Jesus did not condemn homosexuals, did He?

I find it interesting that there are people who can lie right to your face and be as sincere as you can imagine, in their lies. There is a reason why the Apostle Paul repeats the phrase, “do not be deceived” over and over again in his epistles. People are so easy to manipulate, unfortunately. We have a herd mentality. We will follow the pack, even if we do not know why we are following and what we are running away from. Continue reading

Another atheist nugget of “truth” (made up by them of course).

If you have many dealings with people who do not like God (mostly atheists and homosexuals) then you have probably come along this line of reasoning, “if your God is so great and perfect, then why did He create this imperfect creation? Could He not have done a better job so WE would not have to suffer?” At first glance, without taking a look at what the Bible says, one might fall for this line of faulty reasoning and game of blaming God for what He has done. I hope you are smarter than that though. With just a little research (Bible study) and an ounce of intellectual integrity, you will quickly see why the above quote is flawed. Continue reading