that he and God are both against those who own and sell slaves (this is where the heathen concept of slavery comes in, the way the Africans were treated in the 16-19th centuries. There are no contradictions in the two texts when you see things as they are in their proper contexts. Since you have not done that, YOU feel that there is contradiction even when the evidence proves you wrong.

      It is man’s fault that we sin. We choose to sin every time. We jumped into slavery when man first sinned and we are born in that slavery. We sin even when we do not want to, yet we are still the ones who choose the action. Even though we are slaves to sin, we still choose to carry out the action. This is also clear teaching in the Bible, you should read and study It more.

      God did not create evil. He gave His creation freewill, allowing the choice between good and evil. The created ones chose evil so please do not blame God for man’s actions. Nice try though.

  3. Malachi 3:6 “For I am the LORD, I do not change; Therefore you are not consumed, O sons of Jacob.

    Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

    James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.


    • So what is your point? All 3 say that God does not change and it is true. Homosexuality is not a good gift and it did not come from God. It is sin and comes from man’s choice. Christ and God are 1 (the trinity, 3 in 1). Have you ever seen an egg? One thing in 3 distinct parts. I do not understand what you are trying to mock here. Why don’t you enlighten us?

  4. LOL. You are really special. Are migrant workers slaves? Not if they can leave when they get ready. That is what a slave is. Even if they sold themselves, it’s still slavery. I don’t care if it’s African old school slavery or Old Testament slavery, the principle is the same. Just because they weren’t treated as badly doesn’t mean they weren’t slaves. You seek to justify what is wrong, because it’s the only way you can make it fit in with your faith. That is the sign of a weak mind who cannot except truth, or doesn’t want to.

    As for “we don’t want to sin but we still choose to” that’s just circular reasoning. If i don’t want to sin, but I do because I’m a sinful creature and was born this way, how is that my fault? Is it a Chinese person’s fault they are Chinese? No they were born Chinese. Like I was born to be a sinner. Yet it would be ridiculous for me to say “turn away from being Chinese, or go to hell”.

    Your God seems very petty. He punishes us for something Adam and Eve did what 6000 years ago. Would it be okay to punish me for something my great grandfather did simply because we are in the same family? I guess that would just be ridiculous. The whole system doesn’t even make sense. “Instead of just speaking to whole world, as is in my power because I am all powerful, I will whisper in the ear of dozens of different men and that’ll work just fine”. It obviously doesn’t work that well but I guess he knew it wouldn’t. God WANTS there to be people going to hell or he would change it. Period. God wants children to starve to death in their mother’s arms because they can’t provide food. Or he would change it. God lets good people be raped, tortured, and murdered, because he wants them to be, or he would change it. You can have him 🙂

    • You are punished for your own sins. You see, here you go again trying to blame God for your actions. It just does not work.

      • And why are innocent children that die of dysentery, starvation, aids, and abuse punished? If you had the power to save all the dying children with cancer in the blink of an eye and you didn’t do it, would you still be a good person?

      • I knew that one was coming too. The modern theology is “if it feels good do it, it is your life, you can do what you want with it, etc.” Sounds wonderful. We all have rights, I agree, but your rights end where mine or anyone’s rights begin so you do not have the right to do what you want when it infringes upon my rights. Each man is not an island and each person does not live in a vaccum. The actions that you take, directly impact the people around you because we live in a society. You have the right to be sexually immoral yet when your immorality puts me at risk (or anyone else) then your rights end. Again, what you do impacts others, either negatively or positively. Having stated all of that here is my answer . . .

        We live in a sinful world. Sin is terrible because not only does it impact the guilty person performing the sin, it also impacts the innocent people who happen to be around. Like the suicide bombers from the religion of peace. This is why sin must be combated. This is why Christ calls Christians to be salt (it stops decay). Sin is causing our society to decay and the innocent victims are usually the most vulnerable. This is why I speak out against the sin of homosexuality, because they are trying to convince children that it is an alternative lifestyle, when in fact it is a death sentence.

        I have already explained cancer. It is a result of sin (in general) and sin has consequences (death being the ultimate one). Please do not blame God for what man brought into the world. I hate to see innocent children suffer and that is why I hate sin. Why does God not heal everyone? I do not know, that is His choice. I do know that He uses people who are dying of cancer to be an encouragement to others in the same situation. Because they trust Him, they are not afraid and they use their position (disease) to serve Him by serving the people around them and introducing them to God. Instead of asking why, they ask what (can I do) and how (can I help). I have seen it with my own eyes and it is a true miracle. I pray that if I find myself in the same situation, I could be like them (helping others instead of being mad at God and the world).

