Jude Seminar

As I have been sitting here in front of the computer, studying the epistle of Jude, I am motivated to write this post/announcement. In a couple of weeks my family and I will travel to St. Louis MO to stay with some friends and visit our church. While there, we will also lead a seminar on the epistle of Jude. Jude is a study for all Christians, because it teaches us that not everyone who is “in” the church is actually a member of the body of Christ. For many, that may be shocking to hear but God is the One who says it, not me. If you want to learn how to “earnestly contend for the faith” then I want to invite you to come and study with us: March 17th-20th, High Hill MO. For more information, write a comment requesting it.

Practice what you Preach: Its all about personal relationships!

As we continue our study of “practicing what you preach” we arrive to chapter 6 of Ephesians. This lesson is extremely practical because it covers relationships. How important are relationships? If you have lived very long then you know that every aspect of your life deals with relationships. You have a family relationship with those who live with you. You have relationships with your coworkers or classmates. Continue reading

This is scary. More proof of why marriage must remain between one man and one woman.

I came across this article today while I was reading an article about the Anti-discrimination law that is trying to be passed in Moldova. This law is a cover up for the homosexual movement, to give them the freedom to persecute any person who does not “believe” and think the way that they think (homosexuals). You can read the article by clicking here.  There is a reason God condemns homosexuality, because it is a danger to society. Homosexuals are very violent, aggressive, and intolerant and if you give them “power” they will abuse it. Never be deceived by the deceptive argument of homosexuals and those who promote the homosexual agenda.

Practice what you Preach: Live like a true Christian

The last article was a challenge to mature in our faith by being trained and equipped in the Word of God so that we can serve others. This process is what brings spiritual maturity in a Christian’s life. If we do not mature in our faith then we become stagnate and it is not fun to be around something (someone) that is stagnate. An immature person in the church is easy to spot. Just look for the one who always wants to be served instead of being the first to serve others. Continue reading

Practice what you Preach: Be a unifier and a peacemaker

Continuing our study of Ephesians and the idea of “practicing what you preach” we come to an interesting passage in chapter 4 of Ephesians. God, once again, wants to emphasize the importance of living out your faith on a daily basis. Many people have this idea that “faith” is something private, only influencing the religious part of your life yet totally left out of your secular life. If you know anything about the Word of God then you know that your relationship with God (your faith) is not just a part of life, it is a way of life. Continue reading

Practice what you Preach: Live a transformed life!

I wrote an article yesterday about “practicing what you preach”. It is an article from a series of sermons preached at the youth group a couple of years ago from the Bible study course “How to walk the walk that you talk” written by Kay Arthur and based on Saint Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus. Continue reading

A taste of the hatred and violence that homosexuals have toward people who do not agree with their lifestyles

Here is what homosexuals say about people who do not agree with their lifestyles. This is written by an open homosexual who lives in San Fran Cali.

Brewer, I know that born again Christians are very sensible to prayer, may God punish your family according to the measure of your hatred (he says the fact that I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle is hatred). Lord God Jehovah, please smash him and his family to dust if he does not stop his hatred toward people whose sexuality is in the minority. Lord help Brewer feel the blade of Abraham’s sword as well as Elijah’s, the holy one who killed 850 people because they prayed to their gods for rain and it did not come.

Let me know your thoughts on who is instigating hatred and violence (that is what I am accused of since I do not agree with the homosexual lifestyle).

Practice what you Preach!

The Bible is a very practical Book. In fact, It is the most practical Book on earth. The problem is, many people do not study the Bible objectively in order to discover just how practical Its teachings are. One of the main teachings of the Bible is to “practice what you preach”. In other words, you are to live out what you teach other people to do. Hypocrisy is strongly condemned in the Bible. Continue reading