This is how atheists have a “rational” argument with people.

Take a look at how “logical” atheists treat people with whom they disagree by reading this. Just like little children, if they cannot win the argument, they just start name calling. They also get in little groups and praise each other about how they “win” arguments. On their blogs, they only allow one side of the argument (theirs) and they delete any comment that they cannot refute. These are the same tactics that they use in the public schools on the evolution vs. intelligent design debate.

It is almost impossible to have a ration discussion with them about any subject. They have their prepackaged arguments and when you raise a point that they cannot answer, instead of leaving the script to answer, they just follow the script, delete your argument, call you names, and start cussing like you know what. I feel sorry for people who debate like this, but again, you can find these tactics on any playground where first graders are gathered in America.

4 comments on “This is how atheists have a “rational” argument with people.

  1. Then just stop having discussions with them…

    Is that hard for you? If you’ve gotten to the point where you’ve had enough pointless debates with certain people to be able to say, “It’s impossible to debate them!,” the fact that no one cares if you’re debating them or not says just as much about you as it does whoever the idiots are you’re talking to

    • I was attacked by them on my site. I did not invite them but I cannot allow them to lie openly and do nothing about it.

  2. I would be selfish if I found the source of eternal peace and then did NOT share it with others. You would prefer that I not share and that others would not benefit, so, who is being selfish buddy?

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