    • Wait a minute, a person who is in more debt than he can pay must work to pay it off. He is not free until he pays it off. We have this concept today. You run up a credit card bill then you must pay it off. You are a slave to the company until you pay off the debt. That is what the “slaves” were doing in Israel. Their debts were bought and they worked until they paid it off, or after 6 years, they were to be set “free” even if they had not paid off all their debt. God is way more noble than the modern credit system. Again, you see slave and automatically assume that it was like the slavery of the 17 – 19th centuries. You are super closed minded my friend.

      We receive a sin nature yet we choose to obey it. We sell ourselves into slaver, slavery to the sin nature that is in us. Again, it is all about your choice. Once you sell yourself to sin, you must pay the price, accept the consequences. There is no circular reasoning, just simple logic.

      You are punished for your own sins, just like everyone else. How is justice petty? Getting what you deserve is not petty, it is, once again, logical.

      God has spoken to the whole world, it is written in the Bible. He does not whisper in the ears of special people (unless you are hearing things in your own head). He has told us how He speaks in the Bible. You should actually read It before criticizing.

  5. And I am not blaming God for my sins, I do not believe in sin or God. I believe in right and wrong. I know the difference and I live my life accordingly. I find it very telling about a person who thinks you have to have a fear of eternal damnation to make you do the right thing. That is because if THEY didn’t have that fear, they wouldn’t do the right thing and feel everyone must be that way. Most of the atheists and agnostics I know are genuinely good people – more genuinely so than any christian because they are good people ’cause they want to be and not because they are scared not to be.

    • Your belief or lack of belief do not change reality. Evil exists because sin exists. One proves the other. If you could remove one then you would have taken care of the other. But you cannot, mankind has been trying all throughout the ages but we lose every time. That is why we have to “police” ourselves, because sin and evil are a reality to mankind. You can choose to believe the evidence before you or not. Right is the opposite of evil. Right is when you say no to sin. So you do believe, you just try to remove good/evil (God) from the picture. BTW, since you do not believe in God, how do we get our concept of “right and wrong”? (if it evolved, how is it that the same set of right and wrong evolved exactly the same in every society on the globe, does that not defeat the point of evolution?)

      Nobody is a good person. Have you ever though of having sex with someone who is not your spouse? Then you are guilty of sexual immorality. Have you ever hated someone? Then you are guilty of murder. Have you ever told a lie? Then you are a lair. According to God (and you if you said yes to the above questions, and all your agnostic and atheist friends) then you are a lying, immoral, murderer. What would happen to a lying, immoral murderer if he stood before a judge (unless he had a low life lawyer who did not care about the law)? He would be deemed guilty, not a good person. You see, we are not good people. How many of the good atheists and agnostics look at internet porn? Do you know how many young women and kidnapped and forced to perform those degrading acts? Do you know the stats on the number of men who watch porn on the net? Again, please do not tell me we are good people. I work with people on a daily basis and see just how “good” we are.

      I am not scared into doing the right thing. I do the right thing out of respect for the God I serve, the God who set me free from my slavery to pornography and many other sins. I do not want to return to the bottomless pit of sin that I left behind. I know what it is like there and I know where it leads. You see, you obviously do not know many true Christians because you have no idea what motivates us.

      • You’re an idiot, you aren’t worth the time. Even your family thinks your a self righteous a-hole. No wonder you had to move away and preach to another country of heathens, nobody here is stupid enough to fall for your ignorance. You graduated from Community College then Bible College and want people to believe you’re some kind of intellectual. I would match IQ test scores with you any day, as would any atheist, because we are smarter. That is why we are able to separate fact and fiction based on what we know about REALITY. Can’t wait for Jebus to call all of you back home so the rest of us can live in peace.

      • Thanks for the compliment. My family has no problem with me. I am far from self righteous. I know what I was like before God changed me and I know that I did not change myself (I tried that but it did not work because I was a slave to sin) Moldova is my country, I have not run away anywhere. Never went to a Bible College. Your IQ is probably higher than mine, I never said that i doubted that. I feel like you are going to challenge me to a peeing contest next, ha ha. I have disciples so when I go “home” they will continue the work. Don’t worry.

