More proof of the need for capital punishment

If you are against capital punishment, then I would ask you to take a look at this article. What message do we send to the victim and the family members of the victim if those who murdered this young man do not pay with their own lives? Are the lives of the criminals more valuable than the life of the victim? What does God have to say on this subject? Let’s see! Continue reading

What does the Bible say about suicide?

God has not written a specific command about suicide in His Holy Word. Some scholars believe that the command “you shall not murder” covers suicide as well, while others believe that the command directly refers to murdering others. The later justify this by saying that the verb “murder” is in the active form and not reflexive, as in “murder yourself”. Even though there is no specific command regarding suicide, in the entirety of Scripture, we do see God dealing with the subject of suicide. In this article I will limit myself to just 7 examples of people who have committed suicide. We will see who they are, why they did what they did, and the results. I will not share what the church’s position is or theological opinions because I only want to analyze the Biblical text. Continue reading

Is there a gay gene?

I hate to keep pointing out the same problems over and over again but I just cannot help pointing out propaganda when I see it. Homosexuality is dangerous and must not be promoted as a virtue. There is not conclusive evidence that homosexuality is inborn. There is no “gay gene” that proves that homosexuality is not a choice. The Bible teaches that homosexuality is a choice like any other sexual activity, yet pro homosexual groups blatantly lie to people in order to promote their propaganda. The picture that you see in is taken in Romania and claims that babies are born homosexual, it is neither a choice nor a disease. Again, there is not conclusive proof that homosexuality is inborn. This is what the pro homosexuals want you to “believe”. Why? So that their lifestyle will be accepted and promoted within society. This is how the next generation of homosexuals must be recruited. Why do we allow people to promote propaganda openly?

Capital Punishment vs. Abortion

I have written on capital punishment and the need for it, as well as the dangers of abortion. The usual rebuttal to the idea of murderers and rapists (there would be no repeat offenders in the area of rape if we applied God’s Law) being executed for their crimes is “that is just barbaric” or “what if the accused is actually innocent?” These sound like valid points (if you do not value the life of the victim) yet upon further questioning, those same people who apply these rebuttals usually do not see abortion as being “barbaric” and it does not matter to them that the baby in the mother’s womb is “innocent”. Can we say “hypocritical”? Two things I would like to analyze with capital punishment and abortion: 1) Capital punishment causes the guilty to pay and the life of the victim to be honored, as well as takes preventative measures for future murders and rapes (fewer victims) 2) Abortion causes the innocent to suffer and the guilty to be praised (exercising your right to choose, although, the babies “choice” does not seem to be that important). What are your thoughts on this subject? I have started a conversation with a group of people who are extreme anti-capital punishment yet extreme pro abortion. I will post the findings of the discussion at a later date.

Have you have ever been told “the Bible is full of contradictions”?

Please check out the answers that haven been delivered to “supposed” contradictions in the Bible. Here is a link to a comment (which gives links to a good site to the answers to many “supposed contradictions in the Bible. Here is a link to the homepage of the site itself. Before claiming that the Bible is full of contradictions, you might actually want to take the Bible off of the shelf, wipe the dust off of it and read It. Just copying and pasting old disproved arguments let’s us know what kind of person you are.

Does the Bible claim that Jesus’ father Joseph had 2 different fathers?

I want to tackle a simple “contradiction” that some people seem to think exists in the Bible. As you know, I believe that the Word of God, the Bible, is inspired by God (as the Scriptures teach, and history has proven). Anytime a person says, “I have found a contradiction in the Bible” be very careful. That person has probably taken his/her information from another person and neither one of them has actually studied the source, the Bible. There are many, many so called “contradictions” in the Bible that can easily be disproved by a little inductive study of the text. Others require that you have a knowledge of the cultural context of Biblical times. If you really want to know how to study any passage of the Bible, both simple and difficult ones, then I would recommend that you learn the Inductive Bible study method. A great tool to teach this method is “How to study the Bible” by Kay Arthur.

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