      • Lol if you think your family likes you, you really ARE in denial. And they are Christian. Think how much you repulse the average person. I’m a female so I won’t be peeing on anything, but if we did have a pissing contest I would win anyway because I’m just THAT good. And by the way, I checked out your FB and if I wasn’t sure before the fact that you have obvious Gay Face lets me know all I need to. I totally forgot that. You look like a short little butch lesbian that takes testosterone pills. Is that why you’re so homophobic? Get teased a lot growing up? I’m sure that was very damaging, but you should channel that somewhere positive. If you ever decide to be honest with yourself and come out of the closet, there are lots of nice people that would be there for you! God Bless!

      • I figured you would move to the personal attacks since you can’t actually give a decent argument. I am used to it, especially from homosexuals and their friends.

        You are like the thief, you see everyone else as a thief, or the lair, etc. I am sure you would love to convince people that they are gay (in fact that is how homosexuals “reproduce”).

      • Yeah, well, I figured since I’m not a “good person” as you said, no matter what good things i do because I have ‘sinned’ and refuse to repent, that I might as well be flat out rude. If I’m the same thing as a murdered, thief, liar, etc I don’t see why I shouldn’t just be a total douche like you are. You have convinced me that I should go big or go home! Thank you for the wisdom, you truly are an inspiration! (here’s to hoping you understand the concept of sarcasm)

      • Sorry to inform you that you are not a good person. Again, just sharing with you what God says (He has told us this in His Word, which you should actually pay attention to instead of mocking). You can become a saint if you would humble yourself, repent, and dedicate your life to serving God. It happened to me. I was a terrible person and apart from God’s power in me, I would still be a terrible person. If He were to remove His power (which He will not do) then I would become a terrible person again. That is the nature that we have as humans.

        I understand sarcasm, and try to avoid it because it just leads to divisions, arguments, and hurt feelings.

      • I am sorry I got personal. That really wasn’t very nice. You are just so offensive and don’t know it that it infuriates me. I won’t troll your site, now that I’ve said all I have to say I’ll be gone. Good luck with all that and I hope some of this at least inspired you to think, but I sincerely doubt that’s the case. People like you and I are just never going to agree so I agree to disagree. Seacrest out!!!

      • No problem, no harm, no foul. I write this way on purpose. I know that it is very direct. I am sick of political correctness. I could soften the blow of the truth (that would not change the truth) but I do want to get people’s attention. I am very civilized. I help people get out of messed up situations time and time again, and when we get to the root of the problem, we usually find sexual immorality (in any of its forms). It just upsets me to see so many people who are so badly deceived by the lies of this modern age. The people are not the problem (I actually feel very sorry for them) but they are the ones who suffer the consequences of the problem. There is nothing new under the sun, what has happened before will happen again (that is from the Bible). St. Paul faced the same problems (actually worse in places like Corinth and Ephesus, 2 highly immoral cities). Jesus did the same. He spoke the truth both with compassion and condemnation. He was and is always ready to forgive. He never took it personally. I want to be the same.

        Thanks for the apology, that says a lot about you. You are closer to God than you think.

      • She’s a dirty atheist who is going to Hell. I ought to know, she’s my sister. Don’t go soft on me now, Erik. Aha.

      • As long as she is alive, she has a chance. The lake of fire will be a terrible place, but God, not only wants to save us from the lake of fire, He also wants us to have abundant life in the here and now, not being deceived by lies and not living as slaves to sin. The same is for you too.

  6. I’m not gonna tell you that there’s NO WAY that could ever happen because I’m nothing if not logical, and that is totally within the realm of possibility. Not that the Bible is true mind you, that’s just ridiculous, but people change. I don’t think so, though, because our Dad was a atheist till the day he died so he’s burning in Hell right now, and we really miss him. I’m fairly sure my Mom and both my brothers will go to Hell too so I’m looking forward to the company to be honest. I know you are not really a hateful person, Erik. I actually knew you in college, and you were always very nice to me. A bit naive and ignorant (NOT stupid, ignorant), but very nice none the less. I understand you’re doing what you think is right, and I even understand the way in which you are choosing to convey your message. It’s no different really from any other marketing strategy. The more controversial you are or erratic (see: Charlie Sheen, etc.) the more attention you receive. It’s a very popular and effective meme. With that said, I respectfully disagree with everything you’ve said, but there’s obviously no common ground on which to compromise so….I think me and sis are bored with this scene so we’ll see you in the afterlife….or not. Best to ya!

    • I am sorry to hear about your father. It hurts to miss someone. Your dad made his own decisions and you make your own. He will stand before God by himself as you will too one day.

      I hope that you would accept God’s offer but that is up to you. I just present the message, you have to make the choice.

      I wish you could show me some proof of how the Bible is not true. I understand that you want It to be false so that you can calm your conscious but that does not change the facts. I have given you plenty of evidence to explain that the Bible is true and comes directly from God.

      People do change. I am living proof of that. If you knew me in college then you did not know what I was like before becoming a Christian. I think that you would have been very surprised to see what I changed from.

      What you refer to as Hell, is the place of the dead, like a temp holding ground until the Great White throne judgement where all nonbelievers who died in their sins will stand before God and be sentenced to the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the eternal location for the damned. It will be constant torture which will never end. It will not matter what company you keep there.

      Face to face I am not so bold, I admit that. I am actually very meek. The Apostle Paul was the same way. In person he was mild and meek but on paper he would let’em have it. Plus, the emotions are hard to distinguish on paper, unlike in person.

      Thanks for the discussions. It always helps me think through my arguments. Sometimes, I see things that I have never studied before (like a questionable passage from the Bible) and enjoy going through the process of studying. Sorry that you got bored. I really enjoyed it.

      Would you be willing to reveal who you are? It can be via email. I will not use it against you in any way.

      • Sure! I will facebook you. We’re FB friends. Lol. I expect you to honor that promise, though. I may be an immoral heathen, but I honor my word 😀 I currently live in a rural area, and I would lose business if these small town folks knew all my business.

      • I am in MS at the moment (Water Valley). I will be in Charleston, Cleveland, and Parchman this weekend (if you know these places). Please no jokes about Parchman. Quick question, did you go to church as a child and have a bad experience? (just curious).

      • I grew up in church. I had both good an bad experiences. I had become disollutioned with church for quite a while, and yes I had a bad experience that finally moved me to tell church to blow. I don’t disagree with the entire Bible. I mean, how can you argue against love your neighbor or don’t murder. That would be ridiculous, but I’m a far better person now that I’m agnostic as the Christian me ever was. I believe it stems from the fact that I force myself to view the issue at hand and judge it according to relativity and logic. I do not believe in black and white. Of course, you can say a murder is wrong, but there are justifiable reasons to murder. Self defense, etc.

  7. Just a few pointers. God says do not murderer. Self defense is not murder. You can kill someone without murdering them. For example in war. The Bible uses 2 different words for murder and kill. In fact there is an entire section dedicated to explaining what to do when you kill someone (not murder) on accident, or out of self defense.

    I grew up in the church but I was not a Christian. I became a Christian right before entering college. Going to church does not make a person a Christian. Neither does being baptized, or born in a Christian family etc. The Bible says that we are all born little heathens and must be adopted into the family of God. This comes through repentance (turning away from your sinful lifestyle and choosing to follow God on a moment by moment basis), and being born again (in a spiritual sense). You mind is totally transformed. You view point is radically changed. That happened to me and can happen to any person.

    I am a person of extreme logic. I know that sounds weird to hear because you seem to think that genuine Christians are illogically living on blind faith. I cautiously study the Scriptures to understand them. When I first started studying, I wanted to prove that there were mistakes in the Bible. As you can see, I lost that battle, not because I did not try hard. I still use that pattern when studying the Bible. I will admit a “mistake” if I ever come across it. The pseudo mistakes pointed out by most atheists do not hold water under intense study of the subject. I have found it over and over again. But, as most atheists are very proud, instead of admitting that they were wrong, they immediately divert and say things like “well that’s just your way of interpreting it”. I do not use the Erik Brewer method of interpreting Scripture. I use the study tools for interpreting literature (ironically that I learned from a secular university and a nonbeliever). If the tools are properly applied, using logic and not preconceived ideas, then the text speaks for itself. It is amazing to see what happens.

    Thanks for the discourse once again. I like it even more now that I know who you are. Just don’t forget, God is the God of 2nd chances (usually many more than that). No matter what you have done, He can forgive and forget. I know from personal experience.

  8. Sir, i just wanted to let you know that i appreciate your exegesis on biblical topics that are said to be contradictions. Reading your stuff has helped me in my study in many ways

    • Thank you. I appreciate you kind words. I do not often get much positive feedback from my readers. If you have read many of the comments, you have probably seen a lot of the negative. I enjoy studying the Scriptures and helping others do the same. Have a great day and keep up the good work of searching the Scriptures on your own.

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